Yazak Update History 2009

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25th November 2009
Fixed translator working again V1.4.0
Also added more Languages and a From and TO
also has Auto detect

15th November 2009 V8.87.24
Changed to further improve NOBAN
You can right click NB indicator this is right side of the Shield up top of Chat Room
To get Protection settings ....and set No Ban Beater 1 to 9 ...if normal 1 don't allow posts

Also fixed problem with turning off "Auto turn off when it detects normal chat room post"

13th November 2009 V8.87.23
Changes and Improvements to /NOBAN (below)
Added a click able NB (NO Ban Beater) indicator this is right side of the Shield up top of Chat Room
Click NB to turn ON/OFF No Ban Beater (goes green when ON gray when OFF)
When NB is ON this over come Text Room Ban Exploit's when being used and you can still post in room and be seen

Note NB will auto turn off when it detects normal chat room post

12th November 2009 V8.87.20

Added new /noban command to chat room
if you seen these Text Room Ban's where the text stops use this to continue to post text
to use enter ... and turn on
/noban 1
to turn off again

24th October 2009 V8.87.20

Changed in chat room session message "Your chat session is ending soon! To Continue chatting"
put 2 links on it "click to Join Room again" and "x"

Added Pkt D7 to show name of user sending on BA (Boot Alert)

14th October 2009 V8.87.20

Change on Buddies list ... Made Refuse to allow to add you work better
If Refuse is on and you have that user on your buddies list
It will not automatically refuse them now if they try to add you,
so you don't have turn your buddies list refuse off after you have adding them and they allowed it.

Also stopped double names on more than one request to add at different times
if already on User Added Me List appearing

Added on SSL logging now save the Y and T cookies...
This enables you to use them to login with SSL unchecked and
Get New Cookie unchecked with cookie got from SSL logging
and not just only use cookies got from Non SSL logging.

Bugfix on Marquee
When marquee was off and you turned on Voice Ignore all stranger (on Voice options) would still turn on marquee

Change Removed AvatarSelector.exe off this install ....
yazak will download it if you use the Avatar selector
(took off so MacAfee Artemis was showing as false positive)

28th September 2009 V8.87.19
Change made it so you cant uncheck SP1 on login window now
Yahoo Turn off older server now

Added Preferences page 1 under If Voice level of user peak n times
Check option "Show auto muted messages in voice bar and not in room"

28th August 2009 V8.87.18
Added on Voice in Chat Room when auto muted with hit peak level hit
this will posts like this, now should work fine with vista, and removes ok not just last one.

username's voice auto muted    unmute and don't mute again    unmute only      x

Click on "unmute and don't mute again" to umute the user muted and don't mute them again while in room
Click on "unmute only" to unmute the user muted

Bugfix in Chat Room and PM's losing focus
Tracked the bug down to Alerts when 1st alert...only happens then...now fixed

19th August 2009 V8.87.15
Added on Chat Room buddies a button to 1 Day Buddy
This will Save and Only keep on Buddies List for 1 day
Note uses the Real Name section to keep the current date and time...dont change this or delete it
also this must be blank to use "List for 1 day" feature

Added on Voice in Chat Room..Feature to Mute or Lower Volume
to now show in marquee when feature is activated on a user

17th August 2009 V8.87.14
Added to Voice in Chat Room..Feature to Mute or Lower Volume level of users that are very loud ie hit peak level a number of times
This is a early versions ...and still in testing stange...will show 2 test numbers and OK
Set it up in Preferences Page1
Do Nothing - is OFF
Mute user - This will mute the user automatic if they hit peak No. of times set
Lower Volume - Same as above but lower volume level
Note it will not affect users on Chat room buddies list

13th August 2009 V8.87.13
Added on Buddies list window a new button indicator to easy show Refuse/Allow anyone adding me to their List
The Button will be R in red when Refuse is on
And button will be A in gray when Refuse is off ie Allow

Change on chat room menu Links...Edit Nic Name
Disenabled as no longer works ...yahoo stopped link working

7th August 2009 V8.87.12
Changes on Voice to improve it
mainly the PN Voice
now shows voice errors in PM status bar

4th August 2009 V8.87.11
Changed on Chat Room Avatars CH & OC Libraries to point to there new site location on freecreeds site

Change on Chat Room Links Menu taken out Computer techelp link as site no longer up

Updated Avatar selector v1.20.2
CH & OC Libraries to point to there new site location on freecreeds site
you can now enter number in search now also

31st July 2009 V8.87.10
Bugfix in PM Voice
This was causing yacscom.dll to crash sometimes when connection failed occurred
plus improvement in chat room voice and separate voice.

