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Latest Changes, Fixes

16th October 2018 V9.06.03 Yazak
Sometimes not showing you in Chat Room when your only person in room
(fixed by starting chat room and hiding it when it connects)

15th October 2018 V9.06.00 Yazak
Removed Freecreed Chatrooms as his site is down now !


21th July 2018 V9.05.08 Yazak
About removed Yahoo parts not used Protocal, Voice Server and Cookie Info

Chat Room Indictor light bottom right corner made it goto correct colors on yazak server not stay red ,
goes green/Light green yellow not recieved anything in while.

Shows popup message when you enter Chatroom

14th July 2018 V9.05.06 Yazak

Bugfix when join Chat Room if you have exit chat room then try joining another room
It will not show this "You are in Room Name......"

Change Made log back in when disconnect or Connection Error
If your using voice you will need to turn back on again, as it will turn it off


22th March 2018 V4.03.03 YazMic
Changed Close X on YazMic to hide only from yazak

Change on status 'Liseners' to 'Listeners'

6th April 2018 V9.05.03 Yazak

Bugfix on Last post Correction
Not posting your usename if last post correction used then
another user posts , then you post
on your screen and other users screen

Changed Hi messages to save in Documents So you can edit it again windows 7,8,10 (not xp as not needed)

5th April 2018 V9.05.01 Yazak
Added Last post Correction
Right click your username and select "Correct My last Post" on popup menu

Enter your changes to the text
then press Done button
or Right click Done button to cancel correction

When users correct post's the text will change in
chat room text where there last text was.

24th March 2018 V9.05.02 Yazak
Fixed bug when mute from yazak right click on user list selecting Ignore User Perm. + more Options ---> Mute
Mute was not rembering the selected mute's

Fixed bug when mute changed on YazMic window not changing on Yazak
right click on user list selecting Ignore User Perm. + more Options ---> Mute

Change turned off some InF tag's not of use now...ID: PROT: CS: so YZ will not show now on chatters list as not needed now

22th March 2018 V4.03.02 YazMic
Fixed bug when mute from yazak right click on user list selecting Ignore User Perm. + more Options ---> Mute
was not sending server side mute out

Fixed other bugs Check Voice box was send twice

Changed status messages to show "Status Rec Mute/UnMute username"

Ping Test works now, Info show YazMic Version number

20th March 2018 V4.03.00 YazMic
Added Server side Voice Mute /UnMute
Aded Liseners number beep sound if zero liseners

6th February 2018 V4.02.04 YazMic
Changes to ping to make it resend another ping to voice server if it does not receive acknowledgement after 10 seconds


3rd February 2018 V9.04.00 Yazak
Fixed bug when changing username's on login window and you
just been in chatroom username was staying with last username

(Fixed by closing hiden Change Room when select new username)

Changed AutoCorrect.txt to save in documents (not xp) so you can edit it again windows 7,8,10

23rd September 2017 V9.03.01 Yazak
New Authorise login with Change Password and Forgot Password that email a temporary password

15th August 2017 V9.02.15 Yazak
Trivia bot posts on next question Alert is sounded ONLY
and not when posted scores or welcome to room messages

Make Alerts act as used to with Triva posts,
by adding: @trivia,
to Preferences page1 Alert me... text,
Note make sure is very first word on there and seperated by comma

13th August 2017 V9.02.14 Yazak
Ignore list was not loading Ignore list back in Fixed now (on yazserv)

7th August 2017 V9.02.13 Yazak
To also save Username Auth to Documents
MY YazakChat Files windows vista/7/8/10 only

4th August 2017 V9.02.11 Yazak

Trivia posts don't set off alert now if have username ect
as alert and trivia bot post score with username in it

Trivia bot posts next question Alert is sounded now.

More messages when passwords incorect

13th May 2017
YazMic updated V 4.02.03
to fix bug with username using capitals, cause Voice error!

13th Apr 2017 V9.02.08 Yazak

PM changed Encoding bit older version of Yazak will not read (see) sent Pm's from this version (need to update)
but this version will read (see) Pm's from older version...

18th Nov 2016 V9.02.07 Yazak

Auto Local Host selection on yazserv chat rooms
So you have no longer need to select them with right click
"Join Room Local Host -Must be your room"

Help ... About menu
Now Shows your Remote IP ..... handy if you need to know it

9th Nov 2016 V9.02.06 Yazak
Voice VU meters ...made them work alot better

7th Nov 2016 V9.02.04 Yazak
PM message fault with multi lines posts ..PM's would not show or in code now fixed

Voice VU meters on voice started to get working in simple method .. needs more work.

28th Oct 2016 V9.02.03 Yazak
Audibles in Pm's work again now

Alerts stopped working after last update.. working again now

Changed Selective Volume selection per user
Right click on volume changes made to work when while user taking also now

Removed from PM
Yahoo/MSN selection from PM's top right corner
and WebCam Icon

23th Oct 2016 V9.02.01 Yazak
Selective Volume selection per user
You can Move mouse over name to show there current volume setting, Note you can set Start level in chat room buddies.

WebCam icon's and in menu's as does not longer work as yahoo removed it (don't need Yahoo Webcam dll's now)
BA,Ghost,Shield as no longer needed and only work when in yahoo.
Warning of possible porn bot link on first link posted on pm's (use to ignore link) as no longer needed


11th Oct 2016 V6.20.1 YazSerV
On Room PM's
Added a message to tell user when the user there talking to leaves
"<-- has Left Chat Room . . So will not see PM post"

8th Oct 2016 V9.01.00 Yazak
Room PM's you can now PM users in the rooms their in.
Note once ither of you leave chat room PM's stop functioning.

Also Note only works in Chat Room's running new Yazserv as below.

8th Oct 2016 V6.20.0 YazSerV
Room PM's you can now PM users in the rooms their in.
Note once ither of you leave chat room PM's stop functioning.

Host Lister Web Site Used was not saving if last 2 were used

If user post is to large tell's them now
Example: "Post is to large 623 Limit Set @ 600 This post will not be see"

27th Sept 2016 V9.00.05 Yazak
Added Voice error sound on prefs 16 Voice Error (previous 16 Booter Alert (BA) sound)

5th Sept 2016 V9.00.04 Yazak
Changed removed Chat servers that no longer connect
Set YMSG Intiantion to Off (option is on File Menu)

Above changes enable you to log into Yahoo
to enable you to use a Yahoo Username Name in YaZserv Chat Rooms
(But not use PM's)


29th July 2016 V9.00.03 Yazak
Added Visitor Username ID login
Username's ending with @vs
Use this if you cannot log into a Yahoo Username or don't have a Yahoo Username

10th June 2016 V9.00.02 Yazak

Changed Chat Room List - use ChangeRoom button to show it
Now there are 4 different web site listers (were just two Yazakpro & Freecreed)
now there are Yazserv, Yazakpro, Carolisayazakuser and Freecreed
click on each button to see Chat Room on each.
Added Serial id
Added Save last selected web site lister
Change limited font to 10 (6-9 was to small) in chat room

1st Sept 2015 V8.99.19 Yazak
Added on Yz Taskbar when mouse left button clicked on extra popup menu item
Close Popup Menu

Changes on Yz Taskbar when mouse over to show following:
Right button to Talk
Left button Menu

Changed Help Menu... Yazak Chat Help Formum to goto yazak.info site


6th Aug 2015 V8.99.18 Yazak
Change part so works in Windows7/8/10
Voice on Task bar by clicking Yz to Talk
Switched button from Left to Right (Fault on Windows7/8/10
means Left button don't fire till button released on Task bar)
So Left button puts up Menu now
And Right button is used to Press Talk, when voice is On.

