Yazak Update History 2008

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31th December 2008 V8.86.20
Added Auto Captcha to room entry of the same name
This is handy if the room is full you can retry without entering
captcha code again, this last for 5 mins

27th December 2008 V8.86.19

Added to PM Flood Protection (PF) Settings (right Click on shield to see this)

You can now change time period from defualt 3 seconds (3000 ms)
This will also show's the how many pm's per second like:

"This works out as 5 pm's every per second"

Also made faster PM Flood Protection timer to remove names
at 10 every 500ms (was set at 10 every 1000ms)

Changed to Only allow Loading new Audibles from user on Buddies list

25th December 2008 V8.86.18
Fixed a Audible Exploit that was causing yazak to freeze while it tryed to down load multiple Audibles
Now Audible have same PM Protection as PM's ...Ie Turn PM's Off you want get Audibles and
if PM on will start will have PM Flood Protection (PF) on audible .... You can change (PF) setting by Right clicking Shield

Fixed Faces Bug showing Blue Box's on some users computers around faces.

20th December 2008 V8.86.17
Fixed Status message to work properly on YMSG V15/V16
Also now shows if busy (no entry sign next to face) or not busy in buddies list
Added new Enter your status message window...with option to show busy Icon or not.

19th December 2008 V8.86.16
Added Inprovement to flooding protection ...to stop Typing packet flood and other flooding packets
put's users on PM Flood Protection... fix error in other flood protection not working correctly...

13th December 2008 V8.86.14
Added detection of bogus "did Not Allow your request to add them to your friends list" messages
This username is placed on temp ignore as was a request you didnt make
You will see this message like this:

* Request Not Allowed *
This is a bogus rejected requested so putting USERNAME on Temp Ignore!

added to add buddie to check if username is on ignore to warn you!

Changed made show offline/Showonline faster when switching

6th December 2008 V8.86.13
Fixed the voice issue on V8.86.12 with some users
Now only needs V1.0.0.45 yacscom.dll or higher

Changed more changes to Gossip to stop Idiots abussing it
Also you can now Ignore Gossip as its now shows up as a username "gossip

5th December 2008 V8.86.12
Added to Links Menu Yahoo Finance Currency Convert
also Deleted one of the Yazakpro links as there was 2 on there

Changed the Gossip to stop Idiots abussing it

Change made SP1 Default checked
and added this message to end of failed to connect message "Also Try Checking SP1"


30th November 2008 V8.86.10

Added to Change Room window... * Special Categories *
You will find this at bottom of Categories list.

With this you can goto other categories if you know there number 1000 onwards all 4 digits

1000 Business & Finance
1500 Open source , Security
1590 Career Development...

Change made Alert window stay on Top

Change made smiley faces show emotion text ....like "Happy" "Surprise" when you hover over them in Chat Room or PM

27th November 2008 V8.86.9

Added Preference to change Chatters List Font Size
This setting is on preferences page 2 ....you may wish to make the chatters list wider if you make fonts bigger

Changed the PM on Popup Menu for quicker selection without side menu ...thanks christi for this idea
this looks like this on the popup menu now
PM » Username
PM » Other Contact

Also fixed the correct username not showing up on Alerts, Rejected PM, Find Text popup menu's

25th November 2008 V8.86.8
Changed Added a preference Setting for repeat posts ignore on page 2 preferences....this was originally fixed to 1 times
Ignore posts after repeated --> 3 times by strangers In the last 10 posts
Note to completely turn off repeat post ignores set this to Zero

Added On Popup Menu Buddies and Chat Room
..........Selected Username This open's a PM to selected user
..........Other Contact This open's a PM with a blank To: for you to enter the other contact User ID into.

Changed On User Added Me List window
Menu changes
Request to Add - Shows if you select on a username with [request] next to them

Remove my name - Shows when usernames without [request] next to them

Add User to my list - Moved up top

Changed Gossip was still working with un coded gossip.

24th November 2008 V8.86.6
Added to Symbols window a magnifying option to make symbols bigger.....Thanks Music for idea

Changed Stranger ignore messages to show two different types now
When you hover over ignored user names (both types use to just show "Stranger Ignored") now show

Stranger Ignored Flood - This Ignore message shows when Chat Room Flood Protection Preferences Page 2 is reached
Ignored Strangers Menu - This shows for Popup Menu on Ignore Button is checked "Ignore All Strangers Posts and put on Temp Ignore"

Bug clear old long yahoo room id numbers ...was off last versions

23rd November 2008 V8.86.5

Added Custom color to Preferences Page 1
HiLite and Marquee

Change dont show server on INFO when Yazserv used

22nd November 2008 V8.86.3
Added Show Recent Users left Room & Show Recent Users Joined Room
Set Different User names Orange if on Buddies List or Chat room Buddies list
So you can easy see them

Also made list show top most as most recent user left going down.

