Yazak Update History 2002

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31st December v6.00.000 BETA

This is a Beta Verstion , Now has Female and Male Faces , uses a compleatly new user name selector

24th December v5.02.000

Added Message all off your friends feature, This is on the Menu under Friend, then Message all Friends


Added Max Characters a person can post in a single posting, This is settable in Preferences, If max is reached the person is put on Ignore
(set to zero to turn off, ie no limit)

23rd December v5.00.001

Bug fix - Did not add a space after tattoo if bold was selected

19th December v5.00.000

Added System tray Icon - with Exit and about on it if you right click

17th December v4.09.001

Added a space after outputed Tattoo so it reads better


Improved Tattoo selector alot made it easyer to use

Fixed some small bugs in tattoo outputing, under line and italic was not work correctly

16th December v4.08.000

Fixed Characters 194 and 195 to display right same as Messenger This fixes the Tattoo diplaying Double character some times

Tattoo output now fixed also to output correct format, charaters above 128 now have 194 in front charaters above 191 have 195 in front and 2nd char -64 of 1st

Also taken out spaces after Tattoo

14th December v4.07.000

Added Alerts indicator Flashes Alert as well as the Audio indication now
Added Alerts List windows with times of alerts, Click Flashing Alert to see them

13th December
 v4.06.000 cwm29.gif
Added fix to stop booter sending blank lined freind invites messeages and very long messeages
fix to stop booters sending multi pm messages, put a maxamin amount of pm messages you can send per second to 2 ignores any that are faster

2nd December

Made http://www. links work better now detects ends better space, <font, Cr ends and got rid of a bug made it get stuck in a endless loop

1st December v4.05.005
Fix the after link stuff that sometimes shows up like this <font Ylite ~asahsgahsa

Fixed bug with other people using yazak making alert sound if you had zak in alert was picking up < font Yzak> chat room client Id ignores font Yzak now


23rd November  v4.05.003 cwm29.gif back to doing more stuf on yazak its been 6 weeks or more

Added 2 chat servers cs31 and cs41
Changed Hi.,Hello,Cya,Bye ect; Taken out Fade added colors and faces (they was not posting in messenger for some reason also now beter i think)


8th October  v4.05.002
Added Yazak Id  <font Yzak> so Yah Elite can recognize it and others
Added Female Or Male when someone comes in room

7th October  v4.05.001

Bug Fox - Bug in YSMG Number fields, new routine used now finds in pairs Number, data so cant get confused now
was making yazak show number user names in rooms some times like 141,110

Added Age as well as Location when someone comes in the room
Changed Nicked Names to show if there is one 1st like messenger does (use to show second)

5th October  v4.05.000

Bug Fix -  Password fault found If you have the letter "t" in your password
was not uncoded right,  Using a new method now.

Retype in the password and press enter (you should here a beep)


21st September  v4.04.003
Added Uses in room count above chat room users + Ignored count if any
Added Ignored User Mark with    >> user  means user is ignored

19th September  v4.04.002
Added Change My Status Checks on Menu - so shows last status selected
Fix Up Web History so some links are now collected properly - take out Esc & < Commands and repeats and upper case starts

18th September  v4.04.001
Added Clear Chat Screen - on Menu Under File
Added Log Off  - on Menu Under File
Added Links to Yazak web site, Plus Zak Chat Stuff & Zaks Home Page

Added Web Link History - This can be found on Links Menu

17th September  v4.03.003
Own posting on YMSG didn't put links up in room or Pm's does now
Bug in Buddies pm's when stutus message was being added to end of user name fixed example: (busy)
fixed Pm's to have chat use chat room text settings ( might make have own later)

16th September  v4.03.002

Porn Bot Reject - Added porn bot reject ( reject 1st pm's that start with a web link in them)

Big Bug Out of  Memory Error (tracked it down to text box did'nt have a limit on it max size 32k now set limit of 8k)

Fixed Multi ON/Off  Line messages/sounds now limited to one (Yahoo sends 2 or more at once for some reason, same fault in messenger)