22nd May 2015 V8.99.17 Yazak
Bug fix for windows7/8
Chat Room menu Preferences..Page1..Sound Alerts
Change button to get up browser file requester was doing a error 401
Now changed method to fix problem, you can now also type in chat room when open

Change Chat Room menu Extra Toys .. Convert Temperature
now you enter C or F in appropriate box to convert ..should fix Error bug in windows7/8 also

Bug fix ... fix Error bug in windows7/8
Chat Room menu File .. Save Room Text

15th Apr 2015 V6.18.4 YazServ
Made to work with Local LAN what start with Class A IP: 10.xxx.xxx.xxx and not just more common Class C 192.168.xxx.xxx
This caused voice to not work with those that had Class A (only locally didn't work)

(Note not added Class B -

10th Feb 2015 V6.18.2 YazServ
Added lock support... to rooms servers colliding when update at same time causing room to disappear off list temporally

29th Dec 2014 V8.99.14 Yazak
Bug fix
Made Chat List Cache work for Vista / windows 7 /8

24th June 2014 V8.99.12 Yazak
Fixed Freecreed update site not being found error

19th June 2014 V8.99.11 Yazak
Added Cache to Chat Rooms Lister

12th June 2014 V1.32.4 Updater
On updater freecreed.info changed back to freecreed.com

22th March 2014 V8.99.10 Yazak
Local server now will connect to a you own local server
that's running on another computer on your local network

Yazserv List to show up time of Chat Room's in Hours
after 24 hours switches to days connected

On login window 'Get New Yahoo! ID' changed link to better one

18th March 2014 V8.99.09 Yazak

Male/Female face show correctly on chat room users lists

Profile button on chat room fixed

View .. Display Image move loaded picture on Vista/Windows7/Windows 8 To documents\MY YazakChat Files

5th March 2014 V6.17.3 YazServ
Further fix to correct voice count on Chat Rooms on Yazserv List

2nd March 2014 V8.99.08 Yazak
Added Voice count show's voice counts on Chat Rooms on Yazserv List
example v3 on list means 3 voice users in chat room

2nd March 2014 V6.17.2 YazServ
Added Voice count so will show voice counts for Chat Rooms on Yazserv List


1st March 2014 V8.99.07 Yazak

Buddies List & PM's Display Images /Profiles now work again

Own Buddies Display Image loads now if not already loaded

Female/Male should work correctly now ... as cleared after each name set

On Login window
Changing to Login Protocols V102 now un-selects SSL V15-V19 Selects SSL
Chat Port Defaults to 5050
Auth Server Defaults to "login.yahoo.com"


28th Feb 2014 V8.99.06 Yazak
Display images ..show again in room ...and View..Display Image works

Still need more work on it like in buddies ...do that soon next version

28th Feb 2014 V6.17.0 YazServ
Added parts to make profiles work (and when I update yazak Display images)

23rd Feb 2014 V4.1.0.0 YazMic
Volume goes to zero
Username's speaking and now on list are refetched

Made ready for PM voice ..not finish in yazak yet...

Note only works with New voice server...and old YazMic will not work with new voice server so update!

23rd Feb 2014 V8.99.05 Yazak
Turning on voice don't show you re-entering chat room now

Remove chat server that don't connect....taken out ..

Feature to view profiles....depends on being on new Chat Server... and User being Signed into yahoo
Also Male/Female Icons next to usernames list will show soon as enter (Needs New chat server)

1st Jan 2014 V6.16.2 YazServ


22nd Dec 2013 V8.99.04 Yazak
Chat Room buddies "Say Hello to All Buddies" just the once to each user, on each time you enter Chat Room.

Reversed colour of talk button Dark Green to Light Green when pressed also made slightly smaller so dont mess pixels up at bottom of talk button
Voice is now turn off when you change Chat Room's also if you close the Chat Room window

22nd Dec 2013 V4.0.0.8 YazMic
Show's Voice users count
Test button Show just one username that is selected
Stop showing double names
If username leaves chat room cant stay in voice now.... (windows yazserv needs update for that, works in linix yazserv)

13th Dec 2013 V8.99.03 Yazak
Talk button changed shade when pressed
Talk Button Lock
Talk From Task bar Yz icon by left clicking on it
Volume control works from Yazak again
Ignores mute users also, there is also a mute user option on ignores popup menu

13th Dec 2013 V4.0.0.8 YazMic
all new communications to make yazak function as above
Double selects fault showing only show one at time now

Volume works now from yazak


11th Dec 2013 V8.99.02
Voice combined into Yazak now... with talk button at bottom of chatroom window (like orginal yazak voice)

(still to make ignores work with YazMic mutes)

When voice is turned on re-joining room ...dont rejoin room now

11th Dec 2013 V4.0.0.6 YazMic
Made YazMic work with Combined Yazak voice , with lots of commications commands
Made hide when normal combined voice

1th Dec 2013 V1.32.3 Updater
temp dissabled from updater Freecreed.info as causing issue's with updater


4th Dec 2013 V4.0.0.5 YazMic
Name show as one long list ...not horizontal spread
Hilight is brighter
Stutus messages have more room and dont get crop so easyly .. made smaller font

3th Dec 2013 V4.0.0.4 YazMic
Mute users - check user to Mute
Volume control
Status messages


30th Oct 2013 V8.99.01
Mics to show in Yazak room list
(next version have talk button from yazak)

30th Oct 2013 V6.16.1 YazServ
Support for YazMic Voice, Mics to show in Yazak room list

30th Oct 2013 V4.0.0.3 YazMic
Channel working properly

8th Oct 2013 V8.99.00
Beta version ready for soon to add YazMic voice compatibles
Note.. Mumble will still also work

25th Aug 2013 V8.98.28
Archive saving now faster

Right click mic was putting up old yahoo voice after minimize, stopped that

Links menu.. have removed.. "Edit Nic Name" "Download Audio Setip Wizard"

Links menu.. have added.. "Yazserv Home page"

24th Aug 2013 V8.98.27
Windows 8 recognized so some app paths not used to save settings Like windows 7/Vesta does on yazak

taken out Yahoo's voice as has not work for sometime .... and Yacscom.dll is no longer needed

23 Aug 2013 V6.15.0 YazSerV
Main window taken out clear voice button - as no longer needed
Security fixs
On settings added Connect code - for use by external admin's

19th May 2013 V8.98.26
small bugfix


17th May 2013 V8.98.25

Chat Server (for Login into Yahoo on yazak for PM's)
Changed old ones to new ones as below Yahoo discontinued old ones

old: XXX = 201-220
csXXX.msg.ac4.yahoo.com csXXX.p1.msg.ac4.yahoo.com csXXX.p2.msg.ac4.yahoo.com
csXXX.p3.msg.ac4.yahoo.com csXXX.p4.msg.ac4.yahoo.com

New: XXX = 110-120
csXXXp1.us1.msg.gq1.yahoo.com to csXXXp1.us1.msg.gq1.yahoo.com

Chat Room
Menu ... Links
Mumble Voice how to setup


6th May 2013 V8.98.24
Updated Voice in Chat Room to work with Mumble in place of Yahoo voice servers
automatic starts the correct mumble voice server ( if there server has it setup )
When you click on Mic icon

6th May 2013 V6.14.0 YazSerV
Updated to work with Mumble Voice
Note you need to set the Mumble Link URL for your room voice in settings
You can get the link by Right Clicking your room in mumble and selecting Copy URL and pasting it in.


