Yazak Update History 2003

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31st December 2003 V6.53.0
Room Enter quicker and better hopefully
full room messages

Yahoo! New Servers Changes made on 27th Dec
You need to get update version now

27th December 2003

Added New Servers to BootBack

Added all New Chat2 & YCHT yahoo servers changes (4 servers each)

Added all New YMSG yahoo servers changes cs30.msg.dcn.yahoo.com - cs60.msg.dcn.yahoo.com

19th December 2003 V6.52.4
Improved Symbol Selector
Now bigger and square, Also has added select Other Fonts button
And added Stay on top.

15th December 2003 V6.52.3
Away Message shows time away now too now
Group message Turned off when Room Entry user=0

Boot Back Now works if log into YCHT or Chat2 now

6th December 2003 V6.52.1
Added Re-try to enter Full Rooms , set time Period in Change Rooms

5th December 2003 V6.52.0
Group Iggy has 10 second Delay now after you enter room
This stops yazak ignoring the whole room sometimes.
Default back on on Group iggy

Added - Ignore window now has 2 extra Show's
right click popup menu on Ignore window to:

Show Recent User Joined Room
Show Recent User Left Room

Fixed kiss face to work with :*

V6.51.0 30th November 2003
Added Message Archiving on Pm's
Need to Turn Archiving on in Pm Prefs to use
Currently only save's text files out to
C:\Program Files\ZakFromAnotherPlanet\Yazak Chat\Archives\
these files are currently not coded in any way
future versions they will be.

V6.50.3 28th November 2003
Fix Bug that stopped Client ID's showing

Built in Morse Code Decoder, does not use Switch Filter
taken out Morse Code part of switch word filter (not needed now)

V6.50.1 26th November 2003
made multi select UN-select names if just name selected in room
made multi select not use your name
Added Multi select to Chat Room Chatters list
so you can select many names to Ignore or say hi too
Press and hold CTRL + click Names on names to select many
Press And hold Shift + click Names to select all names between points

V6.49.0 25th November 2003
Added Multi Login ignore
Preferences- change setting for this:
Room Entry Users - set Number of Users in Group to Start Ignoring at
Period - Time Period in-between each user Enters 1000ms (ie 1 second)
Room Entry Users = 0 to turn of this function

22nd November 2003 V6.48.3
Morse Code added to Switch Word Filter

V6.48.2 21th November 2003
Add/changed Hi Messages No, good morning

19th November 2003 V6.48.1
Mic lock Easier Entry click Talk button Press Ctrl + L
added Ignore current Voice chatter by clicking on there UserName next to talk button
Added Morse Code Decode, Right click on Font DECODE MORSE CODE

17th November 2003 V6.47.3
added copy to debug

16th November 2003 V6.47.2
Added import ignore Lists
list's types supported
Import is on ignore window on bottom of popupmenu
changed time stamp on user names to gray

15th November 2003 V6.47.1
users Entering room have time entered
sound servers added 13 & 14
chat servers ymsg added more 50-52, 71-107,109-125,127-130

14th November 2003 V6.47.0
New corrupt part of packets skip code so will so should read packet better and lose less

12th November 2003 V6.46.2
Ignore has Max/min days button, Added speed Bootback setting
made show if you got latest version work correctly

9th November V6.46.1
Pm flashing on/off option on right click popup Menu
Pm stay on top on/Off popup menu
Refresh friends list & cookies on chat room File Menu
50 To 52, 71 To 72, 74 To 82, 85 To 92, 94 To 95, 97 To 101, 103 To 112 'Only These servers used now

8th November V6.46.0
Added Invisible or not Check option on login

Add Change Voice Server on Login

Bug in Boot back Tool fixed

YMSG Servers taken off 44,46,47, 70,83

6th November V6.45.2
New Updater with progress bar ect;

Check Version Now Works

Shows if New version available on Start up of Yazak - if option enable

3rd November V6.45.0
Added Yazak Version UpDater - This Downloads direct from the web site latest
version on Yazak

You see UpDate on Log In screen Menu

Check version also (not functioning yet next version)

31st October V6.44.1
VOICE Problems get this new version
Yahoo Voice Server failing to connect so changed servers

Fixed bug in Voice now works in all cases (i have tested)
/goto Username voice starts
Create Room with voice starts

Pm only now Flashes when Received text to pm not when you type
Also made mouse over stop Pm Flashing

30th October V6.43.6
PM fixed now flashes at all times when you get a pm message now

29th October V6.43.5
Added View Photo (as well as Profile) to popup menu and Friend menu

WebCam Icon changed - blank no gender no voice icon was red oblong now has gray Wcam in it (looks better)

Bootback Button only enabled when connected on bootback now
Also if you hit Connect and it disconnects you as does closing window

28th October V6.43.4
Added Voice conference Join command
/VJ To enter one someone else has started (Elite comparable)
/VJ #Anything To Invite someone to a Voice conference named #Anything

Made Joined room reload Cookies if Y or T cookie missing

Added Log Back On Quick on File Menu Chat Room Just logs you back in

Header on Chat room is off as default now

Taken out extra spaces in Hi messages

27th October V6.43.3
Gossip was not working, messed up show gossip back on now
BootBack Made Quicker strike back so should boot the booter back quicker
Also Made it Stay On TOP

Pm Voice chat in YCHT & CHAT2 are flaged so other users using that protocol
so sends a different method of inviting the user to Voice chat on pm voice

Voice Invites are Elite compatible now too

Added on Preference "Ignore Users if any Words below said in Room" make text bigger
you make big/small by double mouse clicking on where you type in the words
and added a scroll bar too it