Change take out these voice server ...Don't connect now

29th July 2009 V8.87.7
Added on login window YMSG 102
This protocol version is more boot resistant and is selected by going to V102
Note V102 only shows when SP1 is checked
See YMSG Protocol version capabilities

Bugfix Chat Room BA log on packet $A8 was not loging username

24th July 2009 V8.87.6
Added On login window now you can select upto YMSG V17 on newservers SP1 Checked
....This is just selectable ....Ready for future use
maybe be best to stay with V16 but for those that wish to try V17 is on there

Changed on Chat Room when session is ending
Now takes out message
"Your chat session is ending soon! To Continue chatting, Please enter captcha code"
and stops sound....what it was not doing....

Change on Chat Room Marquee....the Format menu now has extra option now
Marquee at Top (Auto Off)
so you now have option to use Auto turn off Marquee or leave how it use to be

Changed on Chat Room Help menu the Post Yazak chat web site
Now all on one main header "Post Yazak Chat Web Site"
with sub menu's renamed to
"Short post"
"SHORT url coded (stops filtering)"
"Longer post"
"New Feature Post"
Also now only allows post once every 30 seconds max ...
menu disenabled after post for 30 seconds

23th July 2009 V8.87.5

Added on Chat Room when you chat session is ending ....this is around 4 hours 20 mins
"Your chat session is ending soon! To Continue chatting, Please enter captcha code"
and it will pop up captcha and sound the warning sound if you have one set on sound 18

Change on Preferences Page 1 Sound alert 18
from "Loged out of Chat Room 3 or 6 Hours"
to "Chat Room session is ending soon warning"

Change on Chat Room taken out message "The ChatRoom Time Limit of 3 or 6 hours is up !"
as this is no longer needed, as yahoo now has Chat Room session is ending soon warning

Change on Chat Room Marquee....Now it turn off the Marquee bar once its stopped scrolling

21th July 2009 V8.87.4
Change further adjustment to "Captcha to come up to resume"

19th July 2009 V8.87.3
Added support for Captcha to come up to resume your chat session as
the time is about to run out, this is a Yahoo change! (Note still needs more testing)

Your will see this message
For your security, we require that you enter the characters shown above.
If you do not correctly enter these characters, you will be signed out of Yahoo! Chat. Thank you.

Captcha will show up and you will need to enter code to continue chat

Changes on PM voice to make it work better...

17th July 2009 V8.87.2
Change so Yazak now works with newest yacscom.DLL v1.0.0.50 or lower (also will work with v1.0.0.45 or v1.0.0.48)
before if you installed newer yahoo messenger you would need to run a fix to register the older v1.0.0.48 yacscom.dll
now with this know need to do this any more.
Note: closing the chat room with voice open will just stop voice click again will close room.

Bugfix chat room command /cls clear screen was not working in IE control Mode
now works in both IE control Mode and ritch text mode

Bugfix when closing yazak if you have the yacscom.dll v
"Run-time error '438' Object doesn't support this property or method"

16th July 2009 V8.87.01
Fixed bug was not reporting Invalid Username or Password when SSL unchecked (unsecure Authentication Login)
Taken out beep sound when loaded cookie (get new cookie..not checked)

15th July 2009 V8.87.00
Added Non SSL Authentication Login - This is faster to start than SSL method but is not secure
There is now a SSL Auth check to switch between these modes

9th July 2009 V8.86.83
Added another check for Auto Protection ...Now room posts exploits using extended size room names

Added to Menu Extra Toys Uptime Yazak ...now tells time been in room also

Yazak Uptime is: 5 Secs ... Time been in Room: 15 Hours 32 Mins 53 Secs

Added to Menu Extra Toys Uptime of computer: age of yazak

This computer has been on for 15 Hours 33 Mins 1 Secs ... Yazak Chat program is now 8 Years 9 months old.