Added on Preferences Page 1 HiLite the above alert in --->
You can now click on number of different colors to have Hilite.....(was just Yellow)

Changed Gossip non coded removed to allow only coded Gosip now on yazak....
as non coded was being abussed by non yazak users...

21st November 2008 V8.86.0
Changed and updated the Ignore window
Show's more information now
and Hilite Temp [t] Perm [p] ignores and Chatters [c] in colors
Blue [t], Red [p] and Green [c]
so you can easy spot them how on the list

Also shows Perm. ignored for days on list now

Show Recent Users left Room....are now placed in ascending order 1st user left at bottom ...last left top of list
so you can easy see users that just left now as there be at top...you can right click marquee to see this of course still

Added two new buttons to Joined room and Left room on Ignore window
removed the button "Remove what user said" as this is on the popup menu on ignore window
and on popup menu on chat room, under Ignore User Perm. + Other Options....so is not needed or used...

17th November 2008 V8.85.17
Bugfix when using SP1 checked on Login ..New servers
Some users were getting incorrect password,
This was caused by certain characters in the password for example %&=space

9th November 2008 V8.85.16

Added Flood protection on Packets sent by booters to put them on Yahoo! Iggy.....
(Uses PM Flood Protection part) still under testing stage

Fix Bug in Change Room
Selecting Rooms with zero users in was not possible...fixed now
Also you can now select the room title to goto any available free rooms of the type

Also made UK Local Langauge rooms work again by converting old style yahoo! 10 digit numbers to 4 digit

7th November 2008 V8.85.15
Fix for Change Room window for the changes Yahoo! made to Room Id Numbers (roomcat)
as the Old Room Id Numbers were 10 digits long new ones are now 4 digits
Example: was "Yahoo! Chat Help:1::1600326597" now is "Yahoo! Chat Help:1::1017"

Yazak will clear these old 10 digit numbers now....so you will need to re-find them on the room list

Changed typo in PM Popup Menu Show Encrupt to Show Encrypt
thanks christi for spotting it

4th November 2008 V8.85.14
Bugfix last version stopped task bar flash email
when clicked on email page didnt start

Changed and added new option on PM Popup Menu Go Transparent

Stay On Top checked.makes PM window stay on top (as before)
Transparent checked Makes PM window slowly go after 20 seconds (new option)

3rd November 2008 V8.85.13
Added Transparency to PM's these only work when
"Make PM Stay On Top" is Checked...on PM popup menu
The PM window will slowly go transparent after 20 seconds
when another window in yazak is selected ..like chat window

Added on Ignore Window popup Menu
Added under Current List .. PM User
also fixed bug in ViewProfile on there

29th October 2008 V8.85.12
Changed Links Menu
Made Create/Edit My Profiles - Auto Sign in Page using you Username and Password Now!
...Note You Have Preferences Page3 Emails Automatic enter Emails Password setup for this to work...

On Above and Link Menu .. Yahoo Mail...Check Yahoo Mail the window now has a address bar at the top
...So you can change this Address if you wish like Internet Explorer
and press ENTER key to goto the URL Address

Download the Setup Wizard -- Now is "Download Audio Setup Wizard
also fixed the link to work againa as yahoo! changed it

25th October 2008 V8.85.11
Bugfix on View Display Image...
When a user left the room the View Display was not showing
that username if you clcik on a chat text username.

Added couple of chat room commands
/RMBUD username Removes your name from someone elses buddy list
(/UNBUD also works same as used in Yah Elite)

/ROLL Rolls a dice 1-6 - Just a fun feature requested by sweet_pea

Changed for Vista users saving of Archive's (Room and PM) outside the Applications folder
So now Vista users Archives will be in My Documents in Folder Named "MY YazakChat Files"

In future all Vista files saved and used by Yazak will be stored in this....only done the Archives as yet

15th October 2008 V8.85.10
Fixed Double post PM's problem when using YMSG V16 New servers on yazak...
use to show double PM Posts from Messenger V9

Added another option Chat Room Popup Menu click on usernames Ignore Use Perm + more Options .. Show Filter used to Ignore
This will open the Filter window and selected filter used... so you can edit it of Delete it easy

Added TO Filter Window
? Help web pages - When you click on ? shows you a Help web page
on Filters or Wildcards depending what you have selected.
Also made the entry box resize to the window width.