25th October V6.43.1

Few Improvements to Boot Protection System

New Boot Protection System stops you getting booted off Yahoo!
(currently in test version by seems to work good)

24th October V6.42.0
BootBack Made as separate Window
Now has separate account connection for its use (you will need 2 accounts to use it)

NOTE: you can only Boot back the person who has already booted you to just put there booter out of action

Added Right Click Mic + Alt key will now open a IEXPLOE.exe voice box

20th October V6.41.1
Fixed Bug in Chatters List was losing chatters info icons (like Mic)

FULL strength VOICE NOW (thanks Jobless for the tip)

PM Voice Ycht protocol yazak to yazak or even Yazak Ymsg to Ycht

Yazak New BootBack Now on With Ignores will boot back all on list now
(Sill adding more features to it check next version)

Buttons Bug removed Now works with user again

Added Faces click on Icon to Gossip

Changed Version posting (not going to say what too)

16th October V6.40.2

PM Multi Line Now works

Bug in HandleSpeech Sub (does chat text in room)
Cause Client ID's Not to show up under some conditions

15th October V6.40.1
Fixed problems with Post in conference and Conference Declined Packets
now logs you back in when getted loged off yahoo servers.

Added Lock Display to stop Cropping flicker (Hopefully)

14th October V6.40.0
Fixed Away Message timing had been messed it up

LOGIN now saves setting for Each Protocol

Auto Join Room Option Added

13th October V6.39.1
Buddies Now set to 200 was 100 (not sure off what yahoo limits are )

Select Names Now go bold

Ignored users Now go gray (was yellow)

Added Send boots back (you need to register start of each month to use this)
This only returns the boot when you get one so takes the booter off-line also

11th October V6.39.0
PM Voice now Work Both ways to and from Messenger and Yazak or Elite even lol
Also ppl cant get into your voice chats now when pm from yazak to yazak

Fixed Bug in Chatter List not clearing out name from last room in

Added Connected Green Indicator (needs more work)


9th October V6.38.3
Fixed Bug In Users Age above 65535 or age ="" (blank))
Did a Error 6 overflow or Error 14

Close a Color go back to last set Color command added
as yahoo have added them now

Made On Show Log files after you Delete them closes window

Added Post in conference and Conference Declined Packets sent by botters show when sent
and made it reconnect you needs some testing though...

Can now use Yazak Emotes if you don't want to use Yahoo messenger ones
In Preferences check Use Yazak Emotes

You can turn off the Chatters List Header by clicking on it or toggle it in Format Menu

7th October V6.38.1
Fix's New Chatter List with names selected needed a change to work with following features

Emote Username, Ignore button, PM, Follow, Goto, Profile All Fixed now

6th October V6.38.0
NEW CHATTERS LIST using a ListView

The new chatters list shows Users Icons on Left side now with Gender, Mic, WebCam Icons

Still needs more work maybe changes to Icons


3rd October V6.37.1
Made Zoom show Zoom Amount ie 80%

2nd OctoberV6.37.0
Added ZOOOOOOM to chat room text
button zooms in button zooms out
and if you Right click Ether button the zoom will be set to 100% normal size

(you might need to get Richedit v3 to use zoom if you don't have it)
Get RichEditV3 here

New Log in to YMSG should work every time now

Taken out delay starting yazak cs12 taken out no longer working and made Random checked Default again

30th September V6.36.2
Put a DLL in wrong place in last version

V6.36.1 <<<< Bug in that YMSG will not work

Further Improvements




27th September V6.35.0
Added New Preference Ignore User if Any Words below said in Room
You enter any word in this box and if a user says that word they will be put on Temp Ignore List
works like Alerts but for ignoring bots the repeated words said over and over again.

Ycht Log in friend when in CHAT2 use to log you in and out the room bug now fixed

26th September V6.34.4
Chat2 Fix so now Enters you Last room saved and not a blank room

Chat2 Pm's now work


PM Tests Made
CHAT2 to ChAT2 Works
CHAT2 to YCHT Only working to send from CHAT2
CHAT2 to YMSG (messenger) Only working to send from CHAT2

YCHT to YCHT Works
YCHT to YMSG (messenger) Works



25th September V6.34.3

Chatters list change

Fix small bug of Room Chatters List ( remove name when updating last name on list problem)

"Refresh Friends List and Cookies" YMSG function only made so beeps if used in YCHT

24th September V6.34.1
Fixed problem with Ycht login out room (messed up on last version put back in a bug when fixing chat2)

Now shows Cookies you get on log on YMSG normal you get Y T C

Added a "Refresh Friends List and Cookies" on login FILE Menu

added C cookie to about

22nd September V6.34.0
Chat2 Now works again messed it up with a YCHT fix on previous versions

YCHT Made better gets cookies better

About now shows the cookies you have Y T B Cookies
Blue it got cookie Red No Cookie
You can also hover mouse over Y T B cookie to show you what the cookies contains

Room list has a debug screen to show you the IE page of the room list currently at
Right click on categories to get popmenu then select Debug Show

Made Room chatters list update quicker, and also not lose info on chatter when changes are made like mic on/off

21th September V6.33.3
Mouse over Info - much improved made not so sensitive waits till mouse stops over name now

Chat Room Buddy Entry Hi-Lighted

Problem With long names improved

18th September V6.33.2
Web Cam Show stays on top now

Fix Delete Non Exiting Pm Log file did a error

Problem With long names with Fe/Male face Client Web taken up 2 lines
somes times so messing up the name selections after that name
fixed this I think by making name shorter if has a Fe/Male or Mic icon.