Added Links to Yahoo on Menu           
Search Yahoo (yahoo home page)
Check Yahoo Mail (E-Mail)
Yahoo Games

Taken out Tattoo change on the log In window, Tattoo Change is now only on Menu Under Format
Added few more Chat Servers

Added Link to Un-Lock account link on login in screen
Added System message to say if you account has been Locked, and will ask if you want to go and un-Lock it

LOG OUT Button - If you want to log out of one name and go to another you now can without Exiting Yazak each time


11th September  v4.02.001
BUG FIX PM's (and offline messages) if you got 2 pm's at once or straight after each other
each window use to flash and get stuck in a loop

Added World Categories combo to rooms selector, so you can selector rooms in different country's
Added a few more chat servers to combo selector

5th September  v4.01.003
Bug fix when PM Off was sending reject messages to room does not now , only when pm sent now
Ymsg and Ycht changed to un-enable them when connected to one or other, so if connected to YMSG the YCHT we be un-enabled

1st September  v4.01.002
Bug fix in YCHT mode if you added a friend stopped chat as sent YMSG to YCHT
Added Remove Buddy from there list in Buddies window


31th August  v4.01.001
Added Add Buddies button in Buddies window (about time too)
Added Denied request to be added message box
NEW Friend Alert and Ask Do you want to accept message box (should have had this ages ago)
 Going to add Accepted friends list do that soon
also ask if you accept the friend "would you like to Add xxxx as a Friend also"
also made add buddies accept user defined messages now


29th August  v4.01.000
Web Cam Invites now are rejected - No more web cam booting

18th August  v4.00.009
Fixed Font size problems with v5.5 sizes like 10 on some fonts were sent as 9.75 rounded up so now are integers
Also fix in Increasing font size above problem
Move Faces popup sometime was going off bottom off screen
Font dialog popup adjusted downwards
ADDED Affect for text 3 Currently Click Right mouse on Font

10th August  v4.00.008
Fixed bug Get Bigger on Right click on Send in chat room (font Color as below)
2 Bugs in away messages fixed

9th August  v4.00.007
Fixed so works with Yahoo BETA 1219 was not showing text (as yahoo stopped <FONT COLOR working for some reason)

Added Show Location when someone enter a room (if they have something in profile location)
Added Show Nickname when someone enter a room (if they have one)

8th August  v4.00.006
User Room Leave in YMSG was not working fixed

5th August  v4.00.005
PM fixed to receive PM from YCHT Users to YMSG Mode Yazak

Better Login now auto retry after 15 seconds of no reply from yahoo

PM in YCHT had Bug From showing typing feature put in on 18th July  v3.00.004 fixed now !
Offine messages are now read and currently show up as pm messages

4th August  v4.00.003
Buddies list shows all Away status messages Including custom messages
also shows Your own Status Like Invisible mode

2nd August  v4.00.002
Got All Status Messages to work Including Available And Invisible Mode and New Status message + 9 Standard ones

Bug fix on Corrupt packet received


29th July  v4.00.001
Fixed All faces to work on received now , Made faster too
Fixed Tattoo Font color not changing
Added Font effects

Add all 60 Smiley Faces to Yazak (26 NEW ONES from Yahoo messenger V5.5)


24th July  v3.00.008
Ignore on Pop up bug fix
Left Popup in Main menu turned off (was left on)
Added Show Return message , like when Add a friend and deny's you  YMSG v9

Multi Blank lines filtered out (stops the crap when ppl start up a booter)
Ignore Remove what they say made to work with multi text lines

23th July  v3.00.007
Add as friend
- In pop up menu  YMSG v9
Ignore user - Perminent (red faces)  

Added more YMSG v9 Servers and fixed it up (so it selects the start one now)

20th July  v3.00.006
Log in made better with timer, as tells you its waiting for Yahoo to respond
few bug fixs

19th July  v3.00.005
Buddies names add, Ignored names add ,Profiles shown  - all added to YMSG V9 mode
Buddies off line in YCHT use to remove name fixed

18th July  v3.00.004
PM work in YMSG V9 mode
PM has "so and so Is typing" feature now - Shows you if the other person is typing something to you
PM also Shows you when the last message was received date and time
Made faces icon work in PM so you can easy select all 34 faces

Font command fixed  cheeta chat send a  <font ext ......>  made Yazak ignore it.