11th October 2008 V8.85.9
Added TO Filter "&" option wildcards in filters
To use wildcards in filters just start with "&"
? Any single character. * Zero or more characters. # Any single digit (0=9)

You can Now Filter the bots that use hidden white letters ...by use ? where these are

How message will look something like this when copyed to filter...
you will notice these have big spaces between words in the chat room

See in red these hidden letters

Ok find the words and place "?" where the random lets are inbetween each word

Some Porn bot Examples ....all put on perm. Ignore ...(Perm Ignores start with $$ then the &)


Please Note Changed from V8.85.8 you now need to start these type with "&" character now!!!!

6th October 2008 V8.85.7
Bugfix when you AddBuddy was used on YMSG V15/16 the Real Name
(ie Send Your name with request) was set to "MYNAME"
Added "Real Name (optional can leave blank)" entry box
so you can have them on there list on messenger as real name
Note this feature only works on YMSG V15/16

Updated Packet Sniffer V1.04.0
Save Packets Option Now
Only This IP - When checked only shows Packets from that computer IP ...
(Wireless connection users will see all connections packets when not checked)

30th September 2008 V8.85.6
Added when you have PM's OFF in Pm Preference's
You will see this warning message in pm's
"NO PM IS ON...You Will not Recieve PM's back until you change this in Pm Preferences"

Changed When Missing Auth.dll now automaticlly select's SP1
(This uses the new Yahoo Server, that does'nt need the Auth.DLL)
Because AVG and other Virus scanners are yet again flaging the Auth.DLL what is over four old as a trojan
This is total a FALSE Positive but AVG and others seem to flag it as one every 6 months or so it seems.

GOOD NEWS AVG Updated there Database Click here to Read more to fix this problem

13th September 2008 V8.85.5
Added PM Flood Protection feature
You set this up on Shield Settings ... Right Click Shield in Chat Room at top
You cane set the Number of PM's to Trigger Protection ...at bottom..

Also there is a button to Show PM Flood Protection...Window

OK the how the PM Flood Protection works is by putting the users flooding you on
Yahoo Ignore a little widow will popup when this happeds.

On the PM Flood Protection...window there is a Stop Burron ..to stop
and a Remove Name button...select a name to remove 1st
also there is a HIDE button to hide this window.

Bugfix On Ignore window Yahoo Ignore's the count was not correct

9th September 2008 V8.85.3
Changed PM Prefs the No PM's when used to completely ignore incoming packets
Also PM packet move up to highest priority so processes 1st now

Also will hopefully have PM Flood Protection finished on next update

Bugfix On Ignore window Yahoo Ignore to work on YMSG V15/V16 better
Note this works best on yahoo's new servers as they reply correctly with all Id's you put on Yahoo! Ignore if you ignore multi id's
Mud servers (old) tend to just reply with 1st Id ignored if you ignore multi id's, so best to only ignore one name at a time.
although the name are ignored just list will not show this until you log in again.


26th August 2008 V8.85.2

Added to YazServ hosting switchable from Yazakpro.com or Freecreed.com

Added Help menu help links are copyed in clipboard now

Updated YazServ sever now V3.9.0
Fixed problem with server working with Yazakpro.com due to packet spilts

24th August 2008 V8.85.1
Added 2 extra sites to Post Yazak...on Help Menu www.calisworld.com/yazak
and a google serach link www.google.com/search?q=yazakpro

Bugfix Version checking was not working correctly on carols site sometimes
as packets are sent in two parts made read split packets.

Bugfix Click on room link after 3 hours was not working....needed to make it int room entry

17th August 2008 V8.85.0
New SP1/AC4 works on all computers now on Login (window SP1 option is checked)
I found the problem, what was happenong for a small amount of user login would fail to login (64bit computers users i think)
Also now works with YMSG V15 and V16 , Perviously would only work on V16

Changed Login YMSG Version button to only work on available ranges on New severs
CP1 checked (new CP1/AC4 servers) YMSG V15 - V16
CP1 Not checked (old Mud servers) YMSG V12 - V16

Changed removed the Beep some users were posting in the room <sound="wave">

Changed Captcha window when you click on refresh focus stays on code entry part

26th July 2008 V8.84.13
Changed Captcha window
Removed Lock Captcha , Auto Submit, Auto Hide
as Yahoo stopped this funtion working

Added a Refresh Captpcha Image
This get another Captcha code if you cant read the current one

Added - Magnifcation button and + Magnication button...
.in place of the single button

Changed Chat Room Title was showing Archive path when archive was saved,
debuging info Iforgot to turn off.

