Yazak Update History 2004

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23rd Dec 2004 V7.45.1
Fixed Bug in Multi Select to Read directorys avatar names,
happed when you Read Avatar directory button is pressed and new avatar files
were read, lost all old entrys on fastdirectory , fixed now

Added Read Avatar directory button disable while reading directory file, and messages up top

Added Fast Directorys to Avatar Selector

Added Multi Select to Read directorys avatar names, with a friendly downloader that will download avatars one after each other

21st Dec 2004 V7.44.0
Changed Filter Ignore words to have one Global list so same filter list is used for all users now know need have to add them to each user now
also has a backup Filter Ignore words saved file in case the 1st one ever gets currupt.

Added New Menu item to Filter Ignore words window on popup ... "Add Current user Old Words list" the will add any of your username list to the Global list

Added Hilights user name on list when you ignore users now.

Added new audibles.xml to site update the UPDATER to get it 133 Audibles Now!!!

16th Dec 2004 V7.43.2
Fixed Bug in Refresh Friends List and Cookie make all friends show as offline after a refresh
Added new audibles.xml to site update the UPDATER to get it 117 Audibles Now

10th Dec 2004 V7.43.1
Added New Audibles to work Thanks giving and holidays new ones -- Need to get new version of the Updater to get them...
fixed bugs in Audibles rountines (including on updater) ... limits were set to 100 not set to unlimited


9th Dec 2004 V7.43.0
Fixed symbols chanarcter 128 to 159 to show right symbols in room (note show wrong in text box though)

Fixed Re-enter Room (right clicking change room)

7th Dec 2004 V7.42.4
Changed Debug window to stay on top
Added If Room Full Try Another Room check option This is under Join Chat Room button on login window
Changed so try's only once after full room
Change made YMSG defualt & Random --- with New yazak users

4th Dec 2004 V7.42.3
Added Christmas Lights Turn them on with on Menu Extra toys --- if you resize chat room turn off 1st ok..

4th Dec 2004 V7.42.2
fixed div 0 error caused by $12 Ping packet (happend afer 1 min of login, when yahoo! messed up)

2nd Dec 2004 V7.42.1
Fixed bug with join room when room's full was getting stuck saying you was already in room loop
Added Add checked name to Ignore on Voice list popup menu ( right click mute to see voice list only)
Changed on Voice list mutes to not show source Id's numbers now

1st December 2004 V7.42.0
Fixed Problem loging into Room's 1's ie "Yahoo! Chat Help:1"
Due to fault on yahoo! servers hard to get in 1st rooms
above fix makes it easyer to get in.

Added Long ($12) and Short Pings ($8a)


30th November 2004 V7.41.2
Fixed CHAT2 Bug in last version, Now logs into Chat2 rooms ok again

27nd November 2004 V7.41.1
Fixed Sweep to work when marquee is off and don't take off own name
Improvement Made Enter full rooms better at getting in
Fixed So Room name at top of window don't go blank temporary when cant get in room

24nd November 2004 V7.41.0
Added Sweep Most Idle User From Chat List ...
Fix's Problems with Chatters list Growing to large by taken off users that have been Idle the longest time
this will not Remove user that are on your Chat room Buddies list. so its important to set this up...
Turn this on with Chat Room Menu Format Sweep Most Idle User from Chat List

Added Logout of room if Chat Room Exited YCHT, (should have put this on long time ago)

Changed Colors on login window so looks better for XP Style setting

23nd November 2004 V7.40.2
Fixed WebCam View for user with older DLL's

22nd November 2004 V7.40.1
Changed on YCHT Shows Room Full
Fixed Ignore remove users off ignore bug, was removing more that one name (after some time on line)

19th November 2004 V7.40.0
Changed Web Cam show to report error and show DLL needed
Changed on Login window menu Log File Arangement
Added Log File Delete Log file
Added Show Log File to Room Extra Toys Menu
Fixed Bugs in last version
Fixed Chatters list so you it can have unlimited number of names (was set to max 100)
(above caused problems with Ignores when got over 100 names)
Added more Error catching to Avatars selector + others routines

18th November 2004 V7.39.4
Fixed menu on WebCam View window Stats On/Off was changing to x2 Zoom also
18th November 2004 V7.39.3
Added Zoom x1 x2 x3 on Popup menu on WebCam View window
Fixed so it does not crop bottom slightly off on Windows Xp Style
(as set on Display Properties, Appearance, Windows and buttons)

17th November 2004 V7.39.2
Fixed Bug WebCam View Was not working with Show My Names only Anonymously View (on last Version change)
Added Popup menu on WebCam View window Stay On Top On/Off and Stats On/Off

17th November 2004 V7.39.1
Added WebCam View to work in Super Mode (only WebCam Show was working in Super mode) Note only works P2P Fast connections
Changed WebCam View Shows message *Super WCam* when in that mode now
Changed WebCam View Shows message Last Image: TIME
Changed WebCam View to show "Error or Request Denied" and leave Window up till closed now