17th July  v3.00.001
V9 Room names list Updated now Left room and join room

15th July  v3.00.000
YMSG Version 9 as used by Yahoo Messenger V5 - The V9 Side Of Yazak is Beta
lots of more work need to be done on V9 side of it
it does not log you out room names list are currently not update

11th July  v2.03.007

Hello Room Bug Fixed Case sensitive names
Added Remove What someone says Button on Ignore
Added Save Chat rooms visited
Added Delete Chat room visited

9th July  v2.03.006
Fixed Faces so they some faces that did not display correctly now do
fixed bug Cow face not displaying

8th July  v2.03.005
Added Join Room Combo selector so each room change is added and you can easy go back to them
Join Room Main Cateqories all show now in one go, also made tidy-ed them up now 1 -20
Join room made a nice looking and made slightly bigger so names fit better

 File Menu was hidden fixed it

EMOTE! to PopUp menu so when you click on a name you can now go straight to Emote!
Plus more Say words to PopUp Menu  
Kicks  and  Your Welcome

7th July  v2.03.002
All Say words on PopUp menu including
Hi Hello HiYa  ......  All have Random Fades now
PM Receive From Friends Only Now Enabled (was set to Anyone)
Prefs Change Sounds now remembers last directory went to (in this session)

PM added <ding> sound command recognises also added Press Ctrl G to send <ding> Alert in PM
Made a Prefs setting for above "A Friend Buzzes me"
bug fix buddies Add name missed last name
Made Prefs Sound change default to Yahoo's sound directory

Change Chat text chopping to 40,000 characters was 30,000

5th July  v2.03.000

Added Complete Buddlies list now On and Offline
Email Reporting
Get all Username Id's ( still to make it use them)

4th July  v2.02.000

Faces now faster as dont use clip board now direct Richtext Add now
Chat Room Buddies are no longer Case Sensitive
Maximum Size on chat text to stop it slowing down after a few hours connected

2nd July  v2.01.000

Bug fix in chat room buddies read text lines use Line input now
Bug fix if you had no buddies in room and try to say hello to all none did error fixed bleeps if you do that now
Cookies save now re located in Yazak directory and coded

Added Copy & Select All and SAVE Popup in PM's
Added Web Links Marked in blue and Underlined and made them Click to see in PM's
Added Copy & Select All and SAVE Popup in Find Text
Added Web Links Marked in blue and Underlined and made them Click to see in Find Text

1st July  v2.00.008
Bug fix Alert chat room buddies was always on
Added Hello to All Chat Room Buddies (with Fade)
Added button on buddies to chat room buddies
Bug fix in Buddies if none on there and clicked pm,Invite or goto did error
Added Pm on chat Room Buddies
Made Ignore work in PM
Bug fix PM now works with Ignore was not before (missed that)


30June  v2.00.007
If you have been having problems login in now fixed problem (yahoo new changes using 4th set cookie)
Fixed Cookie problem by using 4th set cookie 2 and 4   Else if 3 set cookies use 2 and 3

Chat Rooms Friends Data base (Right Click Buddies to see)
                                                             or click on name and Select "Add to Chat Buddies"

Short Name Replacements when you Say Hi,Hello,Huggss
Auto Compleat Short name replacements
Audio Alert when Chat User comes in room (add sound in prefs to get it working)

22 June  v2.00.005
cwm29.gif Fixed Smileys faces needing Yahoo messenger smiley faces, You now can have the smileys in the Yazak Directory
you will need to copy the smile faces to Yazak into a directory named smileys