Added More info on mouse over on chatters names
No Posts: Number of postings a users has made
Bytes: Bytes a user has sent to the room (i.e. characters this includes Fonts and ather info)
Idle: Hold long a user has been Idle for, I.e. last time user said something in the room in text

Moved info box over to left so it move center

16th September V6.33.1
Ignore management tarted up - Added Lots of buttons and made the button color coordinated with lists colors

also Added select match pattern - So any word you type in box is matched with words on list

New Look

15th September V6.33.0
YMSG V11 Protocol now supported has a button to select V10/V11 Default is now V11

made About show Photocol using, and Pm Test now also shows YMSG V10 or V11

Show Version of Yazak also shows V10 or V11 and took out bug show Version command

Got Yahoo Perm Ignore list to show now,
Now Does not auto add to Ignore list you need to select them and add them to perm now.

add and Remove on Yahoo Perm Ignore now work, maybe not listing correct

Ignore list loads from correct users now was load fom prevous user before .

14th September V6.32.0
Major Improvement to Ignore management - to many features to list here will do later

9th September V6.31.2
Mouse Over Chatter List Names - Inproved Again Shows full length now even off yazak window

Fix a bug in above the was so was not showing all info

Fix so if you right or double click a name to get popup menu Above does not keep closing popup menu


8th September V6.31.1
Mouse Over Chatter List Names
Improved made Auto adjust to info text size
And made get all info was losing some on room entry

Made mouse info text not blink on when you start Yazak

Mouse Over Chatter List Names show extra info NickName, Age, Location, On Time (still needs more work)

Made Log in time out now 3 secs

5th September V6.30.5
Made Log in TimeOut on Dead Severs after 1 second then try anoth random one

Taken all dead yahoo chat servers off

Added Morse code too Text Affects

4th September V6.30.4
Made Chat Room Remeber Position And Size after Resizing is made

Bug Fixed in Tattoo

3rd September V6.30.3
New Fonts Selector Shows the Fonts as they look like - needs more work on it

Version shows Chat protocal on too now

Disabled Perm. Ignore on YCHT (as logs you out - need to find out perm Ignore packet in YCHT)

31th August V6.30.2
Fix Buddy online/offline from chatter on YCHT (IE & 1F packets)

Message to Warning You when Booter is trying to knock you off
Yahoo server with Conference Decline Flood

This is the message you get

WARNING BOOTER ALERT!!!! Conference Decline
From: " UserName
Login on YCHT Protocal to stop this

29th August V6.30.1
Fixed Problem with YCHT Protocal Users Knocking you out/In Room and getting Room Error
Only happends If you have them on your friends list

(Sending this packet a Chat2 Packet Only and so was confusing Yazak)
[pkt $1E] «size 57» 0¤yazakchat1¤7¤username¤10¤0¤11¤0¤17¤0¤13¤2¤«nul»
Data Arival Size >>77 Total Size of Pkts 77 No of Pkts 1 Status 1

Thanks Lyrricist for helping me out testing the problem

Made Change rooms show you Status messages , so you have a better Idea when lloading rooms

28th August V6.30.0
Made Tattoo's Multi Character
Thanks bong_on for the great Idea

Check the multi character to select this
Tattoo's have been changed to to save location
old tattoo will need to be re-setup

Chat server CS.45 taken off

More Right click Text Affects Added

Alternate Caps Word - LIKE this IT will SHOW
Alternative Words Size - each word has different sized fonts alternating

Made Log File Show bit better Colored From and To so easyer to read took out DATE & TIME Text
Also Added Show all of Log on popup menu - so you can see the complete log if you like

Changed Coded Pm's to use Coded HexDecimal numbers so will work better now
before just coded characters and yahoo did not like some on the characters it coded it too.

Also tidy-ed up some of the code.

26th August V6.29.5
New Log File Show window for Rejected Pm's and Ignores Shows the last 2000's characters
Has Save And Delete on a Popup Menu on there

few other minor changes

16th August V6.29.4
Fixed YCHT to Now work again in Voice
usename was setting to lowercase after a change i made

Changed a Prefs message that was wrong on RichText max setting

13th August V6.29.3

Bug in Change Rooms fixed , When you selectected other countrys like
UK, Germanay and many others Categories was not working Now fixed
(had forgot to set a variable back to zero
after moving part of the Load Form)

10th August 2003 V6.29.2

Yazak can now use a external Voice.exe
Right Click + Ctrl on Voice icon with start up a program voice.exe
put in yazak folder (made for Ghost)

5th August 2003 V6.29.1
You can now Right click Mic on Chat room to use Seperate window Voice

Taken out CS17,32

added Error catching to ChatRoom Sub Txtspeak_keydown
(as someone said they got errors from it, i cant get it to do errors for me)

3rd August 2003 V6.29.0

Max Bytes used by RichEdit in Chat Room Preference
Text is crop by 20% until this figure is reached
Setting the above setting Default is 200,000 Bytes
What is about the size before the chat text output starts to slow down

About shows the Current RichText Size
About also Show number of faces currently posted (not will be less if cropped than that figure)

1st August 2003 V6.28.7

Bug Fix Ignore was not ignoring voice users who was allready on Ignore
and can back in room or was on ignore before

Two Typo's corrected

31th July 2003 V6.28.6
Fixed bug in Room Entry sometimes yahoo does not send the Users Id's list so caused this error

Also Fixed "text" property is read only error caused by above

Fixed Bug in right click emote to get Buttons up was not putting in correct place

Fixed bug in Effects if you Delete a name before saving it it did a Error 9

Taken out some servers cs28,29,31,34 Yahoo seem to have dropped them

29th July 2003 V6.28.5

Fixed Problem getting into some room's on Voice Ie German rooms
ie: München-Chat:1 with specail character in them