11th November 2004 V7.39.0
Added Xmas Faces select on Preferences (note: IE Control Animated faces must be selected to work)
Also this will ask you to load them if you dont have them from here link

Fixed Avatars selector bug fix in last version, YZ & YA face were not resizing

10th November 2004 V7.38.9
Avatars selector Change too out Beep sound after each new load click of read directory
Avatars selector reads Avatar sizes over 256 now
Avatars selector skip Thumbs.db files (data base used for thumb nails on XP)
Avatars selector added correcting to Avatars that have been renamed
to another graphics type example: BMP to Jpg

8th November 2004 V7.38.8
Avatars selector Fix Page not found error of click on faulty or deleted Avatars
Avatars selector made gif Pics Scale to fit properly (from YA & YZ avatars)
others CH & Cheeta Stay original size Currently

Fixed Links menu Link to Yazak Avatars Upload Site (change to new site did it wrong) & chat rooms stuff link
Fixed when turn off Mic when Voice chatters list up, was not switching back to Room chatters list
Fixed On Voice chatters list so Ignore,Profile,Pm,Goto,Follow works when checked now

1st November 2004 V7.38.7
Added Put's Current Voice Freezer/lager on ignore
also posts in room Username "Voice Lager/Freezer Put on ignore NOW!" to warn others

Fixed Bug on avatars Preferences not saving Load these Avatar types during chat settings

Fixed some bugs in Avatars that would stop some loading in right condisions
Fixed Error Loading Avatar messages to show once only, also show's message now if load of avatar type is off

31st October 2004 V7.38.6

Change Voice to show Invisable voice chatters,
what happends in some rooms (you cant ignore these users though)

Added Voice chatters list count (right click Mute to show just users in Voice)

Change Made Show Info (Voice right click popup) to Stay on top,
Resize and removed bottom buttoms not used anymore
Moved hide button (ycht hide in room) over to left top

Updater changes v1.7.2
Bug when loading off www.yazakpro.com was still loading off old site..fixed

28th October 2004 V7.38.5

Added option to get latest updater on Login window
To use....goto Menu Update
then Update Now
then Get Lastest Update version

Changed X button on Login window remove yes after Quit Yazak (Cali did like this LOL)

Changed Avatar links to point to www.yazakpro.com new site
added Updater link to check www.yazakpro.com/yazak als

Updater changes v1.7.1
Change checks new site www.yazakpro.com for updates
Now starts up yazak once loaded on updater
Now checks if you already have version on site
will not let you update if you have current version
Show's Yazak is Lastest or Old version up top tittle now
shows updater version bottom right

22th October 2004 V7.38.4
Added Audibles ....Personal3, Polital, Halloween update xml file -
Need to download new ones using Updater Load Audibles Button

Added On Links menu chatroom Link to Avatars download site

17th October 2004 V7.38.3
Changed Voice Ignored by xx Users so show's once not rows of them counting up

16th October 2004 V7.38.2
Changed text to Align to middle of Avatars ... looks better
Added Move Mouse over avatar and it tells you what it called Yz\Spam
Added Popup menu on click on Avatars
Stop Showing this Avatar - This will stop showing that avatar temp.
Use this Avatar - Use the Avatar (Ie Steal it)

Changed Avatar once option to show again straight away (now room re-entry needed)

15th October 2004 V7.38.1
Bugfix Gossip was not working in last version working again

10th October 2004 V7.38.0
Added show user Avatar once Option (or again if changed) On Avatar Change Prefs

Changed Taked out Old Style Font commands All Replaced by INF now!
"<font Tm" & t & ">
"<font Goss" & FontMess & ">"
"<font " & frmPrefs.ClientID & ">"

Added New Mass iggy Voice bot defence method (works if in room 1st only)
need's testing for affectiveness

Fixed Voice Lag Alert Detect...in room meessage!!!
and also it Puts Voice only users on Ignore to help stop that

7th October 2004 V7.37.1

Avatar Changes and Fixs:
Fixed read Avatar Directorys .. neeed to clear old ones. with new background
loader was not working on last version

Added Show New or Show All button
Show New just shows any new avatars in Read Avatar directory as before
Show All shows every Avatar in that section Ch,Cheeta,YZ or YA

Made Directory selections show Avatars up on top Avatar picture selector

Made Fallward and Reverse Arrow buttons step 16 (was steping 8 one line)

6th October 2004 V7.37.0

Change Avatars all load in Background now when a new one is post in chat room
Changed Avatar selector functions so all Avatar load in background Read
Directory, Load avatar from Directory name and check Avatar.

Added Load web cam Show DLL if dont have Exists from
"http://www.zakie.fsnet.co.uk/messy/yuplapp.dll" on start of web cam show,
might need click twice, or even restart of yazak or even a re-boot of
computer to function after download
its 88k Takes little while to load (on slow connections) ....
Yazak is paused while loading Please wait ok.....

29th September 2004 V7.36.0
Bug Fixed IE Control mode Links clicks from Yahelite needed to remove
</font> and </fade> from web URL end of address, So link dont Fail..