19th Apr 2013 V6.13.1 YazSerV
Clicking Ban User followed by Ban User IP as username was clearing Ban Uers IP
after would put hiden IP ban on server...fixed now Ban User not cleared

19th Apr 2013 V8.98.22
Chat Room Chat Room Menu Links ... Download Audio Setup wizard ...going to Yahoo but they remove it
so changed it to yazak site now ..help menu help one worked

14th Apr 2013 V6.13.0 YazSerV
Ban list improvements
Now list shows Username , IP (if banned IP) , and Date banned
Also Why Banned message can be saved
see Why Ban message by selecting username then right clicking to show at bottom of Popup menu under Delete User Names

Changes on Banned Name List
Add is now >> Ban User <--- This Bans Username only
Add IP is now >> Ban User IP <--- This Bans Username and IP
Popup Menu
Removed Add Name
Delete Name is now >> Delete User Names

13th Apr 2013 V6.12.2 YazSerV    
Added  On Tools Menu ... Refreshing Chat Room on Server List
This will instantly refresh your room on server list normally refreshes every 6mins On Settings Allow Voice option
Uncheck to Not Allow voice in your Chat Room
Default is Checked to Allow voice
Users receive message that Voice is not allowed if unchecked

13th Apr 2013 V8.98.21

Chat Room Menu Links After Cali's World index was wrong and stopped Freecreed & Wikipedia not working

Chat Room Menu Extra Toys ... External Programs Don't allow open External program twice

To Links Menu ... How to make a Yazserv Chat Room

Login Window Buddies button you can now right click to show Chat Room Buddies.... ( Christi's Idea thanks )

Login Window File Menu
YazServ - run your own User Rooms <---- added that option so you don't have to open Chat Room window to do it now

To Help Menu
Help added How to make a Yazserv Chat Room link ... and added right click links to clipboard... tidyed up bit

Taken out old method IP from yazak as not used now



7th Mar 2013 V6.12.1 YazSerV
There are now two tests for connection now made


Tells you if you need to use localhost

How tests show
Hosting Tests...Please wait
Test1 connection from distant IP
Test2 Connection to self from external IP:
Test1 Failed !!!! Can't be reached from world connection
Test2 Passed!

Will look like this
Test1 Passed users from world can connect to you
Test2 Failed - Timed Out

IMPORTANT !! You will need to right click Join Room button on Yazak and select Join Room LocalHost

Only put on Chat Room server lister now after tests one or two pass

Added Help menu link Help to Yazserv Basics (web site)

Setting window .. Ignore Testing Connection Results ..removed as not needed (might put back if needed)

24th Feb 2013 V8.98.20

20th Feb 2013 V8.98.19
Bug fixs

20th Feb 2013 V6.11.1 YazSerV
Ban window moved Max user per IP and Max Connections to Settings window
Note Max User per IP can be 1-5 now only


17th Feb 2013 V8.98.18
On Yazserv List Chat Rooms window ..
Added Popup menu when you Right Click Room Name on list or Right Click on Join Room button
Join Room Local Host - Must be your room ... Use this to join your own room your hosting with yazserv on this computer
Join Room (normal method) ... This is normal way to get in room, can be used by most users (even if own room)

Chat Room when you click Change Room button and you have Yazser List Chat Room window minimized will pop it up (un-mimimize it)

16th Feb 2013 V6.11.0 YazSerV
Settings ..Ignore Testing Connection results
This will ignore the connection testing and leave the Chat room up still if fails test

Send's Yazserv version number

14th Feb 2013 V8.98.17
bugfix in Yazserv List Chat Room window

4th Feb 2013 V8.98.16
Show time in Yazserv Chat Room now like did in Yahoo
Also Extra Toys Menu ..Uptime Yazak .. Shows in Yazserv Chat Room correct time
and says Connected Yahoo: .... did just say Connected:

On Yazserv List you can now Right click on to Copy Chat Room name to Clipboard

added "Ping Timeout! (Just needs to reconnect)" error 52 shows in login status window

Ping Yahoo was not working ...Reason Yahoo Disconnect yazak after few hours and yazak reconnected

On Connection Session time out error does not try to join Yahoo Chat Room
putting up this message "Connected Now! Waiting for Chat List"


29th Jan 2013 V6.10.0 YazSerV
Save Messages to Send to Chat Room
Type new messages in and then press Insert key to add that message
You can Delete messages by selecting the message you wont to Delete and press Delete key

Hide to Task bar on Minimize Yazaser window
left click the taskbar world Yazserv to bring back hidden window
or right click and click on Show Yazserv

(Note Windows7/Vista users have to click arrow to show hidden toolbar icons)

Removed possible kick exploit

12th Dec 2012 V8.98.14
Yazserv Chat Room list was missing bottom Chat Room name of list sometimes
Yazserv List now works with Port changes from Default 5050 port
This works from Yazserv V6.8.1 or higher

Pings Yazserv to stay in Chat Rooms better

11th Jan 2013 V6.9.0 YazSerV
Port changes for auto set to right port

6th Jan 2013 V6.8.0 YazSerV
Lots of Changes..
Including separate Settings window
Post in room limit
More compact ... hiding un needed info until you wish to see
Selectable DisplayWindow's ... Info Status ... Send data ... Rec Data ... Room Messages

30th Dec 2012 V8.98.12
With Chat Room command /vj (Voice Join) Feature to let you Invite other users into voice
when your are in voice, handy for inviting users that cant get into voice in room
Use the button "Add Inivite to Already Open VC" after selecting username to invite
The other user will get a Invite if the invites goes though to click on to start voice.

On login window added this message if you fail to gete into a Yazserv room and Chat Room not open
10053 Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure
Try again, or another chat room

Yazserv Chat Room Voice Uses Random 10 digit number now

Yazserv Room window if minimized and button clicked to start again it returns to normal

Chat Room (Menu) File ... Ping Yahoo removed as not used

Chat Room "System is busy, please try again later" removed when using Yazserv (pkt:A1)

26th Dec 2012 V8.98.11
Alias Usernames now work in Yazserv Chat Rooms and work in Voice

Made Changes To Change Room YazServ List window

Moved Selection of Yazakpro and Freecreed Chat Room list to top just click to toggle between them

You can now Double click on Chat rooms in the list to join them ( don't need to click Join Room button)

Refresh button can only be pressed once every 10 seconds

Changed System Busy message

22th Dec 2012 V6.7.1 YazSerV
Added Info On Connections
Added Menu's
Tools, Host Listers, Help

Fixed Auto Start....Note Only works when UpNp is not checked

20th Dec 2012 V8.98.7
Voice invite now a Blue color bar
Also when you "Click to Start Voice" the bar is removed and Delay is canceled
Cancel Delay also removes the bar

The bar will not even appear when new V8.98.6 start voice
Note old yazak versions will see Conference come up when starting Voice ..so get them to update
They will need to click Accept to Start Voice ....