28th July 2003 V6.28.4

Added Effect Icon to select Fade or Alternate

Changed User Name Copy Icon

Added show effect on shows Striped lines on current color show

Fix bug in Alternate that left it on after user used it

color select taken out blue square that use to show the color selected (not need i found)

27th July 2003 V6.28.3

More changes to color selector

You can Select
Click On/Off - Color stay On until you Click on color Show Bar to turn on/off
(color Show Bar start of where you type)

Toggle - Colors turn off when you select a color
move mouse over Color Show Bar
to get up again

Changed some palette colors (need more changes and going to make it so you can change them to your own liking)

New Color Selector popup - move the mouse over Color palete turns them on

20 colors on availible the selector

You can Select:

Stay On - Color stay on all time

Toggle - Colors turn off when you select
a color move mouse over
Color palette to get up again

Stay off - Turn them off completely

25th July 2003 V6.28.1
Added Show Other Colors and Color Effects option on Pallete now

bug fix end up Fade not was not doing final fade

Made Color effect Show example work ( still need more work)

24th July 2003 V6.28.0
Added a Effects Control maker Fade and Alternate

Made Alternate work with yazak (incoming wise)
Fix a bug in the Fade had switched a colour on a bit of it

19th July 2003 V6.27.0

Added Last 5 Room Vistited Pop Up to Right Click Change Room Button
Also still has Re-Enter Room at top option on Pop Up Menu

Added Show Profile & Pm User To All option on Buddies ie Added Me and Show Invites


18th July 2003 V6.26.0

Added Invite to Room List Right Click on the window to Join user in Room

Added Preferences to Room Invites

Made User Added Me list not Add a name more than once

added Invite to room list to other 2 popups

Fixed to XP (with NTFS) some problem hopefully

Packet 26 Ignored

12th July 2003 V6.25.4

Change Room now has a Enter Chat As
So you can Enter Chat Room as any of your Profile Names (Alaises)

11th July 2003 V6.25.3
Made Room Selected with same names get the Correct Room

Example If you select :
New York in Regianal , United States, New York, New York:3

You will get this Room:
Get this Room >>>>>>> "New York:3" ( Home of the best bagels, the best pizza and the highest rents! )

You will now not get the same Room as above if you go here:
By Location, New York, New York:3

Get this Room >>>>>>> "New York:3" ( ) ..... Different from above

Made Sub Rooms come up in order

10th July 2003 V6.25.2
Better Room Flood Protection once person it ignored will not stop room floods
at a closer point when recieving them so less CPU time needed (will do more work on this)

Debug now shows YCHT properly

9th July 2003 V6.25.1
Fixed bug if you Click on Create room straight away (did a run error)


Fixed Voice on Create User Rooms - Still not perfect yet hope to get it working fully next version

Ok when you create a room with voice currently your voice wont start at 1st , but once people enter the room the voice will work,
So to get you voice working once some one has entered you need to re-enter (Right click Change Rooms)

Also made Created User Rooms make the rooms in that cat.


7th July 2003 V6.24.1

Fixed bug in Add users who added me was clearing list under some cases

Added Delete user popup on buddies

Made buttons look better

Fixed bug in Goto user button (was not toggling some times)


6th July 2003 V6.24.0

Added Save to Buddies List Right Click buddies List To use it

Added Save to Ignored List Right Click Ignored List To use it

Made Chat Room Buddies Window Open with Short name set to User name,
So you dont have to enter a short name if you dont want to change it

Added Users Added to there List log, so you now have a list of uses who added you

There is a Button on Buddies "Goto User Added Me List"
or you can Right Click buddies List To use get there

When in "User Added Me List" mode you can:

Remove a User from there list - Right click popup
Add User to my List - Right Click popup to


4th July 2003 V6.23.1
Web Cam Show

Made loads of inprovements to web cam show has:

Menu Freiends
Invite to View My Webcam - this will send a Invite to that User name
Show My wemcam-------------------------------

on Popup Menu above too

Also now in Pm as well
Right Click Pm window and select:
Invite to View My Webcam

Web Cam Show beta

To start your web cam goto Menu Freiends, then down to Web Cam Show
Problems : getting it to work
You Need the web Cam Wrapper
Get this by loging into http://chat.Yahoo.com and login into Chat2 and start you web cam.

fixed Ignore for post to often log was not showing username
mute and near toggles Voice/Normal chaters list
(was not over mute is agian now)


2nd July 2003 V6.22.3
Voice Fix Now works again

Fixed Ignore for post to often log was not show username

mute right click does Voice/Normal list now as before


1st July 2003 V6.22.2

Fixed problem with mulit Voice bots coming in room only on voice, was added names to roomlist
On Room entry and when left them if you turned voice off
made so ignores them if they dont have a name in the room.

Added all users that speak in room and who are not in room list ( was doing before but not always)

Repeat posts now checked for last ten users ( may need to adjust this )

Made Staus text line one line now (was 2)

29th June 2003 V6.22.1

Ignored Log (auto's) + Sound

Made usertolastlevelist do 19 names now was 9

Pm's want reply if person is on ignored now
(had problems if getting seesion exprired when doing so)

Fix Voice Chat so last room voice chatters dont appear in next room you goto

Room Away messages added
Chat room Friend Menu Room Away Messages On to turn them On or Off
In Preferences you set Message and how many Mins period for away messages

28th June 2003 V6.21.9

cs25 taken off

added Voice Show Sound Info


26th June 2003 V6.21.8
Add Friend someone who try's to add you as a friend will now get a Denied message automatic now

Pm's dont send blank line if you press enter key or send with nothin in anymore

Added most of the Voice Extra function's
PopUp menu 1st right click on near mute to get up voice list then right click on voice list to see menu
You can right click again to switch back to normal room list or select the 1st meneu option Show Normal Room List