Bug Fixed Avatars CH (chatHelp) was not load it you didnt have them
Fix ... seting was wrong in last version on CH part was set to CC

Bug Fix Avatars when you delete a avatar the Yes No request was sometime
going under the Avatar window (now hides/unhides it)
Change Avatars Shows Loading on Read Avatar directory
when you click one,
New Avatars number counts down as you click to load them

Changed Info On user .... now shows Avatar on ...
also chaged how it shows info made a bit shorter

Added Show AVA: (avatar) user using on mouse over info yellow box

28th September 2004 V7.35.1
Added Avatars Directory now has Cheeta chat full directory
added Avatar Selector Directory shows number on read directory

28th September 2004 V7.35.0
Added Avatars Read directory of all current Available list, click Read Picture Directory (dont work on Cheeta yet)
so you can get the Avatars you currently dont have

27th September 2004 V7.34.4
Added to Avatars Change selector select work without pressing ok,
so you can leave it open to try them in room.

Change made yazak now use new Cgi.yazak.plus.com/Avatar site in place off WWW.yazak.plus.com/avatar

26th September 2004 V7.34.3
Added Avatar Drag and drop to YZ

Changed Cropping on IE to work faster - will later have a setting in prefs

Enable Cheeta again (not greyed out as site back on)

24th September 2004 V7.34.2
Added Preferences Avatar to Load these Avatars Types during chat

21th September 2004 V7.34.0
Added Voice Lag Alert Detected!!! and Putting Voice only users on Ignore ..
hopefully better to stop it

Added Drag and drop for YA Elite Avatars
Added Show number of Avatars show number of them when you check CH,Cheeta,YZ &
Added Avatar Check Button... shows if AVatars is on site and other will see it
Added links to all 4 avatars sites now

Change Remove Extension from Elite posted Avatars

19th September 2004 V7.33.1
Added YA YahElites Avatars Support to Yazak
Changed Info On User message to Show more info and not to show if blank or
left room now
Bug fixed when in YCHT protocol was showing males as Females fixed now.
Bug Changed INF ALP: to LPOS: on reading Ymlite lines posted by users
Bug LINE's posting was not working

17th September 2004 V7.33.0
Change for YCHT to show Female & Male Icons in chatters lists . using SEX: key posted by 3rd party chat clients (sadly you want see messenger ones)

Added more read INF Keys PROT: (Protocal YCHT/YMSG/CHAT2)
LINE: (number of posts user made in room)
ALP: (Atual lines posed) in Ymlite only ....is same as above

Added more Send INF Keys SEX: (and even sends when in YCHT taken from Y cookie)
LINE: number of posts user made in room

Change Info On user - added more interesting info (its on popup menu and Extra toys menu)

17th September 2004 V7.32.1
Changed Avatars Favorites - made Add to Fav button not change to Show Favorites each time
made delete button also work with CH,CC,YZ Avatars so you can delete them, asks if sure.

17th September 2004 V7.32.0
Added Avatars Favorites, you can now save Avatars to a Favorites section on Avatars Selector
Select a Avatar then click the Add to fav button, In Favorites there is also a gree Delete button.

16th September 2004 V7.31.5
Changes to INF added internal staff ... to support more keys
Changes Avatars ... made more Moron prof to stop freezing yazak, Also turn off ELITE Avatar's Temp. Measure Only

15th September 2004 V7.31.4
Added 2 more Links on links Menu ... www.CarolsaYazakUser.com and www.Yahoo-help.com

14th September 2004 V7.31.3
BUG Fix ChatRoom User names list was getting a Error's so having short list in YMSG/Chat2
Cause by Ignore list limiting names to 32 character (set it to 64 characters)

13th September 2004 V7.31.2
BugFix Add As friend on chat2 dont log you out now ..just Tells in message
Fixed Avatars was not deleting temp Avatars downloaded by Drag and drop
also few other changes to it, Shows Avatars selected and on load shows current Avatar
also Shows Username on Avatars loaded errors now

Change Font always put out closes now
Added Update Yazak on Chat room menu, Also Added Donate, and Donate $$

13th September 2004 V7.31.1
Added Drop Avatars picture from website box for CH (chat help Avatars)

Bug fixed ... left flag on so was force using >>>
C:\Program Files\ZakFromAnotherPlanet\Yazak Chat\Avatars
for Avatars show ppl that had in different place caused error.

11th September 2004 V7.31.0
Changed Chat2 so now does not Auto join room unless Auto Join is selected
(xp users should Not use Auto join if have problems)
Changed login Join Chat Room button to stay Grey
until ready to Join room then changes to Light Blue

Changed Alerts & Filter to just look for text and skips Command such as fonts and Escape sequences
so now if the user changes the color mid way in the word the filter & alert Example: F**k O**
will still pick out those words, also stops some fonts setting off the Alerts now.