Lowered Invite delay to 30 secs

If YazServ Version is "V6.05.00" or lower will put up this warning message
Warning! Mic Click Voice will not work in this Chat Room as using old YazServer

Chat Room YazSerV room lister
Now Sorted
Also removed debug screen at botton ....there is a debug button that can see this that toggles

19th Dec 2012 V6.7.0 YazSerV
Fixs on voice, When Start Voice users leaves or not found

18th Dec 2012 V8.98.5
Made YazSerV Chat Room Voice better just Click on mic ...then on link below
Still bit ruff but this is 1st issue of making it better

18th Dec 2012 V6.6.0 YazSerV
Fixs for easyer to use voice

16th Dec 2012 V8.98.4
Fixed some issues

14th Dec 2012 V8.98.3
Fixed issue with Chat room on YazServ
Click Here to send again ....error's showing up in chat

13th Dec 2012 V8.98.2
Yazserv to show more rooms was limited to few

multi users in voice was not working

10th Dec 2012 V6.3.0 YazSerV
Fixed problem with name stuck on server not letting you in a YazSerV chat room
Change so UpnP is checked soon as you start YazSerV If UpnP is checked

9th Dec 2012 V8.98.1
Got /VJ Voice command to work in YazSerV better was only working with Two users
Type /VJ in the YazSerV Chat Room then invite user into voice from pull down list
note you need to be loged in Yahoo and
Note need to have Allow Conference Invites and Voice Invites checked

Yazak Room button to the Yahoo Chat Room List window ...its under Join Room button

7th Dec 2012 V8.98.0
Yazak Room Button on Login what takes you to YazSerV Rooms
You can also login into Yahoo at same time now
So you can be in a Yazak room and still use Pm's on Yahoo
But you dont even need to login on Yahoo if you just want to goto a YazSerV room

Removed the YazSerV check option on Login Window as not needed now
There is now know need to login just with YazSerV Checked, Just Click on Yazak Room button

1st Dec 2012 V6.2.0
YazServe took out expire date 2013 01

11th Nov 2012 V8.97.12
Webcam viewing was not working ...I forgot to changed the DLL ref on last version..... working again now

27th Oct 2012 V8.97.11
Fixed on Chat Room window
Search Google, Search Yahoo, Search Wikipedia ect; to work now with UFT-8 Characters

Fixed Archives saves to Save UFT-8 Characters now also

Format menu ... Background Room Color/Picture set ... Now don't switch to non UFT-8 when used

23rd Oct 2012 V8.97.10
Bug fixes and changes
Characters above ascii 127 display correctly.... taken out old Hc1 Hc2 correction as not needed now

B I U buttons dont close Yazak when in UTF-8 mode or Symbols

Symbols can be used in in Chat Room when not joined room for testing, was closing yazak fixed

22nd Oct 2012 V8.97.9
Added Send International text feature
Click on Font and Check UTF and it will put up a replacement text entry box what will allow International text to be entered and pasted
(note this does not require FM20.DLL)

20th Oct 2012 V8.97.8
Added support for International text UTF-8
This is a very early version and properly many issues to get working such as working in PM's, but works in chat rooms to see and post

On buddies window changed the Display Image to be on a White background box



5th Oct 2012 V8.97.5
On login window when using login protocol V18/V19 usernames that need to accept Global Terms of Service a window
now will show so that you can Accept or Decline these, After Accepting the username will then login as normal if
you decline you'll need to user V15-V17 or V102 or try again and accept these Yahoo terms.

This the error can see:
Login Error:55 Login Protocol V18/V19 must Accept the Global TOS

Updater V1.32.1
Updated to not start Yazak straight after its updated on computer with Windows 7/Vista (this problem dont happen on XP)
as problems with cache on windows7/Vista made it look like all setting were clear. (until you closed yazak 1st and started it again)


29th Aug 2012 V8.97.1
Put in a warning message when you send PM if you have 'Ignore Anyone' is Checked in PM Preferences

You will see message like this

PM's Warning 'Ignore Anyone' is Checked in PM Preferences,
You need to add Username as Friend to recieve PM's back!

Bug Fix
Last update user Emotes button was sending as Room Emote

28th Aug 2012 V8.97.0
On Preference Page 4 Show Username on each Chat Post post...Option
With this option is not checked users posts more than one line on seperate posts
there username & avatar will not be shown again for each post

On emotes posting using keyboard keys ..Stopped multi posting when using Enter key... You can not only use Shift, Space Bar or Ctrl keys
and will only post a 2nd time when you press one of these keys...Multi posts by Freecreed a thing of past now lol...

11th Aug 2012 V8.96.7
Made Captcha window startup postion Centre of Chat room window ...was default monitor screen
more added so if Chat Room is Minimized the Captcha window opens Minimized

27th June 2012 V8.96.5
Auto Refresh Chat Room every 15 mins, So will check if Yahoo have logged you out of Chat Room shows this message
"No longer in Chat Room, Yahoo Error 602 ! . . . click to Join Room again"
This only happend when you been in a Chat Room many hours and you dont recieve message asking you to enter Captcha code to stay in room.

Yah elite Local buddy Import feature on Chat Room Buddies Popup Menu
Now works with more than 10 names
and also now 1st looks in "\Program Files (x86)\YahElite" on 64 bit or "\Program Files\YahElite" on 32 bit windows

15th June 2012 V8.96.4
Web Viewing was not working in last 2 versions (V8.96.2 and 8.96.3) Now fixed.
Thanks for someone pointing that out.

11th June 2012 V8.96.3
Yah elite Local buddy Import feature on Chat Room Buddies Popup Menu
Note import file "YAHELITE_BUDDY.INI" must be in WINDOWS folder
This is normal location its saved in as far as i known.

9th June 2012 V8.96.2
On Login window when SSL was checked and has password
with characters symbols ie "*_>+[]{}~@" and many others
Yazak was returning: Error 1212 Incorrect password

This has now been fixed, was calling encoder twice.

19th May 2012 V8.96.1
Ghost SSL V3 Auth - Ghost Login now works again

17th May 2012 V8.96.0
SSL Auth has now been fixed and will work with SSL V3 Yahoo turned off SSL V2
NOTE: This is a quick fix and has not been completely tested will properly not work for all, Ghost logging has not been fixed yet

So you can now use Login Protocol V15-V19 with SSL Auth Checked



Use these Setting to Log into Yahoo on Yazak
Only current setting that work!

22th March 2012 V8.95.1
Voice in Chat Rooms Mute's users not in room by default now
You can Un-Check this option from popup menu on voice users list
Allow buddies add request on YMSG V19 now works

29th February 2012 V8.95.0
PM Preferences Ignore Anyone option - Checked ignore's anyone that is not on Buddies list from Yahoo Server side

28th February 2012 V8.94.0
Effects Fade would only allow max of 20 fades now unlimited amount

PM now warns you voice dont work in V102 again Shows following message if you try voice in PM's on login protocol V102
"Warning current login protocol V102 PM voice will not work in . . . Please Log Out and change to V15-V19"

Changed loging protocol from V15-V19 to auto turn ON SSL as its now needed on these protocols

PM Preferences History Yahoo option - Checked Keep's a History of my conversations on Yahoo Server
no Yahoo History Viewer yet

10th December 2011 V8.93.0
Login protocol V18 now works again also added V19

Please note you need a Active Yahoo Email to use V18 and V19


7th December 2011 V8.92.9

Taken Out V18 Protol and Added V19
V18 stopped working and yahoo were sending message to upgrade, so remove for now V19 seems to work fine

Taken out on Chat Room Menu Links www.zakie.fsnet.co.uk

Removed on Show Webcam Load DLL as if dont have as not needed


4th November 2011 V8.92.8

Left click on Avatars or Display Images don't put up popup menu now only right click

On right click on Display Images Now has Delete Display Image

Stopped Display Images being saved to Avatars Selectors New Additions
Left click chat room username dont show Translate now


3rd November 2011 V8.92.7
On Windows7 and Vista Avatars now stored to "Documents\MY YazakChat Files"

Yazak will move any avatars from the Virtual location to "Documents\MY YazakChat Files" as long as there on same drive.