30th June 2009 V8.86.82
Changed on login window old chat mud servers removed
cs101.msg.mud.yahoo.com to cs128.msg.mud.yahoo.com

Only left scs.msg.yahoo.com ..this sill works till August 15th as long as on YMSG v12-v14

Add on About window added copy to clipboard Cookies AuthCodeVoice webcamView and Webcamshow

26th June 2009 V8.86.81
Fixed Ghost to login new server
Ghost Uses new servers now as old mud server are not currently working....Must have SP1 checked

18th June 2009 V8.86.80
Changed Loged out by time 3-6 hours message not sound (18) until loged out by yahoo! 2nd message comes....

Added more error trapping on View Image
some one was saying they were getting a error 481 invalid image

Set Emotes to use new path if cant find old
"C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\resources\en-US" <-- new path yahoo messenger v10 uses

Added to /roll chat room command more than 1 dice so you can roll now 1 to 5
Foe example to roll five dices /roll 5
/roll 3 for 3 dices

22nd May 2009 V8.86.79
Added On Protection settings...Right Click On shield
Emergency button what when clicked on goes bright red
will trigger protection on 1st sign of booter packet

Also fixed "On Login turn On" was not keeps last set to when closed Protection settings window...
Note this setting is currently not saved...so is off when next start yazak.

Changes on cloak protection so does'nt stick off and lowered some packets trigger treshholds

21th May 2009 V8.86.77
Fix Chat room Ghost now works properly with Cloak On as well as with Shiled

Added On Protection settings...Right Click On shield
Now has "" This turn protection on as soon as yazak logins (Cloak for 120 Secs, Shield what its set for)
Also added a Cloak ON .....
click on the Cloak / Shield in Protection settings ....For quicker way of turning it on

Change when Cloak is on and click change rooms will turn cloak off so you can enter a room

14th May 2009 V8.86.76

Added to links menu in chat room
Edit Nic Name

Changes on Shield/Cloak
fix on Cloak/Shield was not auto turning off
also shows the current Flooding packet size being hit at...
this is under the Flood packet size in blue

BA only flashes 30 secs now was 60 secs
BA Now logs packets hit again.
Changed some protection

8th May 2009 V8.86.75
Bugfix Tooltip in chat room when you mouse over time been in room
was not showing correct time with 6 hours selected

Changed few of chat room banner messages,
so they get removed when you click on the links on them,
or when another message subseeds them
These banner messages have been changed
"The ChatRoom Time Limit of 3 or 6 hours is up click here to Join Room again"
"Logged out of Chat by Yahoo! Captcha code entry timed out . . . click to Join Room again"
"Logged out of Chat by Yahoo! 6 hours 20 secs . . . click to Join Room again"
"This room is Full To try another room click here To return to: Yahoo! Chat Help:5 click here"
"The room is not available yet! Try a lower numbered room click here to return to: Electronics:2"

2nd May 2009 V8.86.74

Changed PM test and speed check
yahoo was filtering old method so did'nt get pm's back so test often didnt work,
Changed it so it dont post same thing so should always work.
Also added to show port after chat server

Changed "Logged out of Chat by Yahoo! 3 Hours time limit! click to Join Room again"
"The ChatRoom Time Limit of 3 or 6 hours is up ! click here to Join Room again"

Added on Captcha code entry a Internet Explorer
you can click on this to open captcha in Internet Explorer,
if you get problems seeing captcha

1st May 2009 V8.86.73
Added on Pm Preference
Always show username on each PM message posted

If this is checked more that one post by same username
will put up there name on each post

Added on Chat Room
Stay in Chat for upto 6 hours chat without needing to enter new captcha code
normal limit was upto 3 hours....

On preferences there is a "Chat Room Max hours" on Page 4
Set this to normal 3 hours or extented 6 hours

Added Another Sound
17 Email arrived
18 Loged out of Chat Room 3 or 6 hours

24th April 2009 V8.86.72
Change on login window when login into a chat server
and get "Connection is forcefully rejected"
Will now delete that server temporarily from list
and select another random chat server

Change put back the mud chat servers that were not
connecting cs101-cs110 as working again now...