On The Pop Up Menu there is Start,Stop Voice Show Info Recording & Volume Control


25th June 2003

Made room Leaves ignore not put name back on room list to stop bot make room list keep changing
added more chat servers 70-79 taken off 49

Voice invite on Pm's use to get past if even if set not too Ie freind only Now dont and are loged (if set)


24th June 2003 V6.21.5
Max number of room leaves before Ignored
Count only room leaves if longer than 3 secs and resets count after 60 seconds

22th June 2003 V6.21.4

Made Voice Buton go Green when connected goes lighter green when you chat and red when loocked

Made voice chat room move up to bottom when voice is turned on, you to have to up when next person posts something

Added Room names not update as often when already found client ID so less flicker and cpu use

Added Never Ignore This Buddie Name to Chat Room Buddies (Right click Buddies to get it up)



20th June 2003 V6.21.3

Venky.DLL check for Original - Deletes Venky.DLL if not

19th June 2003 V6.21.2
Lots of Improvements
CS 20 22 23 24 26 27 40 41 49 taken off chat servers as then dont seem to work now or maybe never did

Now Ignores was not forgot about that in last version
You can now Right click on mute to bring up a Voice only Chatters list so you can check just the voice to mute of that user

Added Hurry Back Right click also compbined some

Moved Un/Ignore user to top of popup menu above Pm now

Made ID Client show properly was not after changes last version


Voice Combined Now Looking good
Fixed the Voice Combine up pretty good found the bug that took me all day to find (putting blank user names up)
Made Voice users have Head phones and no sex users have a mic


18th June 2003 V6.21.0
Voice Combined (Beta) Version of this

16th June 2003 V6.20.0
Added count on Ignore list
Gossip shows faces now

Prefs saves as you go now dont need to press Enter Key after entrys

Made Ignore work properly now has 5 second delay before starts to check
Settting CPS in prefs to zero turns it off now


15th June 2003 V6.19.2
Made Pm's Flash when minimized and receive more text
New Toys Shows who post most in room, and you can show info about a user

Made A new Ignore Feature if a user post to much to often in a room they get Ignored
Max Chars per post on Preferences

made Ignore now Toggle a user off Ignore if they Are allready ignored (want take users off if perm ignored)

12th June 2003 V6.19.2
Made Show in Pm window when other user turns voice on
Made Mic Icon re-size with window (ie move with it)
Made Start at getting to send Voice Invites out (needs more work Conv number needs to be got )


10th June 2003 V6.19.0
PM Yahoo! Voice now work One way messeneger must Invite you to voice Currently

Made Room Random work better says the chat server picks now and is more random

9th June 2003 V6.18.13
Session Expired now re-logs you back in
Random Chat Server on Log in now with option to turn it off

8th June 2003 V6.18.12
Made Voice not start up as soon as you start in a room, You need to turn it on now
Select Name Who is speaking in Voice

/PMT Pm Test Command added
Also made show in chat room text send window now (not in pm window)


5th June 2003 V6.18.11
more improvements to room list
force add Voice Chat rooms if not loaded of the web
added Default rooms lists for some countrys currently USA , UK Australia (will be used if cant load them of the web)

4th June 2003 V6.18.10
more Chat Room list fixs

2nd June 2003 V6.18.9
Cookie fetch part in YMSG was not making T and Y cookies right
Added CHT=chid=Usename= to make room list work for more ppl along with about fix

Fix Pm Session Exp. does not Save blank on Log now (or anything)

Added asc2.msg.sc5.yahoo.com server

Pm does not Reject <GAME> now

Pm Test and Speed Check Extra Toys menu in chat room window

Fixed the Bug that stop Yazak Exiting and left task running ( made Voice click on close yazak for some)

Better still room lists Users rooms working better now

Room list fix for YMSG made better (was not working properly before last version)

1st June 2003 V6.18.4
Fix room lists need more work YMSG now also

Fix room lists need more work
built in Voice needs more work


29 May 2003 V6.18.2

better fix for below problem should now work on NTFS

28 May 2003 V6.18.1
Fixed to work on WINDOWS 2000 with folder on there WINNT on it ie not FAT32 uses NTFS

Voice fix also for above

27 May 2003 V6.18.0

Pm Prefs fixs
Max Pm windows now work
Pm ignores dont ignore your out going pm's
Log Rejected Pm's On/Off

When Pm is off and you Yazak rejects a Pm Off goes Red


26 May 2003 V6.17.2

Fixed Magic Word only max Pm's to do now


Pm Prefs now work and show on Chat room if On or Off or Friends or Room

Still got to get Magic Word and Max Pm's to work


Voice Voice Lock hit F12 on Talk button
Dont stay on top option

Added Help tips to many buttons hoover mouse over a button to see a tip

Pm Prefs
still to finish change Pm reject is all that works
finish tomorrow


24 May 2003 V6.16.2

Fixed Switch word Filter bugs does not out spaces now ad traps all the words now

Create room settings made to work (needs test though)


Show Session Expired Messages now ( you currenly get these when you send Pm's sometimes Yahoo Fault!!!)

Added Invite to Room on Chat room Friends Menu

Fixed bug in pm when you 1st pm in a room said you was a porn bot fixed that

Voice added more sounder times 60secs 1min 2 mins
also added select a wave to play feature, and few other bits


23 May 2003 V6.16.0

Made Emotes Number UnLimited

Added Create Rooms - still needs lots of work but works a bit

New Voice with Volume Control
added quite patch sounder make a sound if no one says anything in 60 secs


20 May 2003 V6.15.2

Voice now works in YCHT mode

Alert pop up window does not hide if you get another Alert when reading it

Added Ping Yahoo to Chat Room Menu

Fixed problem with chat room Centuring when you change rooms, Does not do that now

Log off on menu made you need to select Yes Log Off , for safety stop you loging off by accident.