Display Image uploader - Now is on Buddies popup menu

Left Click Display Images to make biger, replace mouse over

AvatarSelector v1.22.0
Updated to work with above changes On Windows7 and Vista Avatars


30th October 2011 V8.92.6

Added Display Image uploader - basic do more to it later

When login in using SSL Y and T cookie was getting cleared
This would affect Chat room lists and automatic loging in on Emails



25th October 2011 V8.92.5
Show Display Images to chat rooms option in place of Avatars

under Chat Room menu Format ... Avatars/Display Images ... you can select Avatars On or Display Image On

also move mouse over a Display Image and it goes larger

25th September 2011 V8.92.4
Audibles changed download url as yahoo changed it now Audibles download again if you dont have them

Made yazak find Program Files or On 64bit Program Files (x86)
Now yazak can be in different Drive the normal C: and stil find files
so Yahoo messenger Emotes are found (also looks in different loction) and Audibles ,Smileys, Logs, Sounds, Exe



11th September 2011 V8.92.3
Added two voice servers


Chat Room Right click popup menu Translate now working

28th July 2011 V8.92.2
Added two voice servers to make it so you can select one of the two split voice servers

Yahoo voice in Chat Rooms seems to be split between two servers so you could on see some
v4.vc.bf1.yahoo.com <-- most users are on this
v2.vc.sp1.yahoo.com <-- some might be on this .. and cant talk to above and visa versa

I recommend using v4.vc.bf1.yahoo.com
Select this on login under Voice Server or use Voice options in Chat Room

25th July 2011 V8.92.1
Change Text ban beater removed...the NB next to shield in chat room
after Yahoo changes this know longer works so now removed it

Menu Help ... Help Yahoo Audio Setup Wizard download ..
Changed link to point Yazakpro as Yahoo moved it on there site

Updating site from www.zakie.fsnet.co.uk changed to www.yazak.info

Updater New Version V1.31.0

Change Updating site from www.zakie.fsnet.co.uk changed to www.yazak.info

Change Avatar selector to be not Auto selected when new version available , Just highlites in blue


14th July 2011 V8.92.0
Web Cam's now work again both Show and Viewing
Also work with messenger on standard webcam mode

PM's now dont lose focus from smiley faces
If the other person sends you text while selecting a face.

23th June 2011 V8.91.3
Captcha on Session time out now fixed and working...
This is normally after 4 hours of more in chat

When clicking on Offline PM messages to put into PM window was seeing this show if alot of offline messages
"Messages sent to quick Ignored" and losing some lines of messages ...fixed now!

On login window Full List button was enambled...
Made only enbled when loged into Yahoo!

On Captcha window click Blue e stops Sesson end sound now


16th June 2011 V8.91.0

Change Captcha to work with yahoo resent changes ...Now working again!


15th February 2011 V8.90.18
Bugfix Captcha was losing focus if you got a PM and you could carry on typing unless to clicked on captcha window again

8th February 2011 V8.90.17
Added New Faces Yahoo added 120 - 141
22 new faces

20th December 2010 V8.90.14
Changed Login not to stay on top, just moves to top now
On the task bar Yz icon Left mouse click pop-up menu

Show Login Window - just shows login window now (cant be checked now)

Changed made Chat Room keep focus on when pm windows are open work better.

Changed Voice lagger messages only shows to users chat room window
and is not sent to room anymore for others to see.

7th November 2010 V8.90.13
Changes updated to work with new YazServ changes for better security to keep the kiddies off

This version will work with New and Old version of YazServ - Best to up date YazServ also if you run a YazServ Room

YazSerV V5.0.0
New YazSerV user chat room server
Now with User Id Authentication Challenge to stop kiddies easy connecting using there own programs
and filling rooms with many user names
and user post protection

2nd November 2010 V8.90.12
Bug fix Add Buddy (Add as Friend) was not working when your connected in V102 protocol

Added on Login window Stay on top
Also on task bar Yz icon left mouse click pop-up menu
Show Login Window - Now shows Check if showing or no check hidden
Show Chat Room - Now shows Check if showing or no check hidden, so you can now Hide Chat Room window from here

Added on Chat Room Find window Stay on Top toggle, Indicated by red square click to toggle on/off blue is off

Change on showing reject PM' log if deleted will try to show reject porn log instead

30th October 2010 V8.90.11

Bug fix on login window when login in using My profiles id after 1st using main account were still staying on main account id
if used Join Chat Room button after closed chat room, now fixed

Change on Chat Room window Shield indicate that shield don't work on YMSG V18 on tool tip, and it beeps if you try.

Added on chat room a "Warning Avatars off in Preferences page 5"
If Avatars are on and have preferences on page turned off setting turned off ie: Show Info Tags and AVA

22nd October 2010 V8.90.10
Change in PM window Taken out "WARNING logged in YMSG V102 PM voice will not work in this protocol!"

Changed on Chat Room Links menu, added some new moved some, removed one

21st October 2010 V8.90.09
Changed on Login V102 Yazak can now PM voice to other Yazak users
before voice would not work in YMSG V102 protocol in PM's

16th October 2010 V8.90.08

Change on login window
Now Join Chat Room goes straight to the you set start room
And their is another button Full list that goes to Full List of chat rooms

Removed the "if Room full try another room" as it's on Chat Room list window

Bug fix PM's not keeping focus properly
After typing in chat room and then clicking on task bar PM to show PM window, the PM window was going behind chat room
when you received a PM message from other user, now fixed shows PM window and keep focus now.

Change on Chat Room Disenabled cloak functions as they no longer work after yahoo server changes


10th October 2010 v4.0.1
New YazSerV user chat room server .... now with Room Name Authentication
Note Old version is still currently working but the old version will soon be disabled.. so update soon


3rd October 2010 V8.90.07

Added on Chat Room... when using popup menu "Add to Chat Room Buddies"
that's adds to Extra Notes section...The Current Room name the user was in

...Thanks Friend for the idea..

Added to login the lastest protcol YMSG V18

16th September 2010 V8.90.06

Bugfix on Chat Room on pallete Others Colours
Was causing a 401 error cant show non modal form when modal form displayed .... on XP

Also other parts what used the MS color picker .....all fixed

14th September 2010 V8.90.05
Chat Room cropping now has much smoother switch over to buffer
You cant hardly notice when it switches to the buffer

Added on Rejected PM's log a return to end of log button >>

Bugfix on Marquee was going under chat screen if buffer switched
same timeas marquee was already moving

Bugfix on Preferences page1 Option Hilite and Option on Voice were not seperate groups

7th September 2010 V8.90.03
Bugfix Chat Room losing focus issues
With a new PM chat room was losing focus to PM
With a new chat room Alert occurred focus was getting lost to alert window

25th August 2010 V8.90.02

Bugfix chat Room Voice Option
Voice option was still going under Marquee if at bottom
and room text, now if you move mouse over voice option window moves back to front

Change on login window
On error 1015 cookie error, changed message it show's to

"Old saved Cookie Failed! (might be Locked Username )"

"Checked 'Get New Cookie' for you, Please try 'Log into Yahoo' again"

Added on Preferences Page5
These warning messages about avatars,
So users are aware they need to be checked if they want there avatar to show in chat room.