Added message to PM when you have Cloak on
WARNING CLOAK IS ON You can't Send or Receive PM's

Bugfix on PM Preferences
On "What to reply if Magic word not said entry" box
and "Pm Rejected Message" box
If you entered new lines by pressing Enter or pasted in
multi lines would corrupt preference settings...

23rd April 2009 V8.86.71
Added some more mud chat servers 3 in fact
cs125-cs127 .... these are harder to boot in port 80 so i am told

Bugfix voice server changes in chat room voice options was not changing on login window.

Bugfix on Protection Settings (Right click Shield in chat room)
Auto Protection & When I turn ON... was resetting to Use Shield Protection

Added Command
/CLOAK Turns on Cloaking

Added to show when Cloak mode is on
Warning message "While Cloak is ON Your Chat Room POSTS
will not be seen by users." as tooltip when you type
Also User name will show as....Cloak_ON_Post_Not_Seen

22th April 2009 V8.86.70
Change removed a lot of the mud chat servers as
they no longer connect (11 servers in all)
cs101-cs110 and cs116

Change on Shield Settings...Change it to Protection Settings
Added a New .. Cloak and Shield .. Header
Auto Shield On ...is now... Auto Protection
When I Turn Shield On Don't Auto Turn Shield OFF ...is now... When I Turn On Don't Auto Turn OFF
Flood Packet Size to trigger Shield On ...is now... Flood Packet Size 10000 to trigger Protection

There is now a ..Number of Seconds to keep Protection On ...for Cloak and Shield

And there is a option to:
Use Cloak Protection Or Use Shield Protection

Change on Cloak You can now turn off Cloak manually by clicking cloak icon when its on

Added More Sounds ....And Different method of saving them so there Global now
...and more sounds can easy be added latter.
Set these on Preferences Page1 .....I'll make a sound set zip file soon....
New Sound option are for:
10 Shield On
11 Shield Off
12 Cloak On
13 Cloak Off
14 Ghost On
15 Ghost Off
16 Booter Alert (BA)

17th April 2009 V8.86.69
Added Ping to Extra toys...External programs
This is a ping program you can use to test single IP or URL
and Yahoo chat servers

Added Ping.exe v1.1.0
This will ping a URL or Ip Number or has yahoo chat server buttons to test chat servers
this can be used if you have connection issues....to get this use the updater...be at bottom of the list

15th April 2009 V8.86.68
BugFix on Ghost
Large Friends list was disconnecting ghost with message "Boot Detected Blocked!"....fixed friend list shown now

If Ghost saved was name was same as Main Yazak login name would try to use it....Does not now

Fixed Problem when ghost username changed to another username was
using captcha from last name if still available to use again

Added on Ghost
Ghost will now Cloak if user try's to boot ghost

14th April 2009 V8.86.67
Added Cloak + Resume
Added limited Cloak feature to yazak, Shield Changes to Cloak when active

Cloak will auto activate when Flood Packet size if reached....If Auto Resume is checked

Or can activate the cloak manually by holding down Ctrl + Left clicking on Shield

Cloak currently has a resume fixed to 5 seconds.

Bugfix Voice server was always going back to default voice server vc.yahoo.com

Bugfix Audible's made follow the don't show name up again rule....
wasn't on audibles sent showing in your PM's.

Changed on Ignore put limit on Usernames length to 64 characters...
to stop Idiots that have extra long names that you could ignore
You would see like this on on Error log
Error No: 5 Invalid procedure call or argument
Sub: ModIgnore IgnoredAddRemove V8.86.66 14/04/2009 18:00:24 line=4 (username)

13th April 2009 V8.86.66
Bugfix in Prefs_LoadPrefs
Error No:6 Overflow (normally line69 and 75 with some users) has now be set to resume
and skip to next so rest of prefs setting get loaded

9th April 2009 V8.86.65
Added Audible load on the audibles you dont yet have.
Just click on the Load buttons on the audible selector....