18 May 2003 V6.15.1

Added Voice Chat to Chat Rooms


Made so much better
Vumeters , username who is chatting in red, Minimize back on
Made it so it checks every 6 seconds for changes ( ie like room changes)
Now only opens once, (ie if one voice is open want open another one)

Made to interface with voice better, Room changes sent to voice now
put message to say voice currently want work on YCHT


17 May 2003 V6.14.8

Voice Yahoo! Compatable


17 May 2003 V6.14.8

Fixed fault in Filter Switch words


Added Short Yazak Home page link post

Added Filter Switch words - you can now have a list of words that in chat will be replaced by other words
goto Preferences menu to turn it on
and you can edit them by click on the edit button there.


12 May 2003 v6.14.6

Ignore , Buddles Improved Look list vertical now

Added save button to chat room buddies

Added Voice button

Web Link history font colour blue (freecreed request)
Symbols Dark blue (for freecred again)



Fixed name case sensitive faults in Ignores

Web Cam Invites now accepted


11 May 2003 v6.14.4

Pm Error reporting routines


8 May 2003 v6.14.3

Voice Yahoo! Compatable


7 May 2003 v6.14.2

Move Debug Saved file so to Yazak folder ( now works ok on windows 2000)

Tells you now if you dont have Yahoo messenger emote files


3 May 2003 v6.14.1

Made Buttons Emote User as default
also added to Popup Menu Emote Room, Emote User on right click

Made GAME Notify's Show user is in game in room text, and not sent in a PM with GAME in anymore

Beep on Right Click on Room Refresh Now


3 May 2003 v6.14.0

Added Buttons
(well say more about when i have time)

29th April 2003 v6.13.3

Fixed Pm Problems, Fixed Pm Voice error

Added Right Click on Change Room to Refreash Room ie Re-Enter Room

Added Debug Popup On/Off


26th April 2003 v6.13.1

Room Changes now work on CHAT2


Added CHAT2 Protocal (Thanks for the Help NOC)

Note Still needs lots of work Nothing much works on it


18th April 2003 v6.12.18

Web cam can now connect methods Show User name as well as Anonymously

Working hard on getting a YahooVoice Chat to work hope to get in in next version If all goes to plan and i dont hit any major problems

14th April 2003 v6.12.17

Made Room Enter better

Made Online changes work as yahoo seems to have made changes
also now shows if In Chat and On Pager messages

Made Debug window show more info


13th April 2003 v6.12.16

Ymsg Handles Email Packet now

Fix some bugs in Follow was not clearing username list

Added more error reporting to more subs/functions

Made debug show packet numbers (will make it show names of them)


12th April 2003 v6.12.15

added a Debug Screen to toys menu

made chat room entry lentry link show up as a link

10th April 2003 v6.12.14

Fixed Black Room BackGround startup with new user name

Made Login UserName and Password beter

Made Undo undo more things like faces Pastes and typed letters


Fix paste to Include Plain text also

Undo added for Room Speach Text (currently Affects only)


9th April 2003 v6.12.12

Finaly fixed bug in Total time and Average time was doing a overflow sometimes (will work for 80 years now)

Added Show ErrorLog.txt in note pad , On File menu on login window "Show Error Log file"


8th April 2003 v6.12.11

Emotes Now work with Normal Emotes and User Emotes
Select the Emotes type you want to use by Right clicking on the Emote window PopUp menu

Made Pm Paste work as below (forgot that one)

Made Copy, Cut and Paste work very much better
Now you can Copy, Cut & Paste Web Site text And Room text (and any other text)
with the Font, FontColors and FontSize all copyed over (not just the plain text)

Added more Say to users words Slap,Smacks! ,Waves, Kisses


6th April 2003 v6.12.9

Added new Font Affects
Weird Text 2

Added Edit.profile LINK


3rd April 2003 v6.12.7

Room Entry can use Profile UserNames (Aliases)

PM can use Profile UserNames (Aliases)

Both above currently only work in YMSG mode


2nd April 2003 v6.12.6

fixed face problem was getting mixxed up with commands <

Added Room denied entry - beeps if you cant go in

Added Error log to many sub's save out file ErrorLog.txt in main yazak folder


29th March 2003 v6.12.5

Added option to use Venky DLL for Login
If you cant Login with a User Name Check Venky DLL see if that works

You will see this message: Error: Possible Invalid ID or PASSWORD, Try Checking above Venky DLL


Your User Name is Green in room names list now


15th March 2003 v6.12.4

Find Button - Right Click it and you can find text only

Also put Save on PopUp Menu (was on a menu)

14th March 2003 v6.12.3

Limited Send to 1920 charcters to stop yahoo login you out room if you send more than this, Beeps if you do

Made Web Cam W update after name if correctly if someone changes there web on and off


11th March 2003 v6.12.2

Web Cam - Stays on top now

Added Web cam to popup menu on Pm's

Added AutoCorrect word: clicik

10th March 2003 v6.12.1

Improved web cam - still needs more work (like stay on top)

9th March 2003 v6.12.0

Web Cam View --Works in Super mode , Small (160,120) and Large (320x240) views


7th March 2003 v6.11.18

Made Font Affects even better

you can even combine above affects to get many others

added a few more words to Auto correct :
braek , bakc, untill, thnaks, samll


Fixed all the font affects to work again and made better- right click Font to see them


3rd March 2003 v6.11.15

Multi Line Posting is working again in chat rooms


Fixed symbol inserts to to set font size back to Text font size as it was before insert

Fixed a bug in faces that was not not rembering font name,size and colour

2nd March 2003 v6.11.13

New Improved Symbol selector - Also made selector use 5 fonts now (was just one)


---- Prev Font
---- Next Font

20 - Symbol Size



Added Emote Editor Grab Chat Room Send Text - Can now Grab Chat Room send typed text so you can make up a emote in chat room send box and grab it to a emote

<<< New Grab Chat Room Send Text

28th February 2003 v6.11.12

Key Select - for Emotes and Web Links History (made emotes one better)
You can now press keys on you keyboard to select the Emotes or Web Links start show point

To select a postion quick to show press a letter key
and the selector will go staight to that word starting with that letter,
Press letter again and it will step down to next word with that letter.