Added /VER to room commands to show Yazak version

Avatar selector:
Added Stay on top on Avatars Selector
Added 2 links Chat Help and Cheeta Avatars links and now work.
Added more Error checking.
Changed Menu Format Avatars On & Avatar Change are not Hidden when IE Control is not checked
Added Also Avatars word "Avatars" to Menu IE Control (Animated faces Avtars)

Changes Taken out lot of the as it seems Un-nessary </font> after my Tags like <Font
INF <Font Yzak < Font Tm
this might fix some users Font problems hopefully, (symbol type fonts)

Fixed the Audible window Resize to small exit error

10th September 2004 V7.30.0
Avatars Selector made it much more user friendly, with selection by pictures now

Added Version number post to INF tag

7th September 2004 V7.29.3
Avatar Bug fix in last version
change Login size and log out button moved

Avatar Improvements supports Animated gif off yazak site
Made Avatar Select stays on type last used


6th September 2004 V7.29.1
Added Cheeta Chat & Yazak Repository of Avatars
changed Selection above sets on Avatar Select
Fix Avatars Show up 1st time now even if you dont have that one
Change Show Error message in Status bar if Avatar dont load

Added AVATARS ---- Not Finished but most of its there
Turn On Under Format Menu Avatars On Also Change under Avatars Change

You can get some Avatars here from web site for now ...
you click on the Avatar pic and save them in
C:\Program Files\ZakFromAnotherPlanet\Yazak Chat\Avatars\CH

Changed Join/Left room not bold now
Fixed Voiced problem so that voice lager dont crash yazak anymore will put up "VC Lag Alert" message

23th August 2004 V7.28.2
Dropped Round Login screen .. back to square
Login window made nicer looking
Disabled normal window X - New X asks if you want to Exit or hide

22th August 2004 V7.28.1
Added Zoom + - Buttons to IE Control
Changed Tattoo back to as was (only difference Tag)

21th August 2004 V7.28.0
Moved Mic Icon to top when on Botton when off
New Round Login Screen
Removed Character $14 ignoring

16th August 2004 V7.27.4
Fixed bug in time stamp not showing up

13th August 2004 V7.27.3
Adjustment to stop client censorware of yazaks posts

11th August 2004 V7.27.1
New Updater has Old versions button Click that and you can go back to older versions of Yazak

Changed Pm Prefs window to stay on top
Changed Add Emote window to stay on top

10th August 2004 V7.27.0
Added Preference option to use another Brouser such as firefox
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe < thats the setting for FireFox brouser

Added Y!Chamber chat client Tag Yc
Fixed Sound prefs to look for waves file if there
Added made User names show in Bold in IE Control (and also Pm's)
Fixed bug in paste in change room was hilighting last 2 characters

6th August 2004 V7.26.6
Bug fix Color Pallete was popin up below chat text

5th August 2004 V7.26.5
Made Command buttoms Double up when window width gets to small..and made them streach out
Added mic Icon change to show On or Off
Added MixWords to Font affects (right click on Fonts) this mix up letters
leaving 1s and last same
changed Chat room text window so does not slightly chop off few pixels at bottom

4th August 2004 V7.26.3
bug Remove ToolTip message from chat text send box, put it on Buddies button where it should have been
Added Link to Audio setup wizzard in Links menu and Help menu
Added key V + Ctrl Ie Paste Corrections just like Right mouse Paste Corrections
added Changed Sys Tray Icon to Pumpken when pressed to Talk now... change later to Mic or something
Changed B I U buttons change to look like other new ones

New Look

3rd August 2004 V7.26.2
Few Fixed Moved Mute and Lock on Voice so looks better
Added Web Cam Invite Icon to top
Added all Tool tips to New Buttons

2nd August 2004 V7.26.1
New Button Graphics, more Improvements to Font now
Changed to same thyme , and move Mic back down bottom
Also moved buttom over to left bit so fit on better.

2nd August 2004 V7.26.0
New Button Graphics, New Menu Early verion

26th July 2004 V7.25.2

Added New Color selector that pops up above Color Pallete icon
(still have old method as well)
Unload FrmRejectedPms - might be not close yaazk sometimes

Added Voice Chat just by left Clicking Icon in Task bar.
Handy for Voice chatting with Minimized Chat window

25th July 2004 V7.25.0
Change to Tattoo Change so it now clears Default message
"<Change this Tattoo in Menu Format>" on 1st entry
Change Sent text to room font name so it switches back to last set Font
to stop Yazak post lots of Symbols where text was ment to be posted.
Added Fade Turn off at start of Room messages..
So fades that dont close with </fade> dont keep fade going on next message
Changed Gossip to have its own tag..
So you can now change Yazak Id and Gossip will still work
Fix: WebCam problem should be Fixed
some Users were getting web cam Problems
using old Yahoo! ywcvwr.dll now again

21st July 2004 V7.24.1
Added to Find count of words found
Added Pm On Shows who pm you last when rejected when you move mouse over it
Addes to Pm On so you can right click it to go straight to Rejected pm's log if on
Changed Id Jam Chat program to "Jam" was "Jam jam"
added Anti Loop to send back PM Bomb, stops loop back with 2 yazak's chatters
added Name is now also added to Bootback list if Pm Bombs (or possible Pm Bomb)
added limit on YMSG Room size post to max set by Yahoo!
(so you dont get loged out ever from posting to much)
Changes made to boot back, little changes