8th April 2009 V8.86.64
Change Fix for Audibles
Made Yazak use it own audibles.xml file so it works for everyone, yahoo changed how the xml is used
so it would not show all the Audibles for some ....
Note you it still want show any you dont have but if someone send you them
or you get them with messenger you will get them.....on updater for audible needs fixing.

7th April 2009 V8.86.63

Change on PM's
Added Favorites on smiles faces ...
Right click on face to get favorites

Made so pm's dont show name again if last post was by that user again,
ie more than 1 post before you post

Bugfix in loading preferences
Showing this error on log file
Error No: 9 Subscript out of range Sub: Prefs_LoadPrefs (userid) V8.86.62 07/04/2009 02:36:08 line=29

This error was caused by some of your id accounts not having room names with saved room id numbers and didnt check for this.

Note the other trapped error on log file "Error No: 62 Input past end of file" is fine and want have any affect.
caused by older prefs saved files and is corrected on next save.

Added error loging line error showing (for debugging purposes only) on following

4th April 2009 V8.86.62
Added error loging on Save and load prefs with username and line error showing (for debugging purposes only)
Changed Gossip new this version or higher to see gossip....fixed gossip not working with alaise

31th March 2009 V8.86.60
Added on Login window a chat port 23 Yahoo messenger seems to use that now in place of port 5050

Changed so multi blank lines are removed to just one on chat room

Changed in chat room window Voice Options change voice to refect login window voice settings and visa versa

Also 'check if saved voice server currently available set to default server if last used server not availaible now
only has these voice servers now....v1.vc.scd.yahoo.com to v7.vc.scd.yahoo.com taken off..as currently dont work.

27th March 2009 V8.86.59
Added refresh button to My Profiles window
You can hit refresh to see if any changed to the status of profiles has taken by yahoo servers

Added to click on current voice user name another popmenu item
Set Volume 0% ( or sets to 50% if already set to 0%)
with this you can turn the volume completely down when say mute is not working what sometimes happens
on yahoo voice servers....or you can use it to just turn users volume down as still see when there talking.

Bugfix when in alaise name (profile name not main name) and get disconnected
will now come back in that name and not main account

Bugfix Auto shield was not turning off...should be fixed

23rd March 2009 V8.86.57
Changed Disconnected Messages now show in Red header box, and disapear when connect again
also 3 hour log out room has now header box

Added newest exploit fix to put users on yahoo ignore/Temp. ignore

Changed top right Ignore button to Ignored - shows Ignored chatters list

22th March 2009 V8.86.55
Added on Preferences HiLite Alert word Outline mode
This puts a outline around the words in place of hiliteing the all the words and is selectable.

Added on PM windows
Shows header Box when user goes off line and Online
Also made the WebCam header box and voice show up clearer

19th March 2009 V8.86.54
Added on Links Menu ... Yahoo Mail
New Option ... Show Yahoo Alerts in Chat Room - this sets if Email alerts apear in Chat Room

Bugfix on PM message box "username has turned off Voice" so it shows correct from username

17th March 2009
Updater updated to V1.25.0
Changed so you cant update file to same version you already have
made updater delete any old files left by updater last used
added extra info messages info.

12th March 2009 V8.86.53
Added on PM message box "username has turned off Voice" so it more clearer the in pm status

Changed on login window ...removed "Log in on protected chat server 130" button
This is not need now...as Yahoo patched the current booter $1b
Also shows message
"cs130 is currently OUT OF SERVICE! by Yahoo from March 12th 2009" when you try cs130

10th March 2009 V8.86.52
Added to WildCard filer ignore users name on Web Cam
to use enter [webcam] in filter
Examples: - These will only apply wildcards to user entering room with web cam on
$$[webcam]*# - This would perm ignore users on web cam with names like ... sexy123 , biggirl4736
$$[webcam]** - This would perm ignore users ALL users on web cam

Changed on Chat Room List
Taken off Join room fast - This is not needed now as yahoo fixed there servers
No Bounce - Not needed now
Anti Room Bounce - not needed now

7th March 2009 V8.86.49
Bugfix Chat Room right click on changed rooms to goto
resent room's visited was not working right .... fixed

Changed on Room entry
Now waits max of 3 mins before timing out on trying to enter room
and show this message if fails after waiting this length of time:
"Chat Room Entry Timed Out!"
"You might have a Chat Room entry ban"
"Try using another username"
"A ban can last 24 hours!"