Changed Removed "Error No Content Loaded ! Connection Closed!" messages
in Chat Rooms Lister

19th July 2008 V8.84.12
Added New kind of Filter option to filter complete posts including tags
Normally tags are removed 1st before Filters are checked

Lines in Filter starting with character @

@<font size="1">«esc»[#ffffffm
above can be used to iggy the porn bots you get in room...will put on temp ignore

$$@<font size="1">«esc»[#ffffffm
or above to put on Perm. Ignore...The porn bots

Note... The «esc» is converted to the Escape character...
Escape Sequences ...these start with Escape Character and end with "m"
The above Esacpe sequence is use to set the Font color to white....ffffff... RGB hex value

using Debug you can copy and paste parts to make you own filters

BugFix Error 5 was happens when version update checks was made once a day...
Carol's site was sending short data on version info causing un trapped error 5

Updater had same error....so that needs updating to V1.23.0

14th July 2008 V8.84.10
Added Room List Server .. change feature -- click on U button On Chat Eoom List window to get to this
There just 2 listed on the pull down combo

you can enter one if you know what to enter, press eneter key to add it and select it to save

Note: You only need to change this if your room list are not working.....

10th July 2008 V8.84.9

Added to Shield Setting window...Boot Alert (BA) Settings
Auto Resume Connection ....On/Off... So you can now turn that off ...
so it will not Auto Resume Connection...
when the set Flood packet size is reached... but you still will get warning...if Unchecked

Normal I would recommend you have "Auto Resume Connection" Unchecked ....And"Auto Shield" Unchecked
As yahoo known longer disconnect you if your flooded by kiddies users

Added to PM ...Stop Auto Allowing This PM...On Popup Menu
On Yazak Pm will be allowed if you send a PM to a User even if they are not normally allowed for example a user not on friends list
This option allows you to stop allowing this user, until you type another message to them, (Thanks Christi for the Idea)

Added Show PM log ... to Buddies List Popup Menu... normal you had to get to this from PM preferences

4th July 2008 V8.84.8
Bugfix Captcha picture not being deleted ready for new one,
this seemed to happen for some when they got corrupted captcha download pic
now checkecks 2nd time when new captcha picture is about to be downloaded
and deletes any captcha pic still there.

30th June 2008 V8.84.7
Bugfix Info Server showing in clients and messenger ....What both don't send server on infomation

Changed Stopped Ymlite avatars showing up as red [X]
This happens because avatar could not be found on CH web site
and gets the error message as a avatar file then this cant be displayed

Added put some error codes in Chenge Room selector ....
To show if not working correctly for some ppl who dont see Categories or Rooms on it
This happends in some countrys ...like arabic and philipines countrys for some reason


22nd June 2008 V8.84.6
Bugfix in copy and paste copy just up to or part of username yazak was get stuck in loop
fixed now so paste works with out yazak going into not responding

Added Auto detection of Exploit that add's username with currupt part to disconnect you
will tell you, you will need to login on YMSG V12 and uncheck SP1

21th June 2008 V8.84.5
Change due to a Exploit that add's a currupt request to add username packet...
This Update put back YMSG V12

This exploit makes Yazak dis-connect then yazak will try to connect you again in a enless loop...

Warning click Log Out to stop this ....
Else your name will be temp banned by yahoo if you let this happend to much!!!!

To Clear your names from this currupt packet when you sign in...
you need to log in on YMSG V12 (and make sure SP1 is UnChecked)

18th June 2008 V8.84.3
Added Show chat server name in info...if anough room in text
This shows up in INFO on user ...you can now see example cs.123.msg,AC4

Changed on Login window to disenable control you cant change when connected
SP1 , YMSG / YazServV16 , V16

Bug fix in messages not starting new line fixed

Change Shield to Just Beep if CP1/AC4 chat server are used as dont work owith these servers
Shiled Tooltips will show this message .... Shield DOES NOT WORK with New CP1/AC4 Chat servers!