17th July 2004 V7.24.0
Bug fixed in Show Rejected Pm's left in error jump, so if file was deleted did error file not found
Added Return Back Pm Bombs option to Pm Preferences check if you being Bombed
(under test at moment)
Bug fix in about now shows correct on line time

16th July 2004 V7.23.2
Bug Fix in Show Rejected Pm's - cause the Rejected pm's not to show up sometimes
Bug Fix in Chat room not saving Window postion and size properly
Added few bits to About Voice server on and made look better (tarted it up a bit)

15th July 2004 V7.23.1
Bug Fixed in Find , show all names properly now on seperate lines was not always before
changed so Clear's Show Rejected Pm switches to show Porn logs

14th July 2004 V7.23.0
Changed Show Rejected Pm's so you can Pm them and see Profiles and things on popup menu
you can also show porn bots log using the popup menu
Changed Rejected pm with Web links in them, so now put on the Porn logs
(as they normaly are porn bots)

13th July 2004 V7.22.0
Added Time here is on info on users in room, So you can see what time it is there on yazak users
Add Jam Chat program Id Tag with show as Jm

8th July 2004 V7.21.0
Added Hands Free on both chat room voice and seperate voice box
Fxed Bug in changing voice servers
4th July 2004 V7.20.1
Added more Error messages to Login proccess, Now Tells you when you have:
Incorrect password
Invalid username
Your account is (Temporarily) Locked
This also asks you if you want to to ask
Yahoo! to get account unlocked ?
Your account has been locked for security reasons

2nd July 2004 V7.20.0
Voice Fixes

PM Voice Problems now work 100%
/VJ Voice conference problems fixed
Example: Elite Voice Conference /VJ #YahELite case has to be same
Room Voice changed so should work better now

1st July 2004 V7.19.0
YMSG Protocol working Again

26th June 2004 V7.18.1

Added One YMSG server you can still log in on temp fix,Till I get YMSG work again

23rd June 2004 V7.18.0
Added Lock on voice so you can locked voice to a room, so if there are voice bots you can use voice in another room
Bug fix Voice bot message was not working

23rd June 2004 V7.17.4
Changed Audibles Selector show's One Each Catorgory now onw at a time, Uses less resources now (closes not hides also)
Changed Clone Alert on Audio to Voice Bot, Also now copys to Clip board not chat room text send box,
also only shows if more than 3 voice users counted than are only in voice.

20th June 2004 V7.17.3
Bug Fix YCHT protocol was not showing What room you was in and about messages in v7.17.2 & V7.17.1 fixed

19th June 2004 V7.17.2
Bug Fix The chat screen was getting locked so you could not resize it sometimes,
and looked messed up because of this, I have fixed it i think, one line of code I left in by mastake...

18th June 2004 V7.17.1
Fixed Chat room Blank Your are in "Blah Blah" about Blash Blah was coming up blank
sometimes if the room was very full as packets split into 2 packets

Added Chit Chat Now Reconize -- cC = Chit Chat in chatters list

Fixed turned off txtSpeakpopup menu left on top menu in chat room
also left one in pm window

17th June 2004 V7.17.0
Fixed Chat room paste text
so removes <username tag > and <http:\\ ....>
and also end blank lines

Added Yazak Version Archive to Updater
so each time you update yazak old version is put in the YazakOldVersionArchive

17th June 2004 V7.16.3
Bug Fixed Run-time error 13 caused by currupt Usernames Prefs file
Added ask yes or No to Delete Message user name on login, also deletes file now

16th June 2004 V7.16.2
Smiley faces were not working in v7.16.1 fixed

Bug Fixed Marquee Now Remebers the last setting now ie off, top or bottom

Bug Fixed double names now fixed, last ones missed now got
(should finaly clear up that problem)

Fixed FONT BACKGROUND ignore this command as used by Chit chat

12th June 2004 V7.16.0
Fixex BUG that caused XP problems with Chat2 & Auto Join Room
Making Internet Explorer crash!!!!!

Added messaage so tells you when someone Voice ignores you in Status line at botom

Added V12 YMSG Status messages, was missing some as Yahoo! Change Packets in V12.
So Web cam invites now show, and status message show

Fixed Bug that caused by new V12 YMSG that made Double names come up on buddies List,
You shouldnt see these now but might have miss some games ones if so do these next version...

Audibles File updated,....still need to add new messages to missing once.

10th June 2004 V7.15.2
Added Pm Menu Buttom - makes it easyer to Get Popmenu
(other way left click on usernames in pm window)

Pm Window made so you can resize it smaller width wise

Added Login window window option to make Beep sound when Adds line to
Error log file (used for debuging mainly)

added some more Error Catching on Chat2 protocol side of things

2nd June 2004 V7.15.1

Bug FIX get this now
else Some Stupid people will Boot you out
and you will get Error5 So Update NOW!!!