28th February 2003 v6.11.11

Added User Name Copy button - Copy the selected Users Name down to chat room type box

Find button now finds what selected user says

Right click on Ignore User button shows button shows Ignore Users List

27th February 2003 v6.11.10

Fixed Min size font problem when you posted yazak site link info font size was showing as 18 size large

Added a Find button for quick access

made find and gossip get focus when selected

26th February 2003 v6.11.9

Added Yahoo extra 4 faces and on faces selector


Fixed Tattoo to work in again after yahoo changed something (took out closing </font> after tattoo font change)

24th February 2003 v6.11.6

( not putting leading zero's in version numbers anymore)

Enter Key sometimes was not working in rooms - If space at end was up fixed that bug

Fade bug fixed - fade was not switching of on next line down sometimes

21st February 2003 v6.11..005

Major Improvements to Emotes Editor part of yazak

Now displays how the emote will look in the room, with Faces, Links underlined,
bold, italic, underline and colors shown

Also there is a command to Insert menu
As below set the cursor where you want the command to take affect
and select the menu Command

You can also press Enter key in a Emote this is then replaced with the <br> line break command
You can also copy and paste Multi Line text into a Emote and the <br> line break command will automaticly replace line breaks.

Please Note:
If you pasted in multi-lined text in before the improvement it maybe nessary to edit them out using List Emote
You will notice these by blank lines or black text lines, edit them out by delete them.


Key Select Emotes - You can now press keys on you keyboard to select the emotes start show point
Example say you want emote to selector postion to show emotes start with H press H key and selector will goto emotes starting with h (or H)

If you have as i have started emotes with ! (or another Character) it will use 2nd letter


Tattoo Font Error fixed - If you didnt have one of these fonts Webdings, Wingdings, Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3, Symbol and yazak give you error 380
Look here if you need above fonts

19th February 2003 v6.11..003

Added Yep & Wake-Up to Hi buttons (right Click on User name PopUp menu), also Fix a bug in it if you put a symbol up before say Hi
also may it now not use the chatroom text entry box, so you can say Hi (or what ever) without messing up what you typing

Copy User Name (right Click on User name PopUp menu) Now makes User name red and after set color, so User name is stands out


Added Circle Color curently using indicator

Fixes lots of little bugs with the rich edit chat box,

Fixed problem with enter a Symbol and then deleting it, Use to leave font to the symbol font, Now sets if back to Chat font, beeps to tell you

Made Symbol Select resize and font get bigger as you make the box large (might need some adjustments to get it right)

18th February 2003 v6.11..001

Added a Cool Symbol Selector- You can now easy put symbols in chat just like faces


Colour quick Selector
B,I,U hiLight now

You can now change Font- Name,Size,Color,Bold,Italic,Underline as you type (was set to all line same, Uses richedit control now)

(Still need more work get some functions to work again , because of the above changes)

10th February 2003 v6.10..006

Added in Extra Toys Menu Average Time Used Yazak seperate menu command now and correct (was not correct before)
Shows like this:
Yazak Average Days use 9 Hours 54 Mins 13 Secs

Added word dod (do) to autocorrect word list

10th February 2003 v6.10..005

Added Average time used to Total Time Used Yazak >>>> looks like that Average Day use 8 Hours 22 Mins 26 Secs

7th February 2003 v6.10..004

AutoCorrect words made better- Words were correcting to soon like like: it, is so you got It, Is now the last word you enter is not corrected till next word is started ie you enter a space.

4th February 2003 v6.10..003

Male/Female Icon Prefs Turn On/Off ---- If off you get {m} or {f} in place of the icon pic

Added UpTime on Yazak - Put Yazak current time used

Made it so you can set Smiley faces to Zero if you dont want any to show (in prefs)

3rd February 2003 v6.10..002

Voice in pm's Is now Back up and fully working

Fixed Room "You Are In" room enter was not working properly fixed by setting name to lower case on check

Note The Voice in pm's is currenly not working hope fix it by tommorrow

2nd February 2003 v6.10..000

New LOG IN -Now so much better Uses a complete new DLL so should be 100% log in each time
also made the log in better for connecting side of things

Auto Correct word change , added "gettingg" to "getting" stops double g's (there few more words like that i will add them as i find them)

30th January 2003 v6.09..004

Dont Alert Words - You can now have Dont Alert Words in Alerts words list ( goto File menu, Then Preferences to set Alerts up) that you dont want the Alert to use

All Dont Alert Words must begin with double ** Example: **zakie.fsnet,zak
Note best to put them before any other words as Yazak checks the word one at a time starting with the 1st word

From above example you would get alerts for

But No Alert from



Added Auto correct to PM's

Fixed Fault In Change Tatoo (first page did not update correct font till clicked on)

Added to Extra Toys Menu
Total Time on line with yazak - This puts the total time you have used Yazak chat client in room text box , hit send to post in room
Post Compter up time - Total time your computer has been on for