14th June 2008 V8.84.2
Fixed PM voice to work on new CP1/AC4 servers...Voice invite packet does not send on these...
so used conference invite to work around this
you can be invited to voice when connected to old MUD servers to new CP1/AC4 servers now also

also maded PM Invite messages not repeat when you recieve two or more
also clicking on Mic not removes PM Invite message . same as click on Accept or Decline

12th June 2008 V8.84.1
Added Connecting to SP1/AC4 yahoo servers......
Thanks to Author:Martin johnson for the routines to connect to these.
These Server ONLY work on YMSG V16
And the Shield will not work with these servers...
so is disenabled when using SP1/AC4 servers

7th June 2008 V8.83.16
Fixed Problem with some ID's causing a System busy message from yahoo....
Last version would just keep trying...made stop trying if this happends
You will now see... System busy ....Loged Out....Rejected code 1014
(Yahoo seem to have fixed this Fault with some id's 8th june 2008)

6th June 2008 V8.83.15
Change Servers needed to be changed to Log in GHOST ID

5rd June 2008 V8.83.14
Change Servers needed to be changed to Log in,,,,as Yahoo stopped the cs1.msg.dcn.yahoo.com (1-60)

3rd June 2008 V8.83.13
Added Big Faces ...There is now a Bigger Smiley Faces you can use with Yazak...
Select them on Preferences Page 3 .... Big Faces...

You will need to download these 1st time you use them...Click the link download and unzip...then Select Big Faces again

There is also Xmas faces on there...Best to get them also...as if fixes missing faces if you already have them,,,,

Fix Moved Alert over to right so is not off side of screen in Windows Vista


27th May 2008 V8.83.12
Changed Chat Chat Room users list resizing
To always show client tags when you resize...
Even when Vertical Scroll bar is up...also made it to avoid using bottom horizontal scroll bar...with some care tuning
also fix the vertical line showing on Yellow info box when you hover over usernames.

Added on Buddies popup menu on ...
... Message Archive... Shows the archive of the buddy selected

Changed after yahoo changes that make the Yahoo admin not aways post the message "Congratulations! got captcha right!"
so now removes "Yahoo" admin ID show up in room....
also yellow Captcha message dont stay on now...

24th May 2008 V8.83.11
Added View to Buddies propup menu ....(This replaces Show Profile)
... Profile Shows the selected users Profile picture and info
... Display Image Shows the selected users Display Image picture

Added Chat Room users list resizing

20th May 2008 V8.83.10
Bugfix Re-Enter the room and Captacha will come up after set time of 3 hours...
Timer was not working right and never happend..fixed now

19th May 2008 V8.83.9
Added *** Logged out of Chat by Yahoo! 3 Hours time limit!....
Timed warning now as Yahoo! dont send leave Chat $A0 Packet now it seems after lastest changes...
so Yazak will now Re-Enter the room and Captacha will come up after set time of 3 hours.

Changed /join command to also accept Room Id's numbers now if include enter after room name starting with "::"
Example: /join Yahoo! Chat Help:1::1600326597

15th May 2008 V8.83.8
Changes on Voice
Changed voice to try only under yascom.dll control...use to force 5 times trys...
made changes to stop yahoo temp. banning your IP if you try to often

Remove v13.vc.sc5.yahoo.com and v7.vc.dcn.yahoo.com as these servers no longer connect
and removed vc9.vc.scd.yahoo.com to vc11.vc.scd.yahoo.com.....These seem to make you get temp. voice ban when used now

Changed voice Talk button to not go Green until your fully connected now (conference ready)...was doing on connecting

Now turn voice off if you have it on if you chnage rooms also

Changed Captcha to remeber the last magification used

9th May 2008 V8.83.6
Added to PM Window

Added Searches like in Chat Room has to PM's....Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Dictionary

Added Copy Web URL ....when URL clicked in PM window

Made PM Flash once and Play PM Sound...When PM window loses focus...ie goes behind Chat Room window..so you dont miss PM messages
When you recieve a PM message (If you have stay on top on this will not happend as not needed to)

Made Buzz and Audible to set Text entry have to focus on PM

6th May 2008 V8.83.5
Fixed Shield to Work again ...does not make you leave room Now!...
.after Yahoo! patched there servers

5th May 2008 V8.83.4
Changed Filter to Default Off
Please Note Yahoo! have Patched all there cs1=cs60 servers what makes sheild not work
makes you leave room and disconnect when you turn it off now