Added Always Use My Font, Font Color and Font Size to Preferences Now also RitchEdit
also bugs in Ie Control Always Use My still odd color slipping through more work to do

Bug Fixed Save's BackGround room Settings again, messed it up with save Background

1st June 2004 V7.14.2
Version post changes

31th May 2004 V7.14.1
Bugs fixed in Always Use My: Font Color part
was letting some colors through
(still sometimes Default Black gets past, need to fix that)

30th May 2004 V7.14.0
Added Always Use My Font, Font Color and Font Size to Preferences
(currently to IE Control Only not Ritch Edit)

27th May 2004 V7.13.3
Added New LOAD Audibles on Updater * * * * (need to use this if you see Blanks on Audibles)
So you can Loaded them into Messenger Folder if you dont have them Currently 62 of them

Made Audibles selection better, Now has Send on top off them and scroll bar and made window wider
also took out bug that was send ID numbers out ofn Audibles, still need to add all Audible messages

25th May 2004 V7.13.2
Added Clear button to Change Tattoo

23th May 2004 V7.13.1
Made Background Picture Menu Format Background Change Picure Set easyer to use,
now you dont have to turn on & off Ie Control or close Room and Open to see how it looks,
There is a See how it Looks green button now, and show changes instantly.
Added some back grounds http://www.yazak.plus.com/yazak/backgroundpictures

ADDED Background PIctures to IE CONTROL mode,
Change using Menu Format Background Change Picure Set

20th May 2004 V7.12.3
Audibles now Added all Speech message to all 24
also show these messages when you move mouse over Audibles selection arrows
Added more error trapping, (turned one back on forgot I left off (room entry sub)

19th May 2004 V7.12.2
Fixed Web CamShow to stay on top, and fixed so you can minimize it too
Made Yazak Put users posting Ascii code $14, multi username change username bots do it

18th May 2004 V7.12.1
Fixed Chat window not saving window Resized settings works now
Changed /EXE and /TXT to One /CMD now what does both in one will open any file types you have set
Examples: my.html program.exe readme.txt
Added Blank Usernames in PM's Catched in error message log and ignored now

17th May 2004 V7.12.0
Added so Marquee now can be at TOP or BOTTOM of screen or OFF
Changed chat room window width size limit so can be small now
added Error catching to many more Change Rooms (roomlists)
to stop error 380 what some ppl are getting
Change Tattoo Default to: "Change this Tattoo in Menu Format"
ADDED Commands /EXE Run Exe Program file
Added Commands /TXT Open a Notepad Text file

15th May 2004 V7.11.2
Stoped multi line Gossip postings

14th May 2004 V7.11.1
Fix web cam Option button so not hidden now
Changed Version posting to show name of user starting it
also changed it slightly in this version so old method dont show

12th May 2004 V7.11.0

Added Click on Marquee to:
show Users left room
show Users Entered room
Clear Marquee - clears marquee handy if you get lost of bots in there and want to stop it
this list is put up using Ignore window, so you can easy ignore them if you like

Added Reason why on Ignores,
So if someone is on Ignore you can move mouse
over the Chatter list and it will tell you why in info box
Also you can click the names in the Ignore window and it will say why

Bug fix Buddies list dont show double names
fixed yahoo! change with packet post usename and account name
seperated by $D1,$80

Debug Bug fix now shows $80 character now

8th May 2004 V7.10.0

BIG BUG FIX to Yazak in this Version
Packets Error fixed at last
Sometimes you use to get a packets errors on yazak when the packets are split up
This cause chatter Room list to be short or not appear untill some said something
also caused voice cookie not to be got, and buddies list somestimes
NOW all fixed !!!

Made Audibles but in pm window not work if in YCHT or CHAT2 as they only work in YMSG V12

7th May 2004 V7.9.0
Added Audibles in PM's SEND click Pink Audable Button
Note still Need to have the Audables to use
Load Beta Messenger V6 to get them

6th May 2004 V7.8.0
Added Audibles in PM's Recieve Only
and you must have them in Yahoo! messenger Beta folder for them to work!!!!!!


5th May 2004 V7.7.3

Fix Stealth mode to work now
so you can be invisable to most users
but online to those you selected
Note: Only works in YMSG V12

(Still to fix perm. off line on stealth mode)

Invisable should now work better as use different packets (ymsg only)


VBRun Rountine made smaller and updated some of the DLL's

Version 2.0
Version 1.0
size difference
< 43k
* < 11k
* < 4k
* >14k
< 295k
< 63k
427k saving


29th April 2004 V7.7.2

Fixed Rich Edit Mode faces
you can now select them and all old 64 faces work
(will add new 15 face soon!!)

Fixed all Yahoo! Faces to not Animate in a loop
so dont use up to much CPU time
if alot of them posted

Added Start of Stealf Settings mode on buddies list, needs more work....