Show Info Tags <----- Should be check for others to see your avatars

AVA <----- Used for the Avatars No one will see your Avatar if unchecked

10th August 2010 V8.90.01

Bugfix in chat room Voice Options
The Voice Option window was going under the chat text

Change on PM Archives
Made Click on links open

Bugfix on click on links in chat room was adding %20 the space character at end sometimes

8th August 2010 V8.90.00
Change on Chat Room
Chat Room cropping uses a new method with a switch buffer
for nearly zero lag delay when crops chat text

RX - Room Join Exploit better has been removed
as not needed not ,this was next to shield top of screen

Added on Preferences page4
No. of posts to start Chat Buffering - sets how many post in room before the chat buffer is started
No. of posts in Chat Buffer to switch - sets how big the buffer is till chat is switched to buffer

Fixed Room archiving to include head at start of Html files, so user names don't come out under lined
(don't show non underlined in chrome)

Added On Ignore list ..Joined Chat
Time in seconds, click on name to show in mins/secs......
this shows same as Left Chat now

Change Menu Help About now updates when showing window once a second
So can see settings that change while window open
also change to show Room HTML size, Buffer (size)
Room posts , Buffer , Text size

Removed on Preferences page4 "Room Entry Users" and the "Period"

27th July 2010 V8.89.22
Changed on log in window to new chat servers
types sp1 & ac4
cs201 - cs220
cs201p1 - cs220p1
cs201p2 - cs220p2
cs201p3 - cs220p3
cs201p4 - cs220p4

Note some of these servers currently dont function.... 204 ,214 ,219 some I've noticed on p4

Dropped cs101 - cs130

Changed on chat room Font selector
Removed "Font Selector button" as to slow and not needed
Hilights the favorite Font now in white
Shows the selected font in the Combo as you select a favorite selection
Shows font as Tooltip if you hover mouse over favorite selection

9th July 2010 V8.89.21
Added on join room more error messages
"Request to join room refused"

Bufix with cloak on the timed resume was not working after v8.89.18 changes

3rd July 2010 V8.89.20
Added on login window on SSL error with accounts that have been "security precaution locked"

Message window will show up with following

"As a security precaution this account is locked temporary

To unlock this account sign in on Yahoo web site
Note: you will need to enter twice once with captcha code
Then login again here"

"Do you wont to open Yahoo web page now ?"


2nd July 2010 V8.89.19
Change on Ignore .. Show Yahoo Ignores
You can now just "In Chat" on Show Yahoo ignore's ...all rest show all

Also fixed bug Show Perm. Ignores
When showing "In Chat" was showing all
Fixed on login window on SSL
Added a error message for 400 Bad Request error
was putting up the HTML code, now fixed

26th June 2010 V8.89.18

Added Primed Cloak indicator - shows cloak been primed (turned on while in chat room)
On Protection settings a Red circle will show around cloak shield
Also hovering mouse over shield up top with show word "PROMED" at end,
also added to show Chat Server name

Changed on login window SP1 to SP1 Only
When SP1 Only is check Yazak will only user SP1 servers,
Unchecked will use SP1 and AC4 servers

SP1 servers has advantage of not receiving longer packet with user join room as full users in room is not sent
This helps when the Room join refresh exploit is being used

Bugfix On Chat Room list
Sub room number was not always getting set correct, If you selected a room from Yahoo rooms list,
then later open Chat room list and just clicked on Join Room to join room shown the sub number was not being set
and so would go to previous sub room number (this would make it go last room selected from yahoo room list)

Also removed Timed out message appearing when join same room again...

Bugfix yazak wasn't always leaving room after Cloak had been used when you close yazak chat room ... now fixed


22nd June 2010 V8.89.17
Change on login window menu
Both these removed as not longer work
Show WCS (webCam Chat server)
Refresh Friends list cookies

Refresh on Buddies window popup menu removed also

Bugfix when login in was login you back out again after few seconds loging in
This was happening after getting disconnected sometimes,
the OffLineFlag was not being reset, now resets soon as your connected

Bugfix when still in Chat Room after sign back in then Show Chat Room used Chat Name
was being removed when new user entered room..fixed

Bugfix Chat Room list name selector had small fault

10th June 2010 V8.89.16
Bugfix Ghost - Ghost to not send Join rooms after certain amount ... stops Room Join refresh exploit ...was not working
Made Ghost Window Popup if error

6th June 2010 V8.89.15
Changed on Chat Room on Shield ... If you Left click on Shield now and in main user Id will use Cloak
As you cant turn shield on with primary ID only Aliases ....So uses Cloak now

You can of course still Press Ctrl Key and press on shield to always turn on Cloak

Also now made Cloak turn off when you post in room, when Cloaks on.

Note Shield you can post in room without needing to turn it off.
And neither Shield or Cloak can you see posts You need Ghost on to see post

Change on Ghost to not send Join rooms after certain about ... stops Room Join refresh exploit

2nd June 2010 V8.89.14
Changed BA sound to only play once per period on setting off until time runs out
stops multi triggering sounds when more that one flood packets sent

Changed on PM's showing Offline due to a Yahoo PM bug sending timestamp even when your online
Now lowered time connected to 5 seconds to show offlines...after 5 seconds will go to PM's (was set at 20 seconds)

1st June 2010 V1.21.0
Avatar Selector updated
Added Check Deleted button - this will run though Avatar library and compare avatars available of site such as YZ
and move those that have been deleted to Deleted Folder....to use 1st check on a avatar Library CH< Cheeta Yz Ya ect;
then you click on Check Deleted button... not take few mins to complete...you can click

28th May 2010 V8.89.13
Bugfix Yahoo Ignores over about 250 were getting lost as the packet is split up ...now fixed to cope with spilt up F1 pkts
Also Changed limit on Flood proction to 300 yahoo ignores


24th May 2010 V8.89.12
Added on Chat Room a room refresh flooding protection function
This will put user usernames room refresh flooding on
Yahoo ignore list and protect you from future floods

Bugfix in Chat Room switch word filter ...was not working with fades...
Also fixed fault with switch filter not work with words with face directly after word
Thanks Christi for pointing that out

Bufix PM window when you use Aliases names will automatically select this and not just use main account name

21st May 2010 V8.89.10
Added Yahoo Ignore to the chat room popup menu ignore list
This is under Igrnore User Per. + more options

Yahoo Ignore - This will be checked if that user is already on yahoo ignore, click again to toggle on/off

Bugfix on Chat Room Ghost
They was still a bug if you had main Yazak Id connection loged in using SSL the Ghost would disconnect main id
this issue has now been fixed

20th May 2010 V8.89.09
Bugfix on Chat Room Ghost
The Ghost was not connecting after last version change on SSL...Fixed Now

Change on disconnection checking when Chat Room indictor light goes red login window pops up

20th May 2010 V8.89.08
Bugfix on SSL on Login window now fix
After a yahoo change SSL stopped working in method yazak was using ....Issue fixed now