Changed Voice to have username forced to lowercase......
so users with old names with Uppercase in them now will work in voice


29th April 2008
Added to Avatar Selector Search Feature
To Use type in the box next to Search...The Avatar you wish to find.....frog cat dog .....ect;

Note... you will need to download the new avatar selector from Update Yazak
to get it...Version 1.19.1 (If you are a not new users)

23st April 2008 V8.83.3
Added C7 Avatars in place of the OO (OO dont exsist any more)
These Avatars are from CheetaChat site

23st April 2008 V8.83.2
Added Magnifier Button to Captacha code entry window
You can increase the size of the captacha text by 50% and 100%

by left clicking on Magnifiying glass
Right clicks will make it smaller

21st April 2008 V8.83.1
Added to Buddies list 3 preference options so they are easy to get to quicker..
with out have to goto preferences to changed them

Refuse anyone adding me to their list
Allow Conference Invites
Allow Voice Invites

Changed Sheld
Now DOES turn OFF Shield if Ghost if is On or OFF ....
because when sheild is on your posts can't be seen

Also if you turn on Shield yourself if will auto turn off to the amount of seconds you have set...
right click shield to check

Also added Warning messages
"While Shield is ON Your POSTS will not be seen" along with other message.

Shows Warning message where you type to room also when sheild is on
"While Shield is ON Your Chat Room POSTS will not be seen by users."

Add another option on Shield Settings ....(right Click on shield to see this)
"When I turn Shield On Don't Auto turn Shield Off"
This enables you to leave shield on if you turn it on yourself

Changed Made Conference window stay on top
Added Conference Name chanable now....Closing Leaves Conference now also
(will add a Username list soon)

Changed Removed Bootback as not used now as not affective anymore..
.save bit of space making yazak slightly smaller

Changed Loged out after 3 hours message ...now has a click to Join room again...link in room
*** Loged out of Chat by Yahoo! (3 Hours 5 Secs) click to Join Room again


30th March 2008 V8.82.8

Bugfix Right click on shield was causing a Error 380 for new users.....Now fixed

Changed faces to Resize back after using in PM form square size window to long window used in chat room faces

29th March 2008 V8.82.6

Added Chat Room Flooding Protection feture in preferences - Pages 2

Max Total Chat Posts in 1 Second by any strangers

This will ignoring strangers ie users not on chat room buddies list
when more than X number of post are made in 1 second

Fixed Got /VJ working again using another Voice Server

Changed On Captcha window made go in centre again,,,,
Alse Made it so you can Minimize it

Changed Current Username that is on voice speaking so dont go over Mute button
if is username is very long username

Changed Voice Invite to have a Delay of 4 mins before accepting another
to stop kiddies inviting you many times
Looks like this
Voice Invite From: User1 To: user2 click to Start Voice delaying before allowing another invite cancel delay

Changed some Defaults....Shield now on by Default

24th March 2008 V8.82.5
Added Ignore Button Right Click a Popup Menu
Show Ignores Window Shows Ignore window as normal
Ignore All Strangers Posts and put on Temp Ignore This will Ignore all strangers when they post
Remove All Strangers On Temp Ignore This Removes above ignores

Changed Voice Bar
Voice Ignore Strangers now on outside Voice options so can quickly check
and moved Voice options and changed look to green

Changed On buddies List Conference Invite
To Minimize Buddies List so buddies list will not get in way
On Conference you can now Send by pressing Enter key now also

Changed Filter to not leave ** when you changed to Wildcard and switch back to Temp


27th Febuary 2008 V8.82.4

Bugfix Shield settings..."Seconds Shield Stays On" ..Cant bet set above 65 seconds....Now has a limiter if you try
If you had it set to above 65 seconds and someone was booting you yazak would do a Error and close...

Changed On AutoShield to Dont Turn off Shield if Ghost is On and in Room
This stops the shield going off automaticly if you have the ghost in the room

Added On Ghost Shows when loged out,.. Example when Yahoo! log you out after 3 hours period in room,
Puts up Ghost window so you can easy log back in...show following message
"*** Ghost Loged out of Chat Room! Click Join To log back in."

Added to show how long Ghost has got let before get loged out...before loged out in 3 hours

Changed Short coded link to www.yazakpro.com....in place of www.yazakpro.com/yazak

25th Febuary 2008 V8.82.3
Fixed YazServ to use Another site as Host Server...