27th April 2004 V7.7.1
some of faces was not working 5,41,45,52,60,75 was not show up in messenger
and some were not working on face selector

Added in About faces path shows if you using 64 or 80 faces

Added all New V6 Messenger Faces 15 news ones
now has 80 faces
NOTE need the INSTALLED version to get these faces!!!

fixed Clown face 29 was using Wrong characters <@:) < taken that out now uses :o)

19th April 2004 V7.6.0
Complete Redone Tattoo selector added Faces to it also,
so you can easy put faces in the tattoo now

18th April 2004 V7.5.0
Bug Fix Voice Chat Works Again in Change Rooms
Was not going to Main Rooms On Voice Chat Category

16th April 2004 V7.4.0

made all these windows Stay on top now, Preferences, Baddies, Ignore user, Change Rooms
Made turn off Timer connecting if loged out added 11 apr 2004 <<<<<NEW change
Fixed Emote Bug error 53 file not found , happend if you didnt have Yahoo!
emotes in C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\emote.dat and emote_user.dat

Added Ctr+L Lock to Mic Seperate window (ie right click Mic)

Fixed copy on fileshare , was not clearing any old text in copy clip

5th April 2004 V7.3.1
Bug fix if IE Control in Fomat Menu was un checked faces didnt work on face selector just Red x's
bug fix Chat2 Voice invite packet was knocking yazak off line fixed that now
Added show Faces Path to about- shows If using Yahoo! or Yazak faces

2nd April 2004 v7.3.0
Pm's now Animate using IEControl
Face selector now users yazak faces (was using Yahoo! messenger faces)

31st March 2004 V7.2.8

Bug fix <br> and &lt; was apearing in Fades and Alternates not fixed (only IE Control mode)
Added Make Start Room Button to Join Room
This makes the current selected room Room yazak will start up in next time yazaks started
(does same as pressing Enter Key on Room name pull down combo)

28th March 2004 V7.2.7
Turned of check for update on PlusNet site (as no longer use it)
Added Put Buddies Offline & Online messages to Marqueee if on
Added to Ycht also above, and fixed Online packet 70 Isback/Away
Added made Zoom buttons go invisable on Ie Control mode
Fixed Link bug at end of link that had Esc Sequence was messed up, now fixed

22th March 2004 V7.2.6
Fixed Text Color changing problem
Fixed Double info of users leaving and not showing name
updater Set to freeserve site now

17th March 2004 V7.2.5
Fixed Bug in RichEdit (iE Control Off) Tattoo size where coming out small all time

14th March 2004 V7.2.4
Added Un-Mute on Voice Chatters list popup menu
Fix Non Existing Usernames dont log you out now just get message

11th March 2004 V7.2.3
added <#123456> color tag changes to richedit also
Added Error Catch on Fade HEXX - think thats the overflow Error
added say web site not found
(Ie normaly PLUSNET one as they say i am using to much band width)

10th March 2004 V7.2.2
Scroll Pause Now works on IE Control
added <#123456> color tag changes yazak never had it old method only IE Control need to add to richedit also

7th March 2004 V7.2.1
Added last 4 missing faces was just showing 60

New Faces Selector - made Better
when you select a Face Selector hides now
Press Ctrl Key to make it stay open, click X to close it

6th March 2004 V7.1.9
New Faces Selector animated now and better
Plus more fixes
Buddies online/Offline show once now

3rd March 2004 V7.1.8

Fixed Bootback after removing register was not enable-ing


Added Yazak Faces Basic Yahoo Set with 8 faces changed to animate
( i will do more) this Install includes the 64 faces
Also it will use Yahoo! messenger faces if you dont have Yazak faces

Changed Voice clone message

29th February 2004 V7.1.6

Links Stay blue (blank.html change)
fixed version saying you need to update when you dont

Added Tattoo size Limit on preferneces ( will only work with ppl using newer versions of Elite and Yazak)

Added Possible clone Voice Alert Indicates possible Users using the Voice Cloner, Its only a indication
It show if a user is on voice but not in room chatters list
You can click this and it will then mute these users

27th February 2004 V7.1.5

Bug Add Friends Popup was not working Fixed
Log back on quick - made clear name username list in chat room

Face that uses :^O added was missing just had :^o and :^0 << number zero not letter O

IE Control windows fixes changes
Find/show All Name Text - Made much much faster was slow (IE control)
On Ignore also made Remove What they said Much faster (IE control)

Bug Bright Green text changed to dark green Esc Sequence 34 code
Bug Showing loged out room twice..