19th May 2010 V8.89.08
Bugfix on login get new cookie some passwords would not work with cirtain characters in password

Charcters like # in password would make this happen, and yiou would get incorrect password or username

Added URL Safe to fix this password issue on get new cookie

11th May 2010 V8.89.06
Changed on Ignore window Show
Now shows Yahoo [y] on Temp, Perm and Chat
also now can show more than one,
where more than one letter is shown uses 1st letter color so [yt] will show violet color for yahoo

These are all the tags that show in each Show view mode
Chat shows [y] [yt] [yp]
yahoo shows [c] [t] [p] [ct] [cp]
Perm shows [c] [y] [yc]
Temp shows [c] [y] [yc]

y=yahoo ignore t=temp ignore p=perm ignore c=chat room

Another Change Remove User/s off Ignore Now will remove Yahoo ignores in Show Chat mode as well as Show Yahoo mode

Also made multi select work better when Remove used and not leave names hi-lighted

Bugfix Yahoo ignore in Protocol V102 was not working where multi usernames were selected ...now fixed

Changed on Protection Settings made Auto Protection ON by default

6th May 2010 V8.89.05
Changed on PM's showing Offline due to a Yahoo PM bug sending timestamp even when your online this cause yazak to show as offline
Fixed by workaround that stops offlines showing after 20 seconds of being connected and just send them to pm's

Change on chat room Menu Extra Toys .. UpTime Yazak nows shows Connected time also
Yazak Uptime is: 57 Secs ... Time been in Room: 4 Hours 23 Mins 53 Secs ... Connected: 55 Secs


5th May 2010 V8.89.04
Bugfix on chat room On Links..Yahoo Mail...Check Mail if using cookie method with get new cookie unchecked
Email were not working as saved cookies were not set right... fixed now so email work on all login methods

Bugfix on packet arrival under certain conditions would drop some YMSG packets.

4th May 2010 V8.89.03
BugFixed Chat room blend with 2 or more faces was showing a face code...now fixed

Changed Turned off packet arrival error beeps

Changed on If voice level of user hits peak ... When it auto mutes user to not put up user more than once
This was happening sometimes if users was not in room just in voice (or different user than in voice yahoo fault)

Bugfix on click on task bar email alert was putting up old Email window as well as opening browser

Changed on Chat Room Debug pkts ...made if crop if get too big
ie you leave debug on for hours or get alot of pkt flooding would freeze, now crops top off when gets over 50,000 characters


30th April 2010 V8.89.01
Bugfix if on login if "get New Cookie" was checked
Yazak would not connect, Now fixed ... was not clearing data arrival when got new cookie

29th April 2010 V8.89.00
Change on packets arrival added preprocessing before reading of the packets for much improved handling.

Bugfix Chat Room & PM The Fade stopped up to a smiley face, Now Fixed thanks to Christi for asking me to fix it
Face can be placed anywhere in the fade and fade will work fine now.

25th April 2010 V8.88.15
Bugfix smiles
Graphic smiles if checked on Preferences page pages 3 were not working in last version

25th April 2010 V8.88.13

Bugfix on chat room On Links..Yahoo Mail...Check Mail
Email were not working properly if logged in on Yazak with Cookie method
were only working if using SSL login method
Now fixed the problem! ( was asking for password and never accepting it.. cookies didnt have correct ; ending)

Fixed Email to also work on Taskbar email icon to use Browser.

Added on chat room .. right click Avatar
Manage Avatars - open the folder the avatars is in

Changed on replace on URL clicks to remove "%3c/font" at end of some url's


21st April 2010 V8.88.12

Change on Chat Room
When copying a username (or using Hi messages) now does not copy @ part of usernames
as yahoo sometimes filter these
so for example "username@att.net" will show as "username" the @att.net is removed

Captcha time has been increased to 325 seconds...
so it don't disappear to soon when doing a re-captcha if you take too long
also made seconds count down on in go in 1 secs not every 10 secs.

Changed following on Links Menu to now use your Browser in place of build in yazak window
On Links menu ..Yahoo Mail...Check Mail
On Links menu ..Create/Edit My profiles

On Links menu .. Edit Nic Name Now goes to http://yazakpro.com/chatstuff/yahoo/nicknameset.html
so you can edit you nic name using yahoo Chinese server.

Bugfix don't post "err Err! from" message if you show Chat Room after log in and name was stuck in room.


10th April 2010
Updated YazServ V3.13.0

Added Allow Only One User per IP
This allows users to connect from same IP number only the once if checked...Its on the Ban window

Added Ban by Ip Number as well as by name
Click on the Add IP on the Ban window....You can add user name also if you like

9th April 2010
Updated YazServe V3.12.0

Added Max number of Connections
Its on the Ban window set limit to 2 to 50



7th April 2010 V8.88.8
Changed Login window to shows more connecting errors SLL Auth checked

Here is the complete list

1235 Invalid username! (This ID is not yet taken)
1212 Incorrect password!
1213 As a security precaution, please enter the security lock image on your next login.!
1214 Invalid ID or password. You must also complete a security lock image"
1219 Invalid ID or password.
1235 Invalid username! (This ID is not yet taken)
1236 Username Account issue or Temp IP ban!

Bugfix on the Buddies Stealth when using V102 was being disenabled

Changes taken out a lot of un needed code.... to do with ymsg protocol v12-v14

Fixed so shows Chat Room posts and entries in Chat Room
If your User Id is stuck in room and later you reconnect.
click on show chat room ..under file...On login window...

6th April 2010 V8.88.7
Added on login window to shows locked user id's with this message when login in with SLL Auth checked
"Locked Username! (100)"

Bugfix Error trapping was off.....and some has been posting exploit that caused a Overflow error 6..... Now back on

5th April 2010 V8.88.5
Change on URL taken out the removal of end backslash '/'
To not cause problems on sites.... (caused problems with sites with Capitals at end part , where browser was not adding end /)

Added on Chat Room "Warning! Cant Show Web cam in Protocol V102 (Right Click Shield click Changed Protocol)"
If you try to start Web cam when logged in on protocol V102

Added on PM a Warning! Cant use PM Voice in Proto cal V102
Also same message on View web cam, and also put in on PM's in status at bottom of pm window (showing and viewing)

Conference added more trapped errors

24th March 2010
Updated the updater v1.29.0
Changed look a bit
Made Optional files only get Hi lighted in Blue but not checked if newer version available

17th February 2010 V8.88.4

Bugfix when in YMSG V102 a request of friend to add you the Allow request
was being greyed out and not available ..Fixed now works in on V102

Changed in on Chat Room when adding names to not add id's with spaces in them.

18th February 2010 V8.88.3
Added to Chat Room Join eXploit Beater is OFF
see this option next to Shield JX
click on to turn on when some is using the join room exploit, you will see green light flashing madly
note you will not when on see other users joining the room

Added on login window when SSL is unchecked and cookie is unchecked
when you get message because current saved cookie date has timed out
Reject Code:1015 Check Get New Cookie and Log into Yahoo again

1st February 2010
Update on YazServer v3.11.0 extented date till Jan 2012

25th January 2010 V8.88.2

Change when Logged out of Chat Room
Now turn's off Chat Room session is ending soon warning sound
Also added X to messages's so you can close them

Added on Chat Room Shield to show YMSG protocol currently on when move mouse over

changed on PM windows in voice position of status message so not on top on username chatting too

Added on boot alert user name on pkt D3

14th January 2010 V8.88.1
Fix for Multi entering room Exploit
Yazak will start ignoring completely multi entering room users what was lagging yazak....
note not tested how affective this is ...but putting it out anyway......