22 June  v2.00.004
Fixed Send Bug was not working after added right click Send was clearing text
BackGround Colour Change feature -  under Format on Menu

21st June  v2.00.002     v2.00.003

Voice bugs fix

20th June  v2.00.001

Fix some PM stuff Double PM messages coming up, And sound alert when you open you own PM

Also changed Voice messages so ther bit more clearer

VOICE Chat in PM - Added Voice chat to pm's  v2.00.000
To Use PM someone then click Voice,  A voice box will open, The other person then needs to click connect button Blue Globe
you should be have to chat to each other by pressing Talk button...

13th June  v1.09.004

Bug fix preference did not put up Sounds locations on 1st call
Font Did not save Favorite font selected ,also did not start favorite font selected 1st call to chat room

Bug fix alert text was not being saved in preferences  v1.09.003

11th June  v1.09.002

Added Font Affect to Slowly increase font size - Press Right mouse on sent to Use this

Chatter List now popup menu  window comes up on Double clicks or Right clicks (was single click)

Made Emote Window Re-Size

10th June  v1.09.001
Bug in fade when someone sent a single fade , Don't no why they do send single ones ignores them now

9th June  v1.09.000

FADE ADDED At Last ---  Fade Now works needs some turning to get colours same as messy do that next

 ( strange bug had me puzzled for days, as was only happening in the exe not editor version fixed it at last was caused by fonts being set to null)
Fixed Font fovorites to save font selected

Click on name in room also selects name on chatter list now

5rd June

Pm off No echo added - when selected pm's off not echoed in room or pm window
Pm sound added
Yes username added
Hi, hello.......  user name in Bold Red
Added Sounds for Alerts,Friend comes on line,friend goes offline, with save prefs settings  v1.08.001
Logo   v1.08.001

3rd June v1.08.000

New Method of program Install now stored in its own folder in C:\Program files\Yazak
Prefs settting are also now saved there too.

Recognizes <Alt ID =Chat Client Name>
Face Limit On Prefs
Save Current tattoo On/Off to prefs
Prefs Now Save to own prefs folder
Each User Name has now its own pref settings


30th May  v1.07.001

Bug fix in Auto Complete , Crashed on 1st character with space

28th May  v1.07.000

Scroll Pause  Fixed scroll pause using a clone Rich Edit Window

Scroll On   Normal Scrolling

 * Scroll Paused *  Scrolling Stopped


27th May  v1.06.005

Emoted Editor Improved loads
Emote editor makes a back emote file  "emor_userbackup.dat" Now
List Emotes bug fix , last key press was not being saved
 Double Click on emote name in list to edit on top

26th May  v1.06.004

made Emotes Better - Now has List all emotes at once edit
fix bug in emote save replaced %s with text "steve"

Version number auto update on about and posting
find text Un-select text at finish (use to leave it selected)
made Scroll hold a little better

25th May  v1.06.002

Emotes bug removed  When comas were used in emotes made them spilt up

Font fix  on start of a room font sizes Min/Max were not set to correct sizes

More Menu Commands Added - Cut,Copy,Paste,delete,select All all working

24th May  v1.06.001

Hide in Room Feature hit the H will log you out the room you can still read text and type text in the room

22th May  v1.06.000

Added Stop scrolling feature  
when you Select and hi-light any chat text to copy,
It will now stop scrolling when the text reaches the top

To turn this off click anywhere in the chat window (or Copy will start scrolling again)

Added Thanks on popup menu & Copy (at bottom)

Chat name font size fix, Beep turned off in Auto complete v1.05.008

20th May  v1.05.007

Auto complete User name  Press left Arrow key after 1st few letters

19th May  v1.05.006

Fix Gossip Bell sounding on enter key press

Fixed Return key moving cursor down on enter key chat room

Bug fix from version v1.05.004 (was blocking second thing ppl say)