Also shows message soon as you try to enter room now,
and only try's once as old slow entry in not needed any more....
you can retry by right clicking yellow info message..
and selecting option on menu still....

Changed on Filter & Wilcard window
Added a Add button so you can use that or
press enter key on keyboard ...to add words

Dont allow "*" Or "**" Or "$$" to be saved.......
So stop yazak ignore everyone ...when people enter these by mastake

5th March 2009 V8.86.48

Added Ignore button above chat room chatter list...
use this to quickly show chatters who maybe on ignore
This also sizes the ignore window to height of you
chat room to make to see more of chatter list on there
Chatters with appear in red [p] if on Perm Ignore and Blue [t] temp ignore.

Bugfix if you had been disconnected and if you had entered a chat room in a aliase name
would before switch back to main name ..now fixed

Also made Login window show if yazak did not log you in again.... and stopped trying....

Bugfix on Chat Room when voice list is was selected and you left mouse select on a user name would always say user left room
Also would show up on the error log "Error No: 5 Invalid procedure call or argument Sub: ModSector, SelectHilightName"

1st March 2009 V8.86.47
Added better messages to login Status messages so you have better idea what happening when login is slow

Example new messages
Trying to connect to Current Chat Server: cs130.msg.ac4.yahoo.com Port: 80

Example new Status messages
Status: Trying to connect
Status: Trying to Connect time 3 Seconds
Status: YMSG Initiation Please Wait!
Status: Connecting to SSL Please wait !
Status: Ready to Join Chat Room

Added on Login window option on File Menu
YMSG Intiation option - Normally you would have this on....
but for possible faster login you can Turn off by un checking

Bug fix made sure "Log in on Protected chat server 130" button also use port 80 (
As this seems to be only protected one even though now you can user other ports.

Also Note: This server takes quite a while to connect to sometime PLEASE WAIT for it to connect...

28th February 2009 V8.86.46
Bugs in Captcha fixed

27th February 2009
Updated YazServ V3.10.0 added ban list feature.

18th February 2009 V8.86.45
Exploit update fix

18th February 2009 V8.86.44
Bugfix in Gosip

18th February 2009 V8.86.43
Added "Log in on protected chat server 130" button
You can click on this button to quickly log into the Yahoo! server
that is protected from these kiddie that boot the room this will put you straight
in "cs130.msg.ac4.yahoo.com" with Chat Port 80.

15th February 2009 V8.86.42
Fixed Auto Shield not turning off on some attempted Floods/boots

Changed Menu...Extra Toys...External Programs...Packet Sniffer
To set Packet Sniffer Port filter to current Chat Port

Packet Sniffer 15th February 2009V1.5.1
Added Port= setting from external programs
Changed Saving of packets save as go..also added save exit..and indication of progress

11th February 2009 V8.86.41

Fixed Stealth to work better
was not working prperly with login Invisable set and changes to status...
did not pick up these changes properly bug in clear stealth...

Added to Chat Room List
When you click on Special Categories ? will show you a web page with all the room cat numbers listed

Fixed click on alerts hi message not working...

6th February 2009 V8.86.40
Change meesage to show PM if disconnected, was just showing in chat room
also shows on PM test

Change Flooding protection tweaks

4th February 2009 V8.86.39

Changed Left clicking on Ignore button to just put up ignore window now.....
also puts selected name in add user on ignore window, just in cae you want to ignore them,
most people dont use the ignore button i have found, and click on name and ignore from popup menu.

Changed alerts to not select your name on lists and so make window lose focus and popup chat room

Bugfix reset crop count when chat room closed....to stop clearing screen problems

31th January 2009 V8.86.38
Change on Login window
Made password entry work much better, and you can paste passwords in now also

Bug fix join room communication error -3 fixed, on rare cases was still happening with some old usernames used with saved 10 digit room codes

Fixed Right click voice now clear user list on onSystemDisconnect - (ie kiddies playing with voice server


28th January 2009 V8.86.37
Change on login window

Shows Warning message in PM's when connected to cs.130.msg.ac4 server now, as Pm's cant be received on this specail server.