11th January 2010 V8.88.0
Added on Preferences Page 5 Info Tags
You can now turn off all Info tags used by Yazak in chat rooms or just some.

Show Info Tags - Uncheck and No Info tags will be used

Tags you can choose to not show are as follows

SEX: Male Female

Added on Preferences Page 4 Hi Messages "Refresh" button
When you now use "Hi Messages Edit" button to edit the Chat Room Hi menu's
you can now hit the Refresh button to see editing affect

Also now when you use "Hi Messages Edit" button the preference
window just minimizes now and doesn't close preferences

Bugfix on ignore window
SelMatch Words was losing focus and not showing selected names, unless you right clicked on them

9th January 2010 V8.87.26
added on boot alert
Added user name on pkt BD and DA
Change moved BooterFloods.txt used by Boot Alert to Vista/Window7 Compatible place

Change Moved ErrorLog.txt used by Error logs to Vista/Window7 Compatible place
Change Moved Link History folder to Vista/Window7 Compatible place

Fixed open Audio Mixer to work on Vista and Windows 7
When you right click on Mic in chat room Audio Mixer should now open with Windows7/Vista
also works on popup menu's

1st January 2010 V8.87.25
Added on Protection Settings a Changed Protocol button (right click Shield)
You can now change Protocol version while connected and in room
handy if you with to change to V102 to stop getting booted
or wish to change from V102 to voice chat in pm's

The changed to version that is shown will be
V102 if current in V15-V17 or V17 if in V102

Change on Buddies list ... Preferences on popup menu
--> PM Preferences shows Pm preferences
--> Main Preferences shows Main preferences

Change disenabled 6 hours option in refs page4 ...no longer functions

Change Made Emote Ignore %IGNR% command now use days to
Ignore setting on Ignore window was set to 7 days

Yazak Changes 2009

November V8.87.24 to V8.87.20  
October V8.87.20  
September V8.87.19  
August V8.87.18 to V8.87.11  
July V8.87.10 to V8.86.83

Added on login window YMSG 102 protocol
yacscom.DLL v1.0.0.50 now works on yazak

June V8.86.82 to V8.86.80  
May V8.86.79 to V8.86.73  
April V8.86.72 to V8.86.65  
March V8.86.60 to V8.86.47  
Feburary V8.86.46 to V8.86.39  
January V8.86.38 to V8.86.21  



Yazak Changes 2008

December V8.80.0 to V8.78.6 Inprovement to flooding protection
November V8.86.10 to V8.85.13 Change Room . * Special Categories *
October V8.85.12 to V8.85.7  
September V8.85.6 to V8.85.3 Added PM Flood Protection feature
August V8.85.2 to V8.85.0  
July V8.84.13 to V8.84.8 Added to Shield Setting window
June V8.84.6 to V8.83.13 Added Connecting to SP1/AC4 yahoo servers
May V8.83.12 to V8.83.4 Added Searches like in Chat Room has to PM's
April V8.83.3 to V8.83.1 Added to Avatar Selector Search Feature
March V8.82.8 to V8.82.5  
Feburary V8.82.4 to V8.82.0  
January V8.81.4 to V8.80.1 new secure encypted updating to get current version

Yazak Changes 2007

December V8.80.0 to V8.78.6 Added Display Image
November V8.78.5 to V8.77.1 *
October V8.76.2 to V8.74.4 *
September V9.74.2 to V8.71.1 Now all Offlines PM messages
August V8.71.0 to V8.69.2 *
July V8.69.1 to V8.66.0 *
June V8.65.0 to V8.63.0 Added Ghost
May V8.62.5 to V8.61.0 Change to Audibles Selector ...On PM
April V8.60.1 to V8.56.0 *
March V8.55.3 to V8.53.0 *
Feburary V8.52.0 to V8.47.0 Complete New Buddies List With Groups
January V8.46.1 to V8.42.0 *


Yazak Changes 2006

December V8.41.1 to V8.38.2 Stats
November V8.38.1 to V8.34.3 Country Selection
October V8.34.2 to V8.29.7 YMSG V15, Added YazServ
September V8.29.6 to V8.26.1 Buttons Changeable
August V8.25.2 to V8.21.0 Added Combined Pm Voice
July V8.20.0 to V8.16.0 Conferences
June V8.15.2 to V8.11.1 Removed YCHT , Added Translator
May V8.11.0 to V8.4.1 *
April V8.3.2 to V8.0.0 New Improved Room Selector
March V7.99.14 to V7.94.0 Missing post feature
Feburary V7.93.1 to V7.87.3 *
January V7.87.2 to V7.82.0 *


Yazak Changes 2005

December V7.81.0 to V7.80.2 *
November V7.80.1 to V7.79.2 *
October V7.79.1 to V1.7.3 Removed Yahoo! Scare Message
September V7.74.3 to V7.73.0 Added Multi Line Avatars, added HiLite Alert words
August V7.71.2 to V7.65.0 *
July V7.64.8 to V7.64.3 *
June V7.64.2 to V7.61.4 *
May V7.61.3 to V7.58.1 User Defined Hi messages Added
April V7.58.0 to V7.55.0 *
March V7.54.4 to V7.50.0 *
Feburary V7.49.5 to V7.47.3 Added wildcard , Added Volume setting per user
January V7.47.2 to V7.45.2 *

Yazak Changes 2004

December V7.45.1 to V7.42.0 *
November V7.41.2 to V7.38.7 *
October V7.38.6 to V7.37.0 *
September V7.36.0 to V7.29.0 Avatar Added
August V7.28.2 to V7.26.0 Round Login window
July V7.25.2 to V7.19.0 YMSG Protocol working Again
June V7.18.1 to V7.14.2 *
May V7.14.1 to V7.7.3 Added Audibles
April V7.7.2 to V7.3.0 *
March V7.2.8 to V7.1.7 *
Feburary V7.1.6 to V6.56.0 * * * Animated Faces added * * *
January V6.55.3 to V6.53.1 Added file share

Yazak Changes 2003

December V6.53.0 to V6.52.0 *
November V6.51.0 to V6.45.0 New updater
October V6.44.1 to V6.37.0 New Boot Protection
September V6.36.2 to V6.30.3 Major Improvement to ignore
August V6.30.2 to V6.28.7 *
July V6.28.6 to V6.22.2 Web Cam Show
June V6.22.1 to V6.18.3

Voice combined

May V6.18.2 to V6.14.0 Added Voice to Chat Rooms
April V6.13.3 to V6.12.6 Added Chat2 protocol
March V6.12.5 .to V6.11.13 Font Effects
Feburary V6.11.12 to V6.10.0 *
January V6.9.4 to V6.2.0 beta *

Yazak Changes 2002

December V6.00.00 to V4.05.04 Alerts added
November  V4.05.003 *
October V4.05.002 to V4.05.00 *
September V4.04.03 to v4.01.02 *
August V4.01.01 to V4.00.02 *
July   V4.00.01 to  V2.00.08 Added YMSG V9

 V2.00.007 to V1.08.00

Added PM Voice.. Yahoo! voice was blocked at this time

May  V1.07.01 loads stuff done this moth
April V1.06.0 Added Gossip, Profiles, smiles out going
March V1.00.00 *

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