Changed the YazServ.exe to work with this host...Menu option to select this...Default Host is Freecreed.com...one currently functioning

Added to YazServ to Extra Toys Menu...External Programs..YazServ = Run your own Rooms
Note Your will need to download the new YazServ.exe using the updater
This is put in the yazak folder now....so if you want a link to it from Desktop you will need to make a short cut...

25th Febuary 2008 V8.82.1
Bugfix when YazServ Selected closing yazak ....if site down fixed...Note if site Down Yazserv will not work.

Changes Faces download ..stopped...as affecting site and not needed now

Added on Menu Links Freecreed site.....Changed "Yazak Chat Wev Site" to point to root...As Yazak folded down currently on site

2nd Febuary 2008 V8.82.0

Added Shield Settings

Right click on Shield to show these

Shield Settings

Auto Shield On
This will turn shield On Automaticly if you getting hit by Flooding packets

Seconds Shield Stays On
This is the length of time Shield will stay on in Seconds after its Automaticly turned on

Flood Packet Size to Trigger Shield ON
This setting sets the size of the recieved packets when it will turn the Shield ON Automatic

Boot Alert (BA) Settings

Flood Packet Size to Trigger Boot Alerts
This setting sets the size of the recieved packets when it will turn on BA Indicator in Chat Room
And Auto Resume Chat Connection

Note the Auto Shield Over rides the BA settings and is done 1st

Added Ignore window
Min and Max buttons.........use to toggle between them



26th January 2008 V8.81.4
BugFix Voice Ignore New strangers Now works....voice options feature

25th January 2008 V8.81.3
Change Mute to be outside Voice Options ....how it was ..so you can easy see you Muted the room

Change so you can now click on top of chatters list to Toggle between Normal Chatter List and Voice Chatters list

Bugfix on Mute was working inverted on V8.81.2

23th January 2008 V8.81.1
Changed Mute now is now saved...for the session
So if a Muted user leaves room and comes back still stay muted
Also if users leaves room and leaves voice on muted stays on

Change on Ignore list popup Menu
Show Users on Mute temp Ignore Shows above Users put on Mute

Added a New Voice Option button....With these Functions

Mute Voice Mutues Voice to all users

Voice Ignore New Strangers Ignore New Voice Strangers (not current Voice users) that are not on your Chat room buddies list

Voice Ignore All Strangers Ignore All Voice users that are not on your Chat room buddies list

Lock Voice to this Room Lock Voice to this room, so when you got other room voice stays here

Hands Free Hands Free On Turns on Voice as soon as you make any sound

Lock Talk Button On Locks the Voice Talk Button ON

Change Voice server Lets you Change the Start Voice server used

Bugfix...On login window..When you use Menu...Check for New yazak version....and the pink button
"to see more info"... works again.

22th January 2008 V8.81.0

Changes Made Yazak use the new sucure encypted updating to get current version on site for Yazak

Changes Remove all parts in yazak that updated files used by yazak...Now all updating is done from the updater.
Removed below:
Login Window Menu ... Get New Updator ....Get New Avatar Selector
Chat Room Menu..External Programs...Check Update..File Sharing Check, Radio Player Check, Text Translator Check, Packet Sniffer Check
also remove other files auto updating...

Added to Chat Room Popup Menu on click on Usernames....Ignore User Perm. + more Options

Tone Down Text - When Checked will set that Username selected text to Default black text Arial font

Mute - When Checked Mutes voice on that username

Changes and fix on Ghost on Chat Room
Left Mouse start Ghost and connects automatic
Right Mouse starts Ghost and let you connect or change Ghost Id

Fix problems some users got with Ghost start closing yazak...now just reports no paasword

Shield fix....Cant Turn on shield now if not connected...cause problems if you did before.

20th January 2008
Avatar Selector updated to fix problem with YA and Cheeta directory not loading ...due to fault on MD's site shows error message now
Updater updated v1.20.01 now show Your Version soon as updated now (or crc)

18th January 2008
New Updater V1.20.0
Has new protected file uploading method using 3 parameters for each file
1.File Version Number 2.File CRC Checksum 3. File Size
And the Info file that the updater uses is encypted so cant easy be changed

New translator V1.02.0
Fixed to work again after Google changed to web page

4th January 2008 V8.80.1
Added Resume Connection Delay For Better Booter Flood Protection

Reconize PM links padded out with $81 characters so bots posting links get filtered

remove $ donate on chat room window