Prefs Min/Max Chat room Font size - Min size can be used to enlarge Text

Spam Filter - simple spam filter Anything Last typed and repeated want be shown

Window Pop ups minimized fault fix - on fonts,emotes,faces,gossip,buddies,Ignore user, and made to re-pop it clicked again


17th May  v1.05.003

bug fix

16th May  v1.05.002

Font Selector (with Favorites) needs a save yet
Font size Selector
Bug in Find text removed


14th May  v1.05.001
Reconnects now if your cut of from your Internet connection
Taken out ignore list Show in chat display

13th May  v1.05.000

PM Off
(stop all Pm's)
PM Room (receive pm,'s from people in Room only)
PM Friends
(receive pm's from people on Friends only , Currently not put functioning)

Log in - Made Lots of changes to Log in  Now works Much Much Much Better and faster
Also added
Cookie Save -  So you don't need to connect to authorize server each time you log in
Also Get New Cookie option added


12th May  v1.04.007

Fix All Smiley Faces so work with all 71 Possible permutations

Second (or more) packets received at once now all read

11th May  v1.04.006

Find TEXT - Added   You can find any text in a chat room (under Menu Friends)
Show All Name Text - Click on a Name and show all what they say
Save - Save Find text (saves out as normal Rich text)

Save - Save Room text (saves out as normal Rich text , load straight in MS Word, Keeps Colours and Faces)

Fixed Buddies join room size set , was setting to anything previous size


8th May

Added Hi,Hiya,Hello,Hey,Huggs,Cya, Bye,Copy Name,Pm,View Profile ,Goto, Follow ,Ignore on popup Menu

Added Palette Colour Selector(&icon,&Emote), made Bold, Underline Italic work (not a lot done today)

7th May

Added left Click Chat Room Name,  PM, Hi, Hiya, Huggs, Copy name PopUp Menu

also added left  Click Popup Menu to name list

Fixed Devil coming up in place of smiley face after a command <red> ect;

copy name to Clip Board also now

turned off extra (Number character printing in speech)

6th May

Faces in added  (that was a nightmare)

4th May

more work on Emotes, Fixed blank line with text send

got Emote example text box working

! Added EMOTES With Emotes simple Editor

1st May

Added YaZak Chat Client Web site post (under Menu Help)

help, About on chat room added

Fixed Tattoo up a bit, Added missing <font Color command 


Fixed Join Rooms Custom Rooms Now works

Add extra bits to join rooms , Like How many rooms and when Loaded


30th April

Added lost more hi button Functions

Add Copy/Select all in Chat screen, Plus menu

made buddies only enable when connect

Fixed Font >9999999 Boot

Fixed some problems with font decoding

 28th April

Made Rooms list Change Seperate

Add Auth Server, Chat Server, Chat Port Combo selectors

Buddies list from Login Window

26th April

Added Smiles Out going now only (need some fix's lots more work needed)

25th April

Pm resizing bug fixed

  FIXED  Works with YAHOO'S NEW CHANGES made on 25 April

20th April

Blank Alert fix, Maximize Fix pm and chat, resized changed

19th April

PM Decoding Commands Colors as Room

HI Button
Alert when name said  (beep currently only)
Saves Start Room

17th April

Ignore 17 April (partly done   More Done....)

 15th April

Buddlist now  (pm's and goto)

 Coded Password now 15 April

Added Room enter & About 14 April

Tattoo ON/OFF 14 April

Gossip YahElite or Zak Coded Modes (Zak Mode is In coded) 14 April
Also Gossip Now has a gossip window popup 13 April

Gossip in and Out 13 April

Ping Yahoo (keeps it online) 12 April

Goto User 13 April

Follow User 13 April


Bold,Underline,Italic (Basic Done Only Needs more work!) 3 April

Profiles 3 April (always works Unlike Yahoo Messenger)

Tattoo part only 2 April       NEW Added so you can now Change the Tattoo 9 April


Added Web Http links 31 March 2002

Pm now and fonts,size, font face, escape Commands, many more commands added

Window Resizing added 31 March 2002


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