28th January 2003 v6.09..001

Prefs Option to Turn off Room Enter or Leave messages (Freecreed its on there now wow wee lol)

This in room typed commands all now work
/JOIN RoomName
/GOTO UserName
/FOLLOW UserName

27th January 2003 v6.09

More Fix's to Auto Correct >>>>> (c) (r) © ® <<<<< now work in messenger ... Still need to fix >>> (tm) ™

Added a special character adjust routine for type text characters above 127 such as © ®

26th January 2003 v6.08.002

Fix problem in Auto Correct when adds longer words like: "dont" to "don`t" didnt move cursor to end of word.

still need to fix these >>>> (c) (tm) (r) © ™ ® ’ <<<< will fix very soon

26th January 2003 v6.08.001

Forgot to make AutoCorrect turn off Added


Made Auto Correct work as you Type Now
Also made it Keep FULL UPPERCASE WORDS and Make First Letter Upper Case if was , All other cases uses lower case


Added AutoCorrect of words sent out in room- this currently has about 914 word corrections
will correct typing errors like these:
(c) ©
(r) ®
(tm) ™
abbout about
abotu about
abouta about a
aboutit about it
You can edit the C:\Program Files\YaZak\YazakPreferences\AutoCorrect.txt
If you wish with textpad or the simlar Ascii editor, format used Word to Replace (TAB) Word to replace with

Added AutoCorrect On/Off Check saves in prefs - AutoC above Tattoo

Fonts size And Font color asre now save in Prefs


25th January 2003 v6.06.004

Added Show if use has Web Cam on , W next to useres name, need more work (does not not clear if turned web cam turned off again)

24th January 2003 v6.06.003

Fix a bug that could be used to boot yazak chararater 195 +192-255


Fixed bug in YCHT mode fault with false user names appearing sometimes 300,432,240 names

Gossip seen twice for me , Only happend for as i have Yazak in my alert stop it by a little change in alert dectect code

23rd January 2003 v6.06.001

Change few things in YCHT mode, Defauat chat server to CS8 as yahoo seem to use that now, fix small bug in ignores names of it

21th January 2003 v6.06.000

Changed NickNames to now show like this zodzap: (NickName Zod Zap) User ID then NickName (opersite way to before)
Also made joined the Room and Left the Room users names clickable

20th January 2003 v6.05.001

Fix bug in text messages received in room Error 380 , caused by text croping and alert happeninng at same time locked cropping while messages rec to stop that happening

20th January 2003 v6.05.000

cwm29.gif Added New Ignore features "Add with" and "Remove with" this ignores any user with a pattern you enter in text box
So if you enter say 1233 any user with that in there name will be added to ignore

Changed Perm Ignores so not appear on room name list , Mainly to stop that stupid person (or bot) who keeps going in and out

Added Message All in Room feature with selective users - so say you can pm all users in room with ee in there name or all if you like use *

19th January 2003 v6.04.000

Fixed The delay in web Links on 1st link checked ,now does not check for repeat links, as add a link does that

18th January 2003 v6.03.009

Added In/Out Ignore - Now does not show when people leaveor join room if user are ignored, stops them stupid ppl who do that

Made Mouse Pointer Change to Arrow when over Room Users names list (thanks Lisa great idea that)

17th January 2003 v6.03.008

Added small touch If you left click yazak Task icon put up chat room if minamized

Porn Bots are now Logged in file PornBotLog.txt in yazak folder

15th January 2003 v6.03.007

Blank room fix - partly anyway Clears on load blank rooms now ( needs more work)

Added Temp Convert Toy - you can enter temp in like 8c and converts to F or 20F to convert to C

Added www.Google.com search engine to Links

8th January 2003

Fixed face in chatroom are put in a cursor point , not at end
Own Yazak shows Yz ID now
Help shows Total Recieved byes count

Added /Debug command , Type /Debug to turn on and again to turn off,
Saves all packets recieved to file Yazak_Debug in your DeskTop use TextPad or simlar to View

You can get TextPad here


7th January 2003 v6.03.005

Another small fix to Gossip first gossip did not have delay
Also made gossip delay random

Fixed small bug in after Links color was not being set back to original color after a Link but to black now does (added /color to fix it)

5th January 2003 v6.03.004

More fixs to Gossip made better, Proberly still needs more work on it


Fixed Gossip made work properly now, you can now see what gossip in said in room also, and see what you send


Gossip now has Coded Format Messages (or not coded)

Fixed faces changing fonts back to default font text after face

Now turns off H (hide) in YMSG mode as you cant use it in that mode

Posts Yazak Id in YCHT mode now was not

4th January 2003 v6.03.000 BETA

cwm29.gif Gossip is now working again, needs more work but its on there Hint you must say something it the room for gossip to be sent. (or say put a face up)


Added Mutli line alerts now - so you can put in example: zak,yaz,maxa
not just have the one word, each word seperated by a coma.

3rd January 2003
v6.02.001 BETA

Alert turn off, Right Click on the Alert it will turn alert sounds off and Red Flashing alert,
will still kept any more alerts you may get, Right click on OFF to turn Alert back on.

Made Room Name Select better just Hi-lights name now
Made Ignore User work better, If the user left the room Ignore count was not up dated
also if that person returns stays on temp ignore now


2nd January 2003 v6.02.000 BETA

Added Chat Client Id Reconise
These are the letters you will see after the users names
Yah Elite yE
Yazak YZ
Cheeta Ch
YmLite YL


v6.01.000 BETA

Removed all old ListBox so code is smaller
Got the Ignore User to select users with StrikeThru
Follow, Emote,Hello Room,Arrow,Pm,View Profile,Ignore User all now work with New Room Name selector
Select a name in the room and it selects it on theNew room name selector also


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