26th February 2004 V7.1.4

IE Control windows fixes chnages
Clear chat room works
Save chat room Text now works saves it out as HTML
Now set to 190 lines was 90 before cropping top
made room leaves/entries text bigger was to small

When Marquee On dont show room Entrys and Leaves now

25th February 2004 V7.1.3

Remove what user said on Ignore Now Fully working on IE Control windows

bug Room In says Once Now
bug Faces 1-9 now work on newer Yahoo messneger faces need to take out 01-09 changed to 1-9.gif

24th February 2004 V7.1.2
IE Control
post by self was putting name up on your screen twice

zak was appearing on start (leave it in on testing on htlm)

Added Chat room Friends name in Green when enters room


IE Control shows all info changes
taken out of Prefs under format Menu now
Client Id works
Shows all room entry info now
size of room entry/Leave set to size 1
Gossips working

Marquee On/Off save settings

22th February 2004 V7.1.0

Find Now works on IE Control ( complete with animation nice touch that)

IE Control many fix and bugs removed some as folows:
< character does not now send blank lines was getting read as a command
CRLF are changed to <br> so you can post muti lines and there all not bunched up
(Yahoo! Messenger does that oh no another bug)

Added IE Control Preference - Default is On
More to do on IE Control related bits


20th February 2004 V7.0.2

Fixed Fade and Alt to show correct colors in IE Control
Changed IE Control margins
Fixed few others bugs IE Control part

Added Marquee - testing stage

18th February 2004 V7.0.1

Shows room entered , Fixed so ignores all dont reconise < cmds i dont reconise >


Using a IE Control

This is currently in testing early stange so you have to select it under ExtraToys menu
at moment and all features dont work on it yet
and it currently uses Messngers Faces in
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Media\smileys



11th February 2004 V6.58.1
Bootback Shows Who users that are Booted with Skull on "Copy List to Chat Room"
Fileshare not binded error lets you try to connect again now,
also made Connect on FS diss-enamble with connected
Added Hide Button on Login Main Window, Hides the window handy if you just pm-ing someone
System Yazak Icon Double Left Click now Shows Login Window
Dis-Enamble Old Pm Voice Button


10th February 2004 V6.58.0
Bold,Italic,Underlines Saved Now ie keeps setting
Add New Filter Button on Chat Room Window Ie: Ignore Words Said In Room
Added New "Ignore Words Said in Room" easyer Editor Window

Added Old Server select, Click Chat Server on log In window to get Old servers on YMSG

6th February 2004 V6.57.1
added View Message Achive, Selects User Name on Archive (on pm popup menu)
made View Achive also select name from Room users list
fixed bug in Show Recent Pm History archive, was not show latest
Show Recent Pm History archive (on pm popup menu)
archive now coded (stops praying eyes looking at your Archives)
archive Reply to Archive files on popup menu
archive Delete Archive files on popup menu
archive Save Archive files on popup menu
archive Copy Archive files on popup menu
Check Update now improved check both sites

5th February 2004 V6.56.2
made Version Check Update Check both my web sites for newest version
added a check see more update info button (if show available)

4th February 2004 V6.56.1
Changes to File share
Added Usename and Password to File share & Click link to InterNet Explorer
Fix Close all new forms File share & Archive Viewer
New Updater only Available on Installer Version (not Updater)

2nd February 2004 V6.56.0
Added Archive Viewer
you get to the Archive Viewer On PM Prefs
Ie click on Pm On Above Sybols button

30 January 2004 V6.55.3
Changes to File share
Can now select Directory Navigate Allow (or not) Default is Allow
Change To tell you if File share is on Lan Local network if so

tells you this message
>>>> LOCAL Lan Network ONLY AVAILABLE <<<<

Note: Will not work over Internet only local Lan
Use 1st Computer Connected to Internet if you want to share over Internet!

Made Emotes Stay on top (might change that later)
Added Changed Web link on font Affects


28th January 2004 V6.55.2
fix another bug in fix share , Given a path not found error !!!
ADDed Copy URL button this copy the URL of your file Share and adds HTTP://
fix bug in file share was not setting up your IP number is now
Added New File Share - Look Under Extra Toys
The File share is P2P using you IP so does not need Yahoo!
Simple select A File to share then, Click Start Server
Then tell your friend the IP like they view file in there Internet Explorer

File Share Yazak End

File Share Internet Explore end


24 January 2004 V6.54.2
Added on Find user popup menu off Chat room so you can pm name and all other functions on Alert list or if you click a name
Fixed Voice starting by voice refresh function dont start now unless started
Added Link to Yazak Chat help Form in Links menu, Also on About menu
Added More links in Help menu Help to above and yazak web site


13 January 2004 V6.54.1
Added on Alerts user popup menu off Chat room
so you can pm name and all other functions on Alert list
or if you click a name and it selects it on Room list

Added Voice Refresh This refreshs the voice
still is test phaze should work ok though
you can also turn it off on the voice part of the chat screen

Added To bout so now shows the Voice AuthCodeVoice (voice cookie)

Added More Hi messages , Good Evening and Good Afternoon


Important 11th January 2004
YMSG is now working again

11th January 2004 V6.54.0
YMSG Login working again now

about Chat 2 protocol
Chat2 does not currently work on yahoo!
you can see the room but cant post text in the room

(this does not work on Yahoo! Web based Chat2 also)

2nd January 2004 V6.53.1
Made Chat2 Login and Ycht Better
Set Chat2 profiles off as you cant change profiles names in Chat2,
( you need to just Login in under that name on Chat2)
Made Green Indicators Light blink as Data in Received (as it was always meant too)
Got Room Re-Enter to work in Chat2
Added More chat servers to YMSG i.e. cs1-cs29 now has cs1-cs60


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