WARNING using Protected Chat server cs.130.msg.ac4
Can only Send PM's without reconnecting to another server

Random dont use cs130.msg.ac4 now..and if cs130.msg.ac4 selected and Random un-selected port 80 is temp selected
with a message telling you this.

Added Ports 8001 and 8002
Also taken off one Sp1 server cs130.msg.sp1.yahoo.com ....as dont work currently ...as is not resolved

27th January 2009 V8.86.36
Fix to Change Room List
made so works in middle east and Phil..

24th January 2009 V8.86.35
Change on Chat Room Voice
Made voice clear voice chatters list when disconnected in voice by yahoo!
or can be some user messing with yahoo's voice server.... now you should'nt see double names in voice list

Also added disconnect messages to tooltips on voice button
example messages
"Voice Disconnected 23:05"
"AudioError code:3 Message: error "

Changes on PM voice
fixes to wait for voice to wait for stop before allowing to turn on again....
to stop rare freeze problems with pm voice, when turn on and off alot

17th January 2009 V8.86.33
Change Flooding protection tweaks

16h January 2009 V8.86.31
bug fix activate Inactive was making shild go on off if primary was selected

changed on Menu..Friend...View...from Photo to Display Image

15th January 2009 V8.86.30
Added My Profiles window - You can activate or make your Profile name Inactive on this
To open this:
Click on "My Profiles" on Login window
Or Right Click on Profile Button on Chat Room window

Also there is a Create/Edit My Profile button what takes you to the Yahoo! page to edit your profiles names
and a Id Helper Button .....that takes you to another page to help you find available ID's

14th January 2009 V8.86.29
BugFix on Ghost after it had been disconnect was not clearing the packet buffer...should now reconnect after a disconnection (boot) ok

Fixed Shield fixs and changes

13th January 2009 V8.86.28
Bugfix on Chat Room List...Enter Chat room As:...when switch from one profile name while in room to another was not working right.

Bugfix on Chat Room ...When Change Room..Re-Enter was used Shield was being Cleared.

Bugfix on Shield Setting..."Auto shield On" and " When I Turn Shield On Don't Auto Turn Shield Off"
where both not saved, as turn off in V8.86.22 and forgot to unset that.

12th January 2009 V8.86.27
Added better Auto Shield protection for new exploits
Change of Shield messages for different method

Change On Chat Room List....Enter Chat Room As...not Changed log..My profiles to reflect this.

11th January 2009 V8.86.26
Added Sheild back on yazak using different method....only works with Profile Names....Not the Primary Profile Name


9th January 2009 V8.86.25
Fixed problem with yazak not login back in when has been Disconnected by a flooder...
Now fixed and should log you right back in....not fully tested though.

Change Now add's Flooder names to temp ignore also so you can move them yahoo ignore,
if yazak is disconnect before if gets chance too.
Also forces flood names to lowercase.

8th January 2009 V8.86.24
Added more Flooding protection tweaks.

6th January 2009 V8.86.23
Change Improved flood protection a little
Switch order where Audible Load's new Audibles ..
Now tests if a Buddy ...then Check if Audible Exists already.....
plus more tweaks..

5th January 2009 V8.86.22
Fixed bug When on Old servers (SP1 Unchecked) and using YMSG V16 users were getting double post (8 secs gapped)
Changed to not operate when old server on YMSG V16 are used now....to fix this
as pm will not send AckNo on old servers and so send 2nds post...
this will cause no Acknowledge Packet (FB) will be sent....as no ACKNo is recieved on the PM field

Change disenambled Shield ... and Auto resume.....as know longer working... for some time now ....even on old servers.

4th January 2009 V8.86.21
Added YMSG V16 send Acknowledge Field and Send repeat PM's if not received after 8 seconds
same as Yahoo messenger V9 does....
This is the full Implementation of use of new Acknowledgement of pm's on ymsg v16...
(The return Acknowledgement part was put in on October 2008 V8.85.10)

Fixed bug in PM Flood Protection period setting....was not being change from 3000ms (secs set period)
Should make protection work more better with setting from 500ms to 3000ms