Yazak Update History 2007

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19th December 2007 V8.80.0
Added Display Image ....the picture shown on yahoo! messenger bottom right corner

You can left click of Chat Room users names...Select View .. then Display Image

or in a PM window....Right click on Profile button...to show Display Image

Removed messages some un-used messages...
As not used now ....and only come up when booters used old packets
"Denied! usernname add to Friends list as Refuse is On"
and "Denied! username add to Friends list as on Ignore"

12th December 2007 V8.79.4
Fixed Typing Boot ..... Showing up from friends on BA (boot Alert) ,,, now stoped it happening

8th December 2007 V8.79.3
Fixed Typing Boot ..... Will sow up on BA (boot Alert) up top of chat room windown,,,and log the boot attempt

5th December 2007 V8.79.2
Fixed Voice to work again on YazServ
Voice is now working agin when you Log into YazServ

fixed YazServ text not posting problem and room entry....captcha changes messed it up

Fixed YazServ Usernames saying not vertified....when have been...
These messages:
"Username is not vertified for YazServ"
"Log Username into Yahoo! to fix this."
Was case problem with usernames having oppercase in them.

Changed Yazak Link post to say 96 faces ...was 87....as yahoo added news faces little while ago

1st December 2007 V8.78.6
Changed font Affects Hex (and Binary) to not changed to all lowercase characters....
so if you use to post URL Links and has some Upper case characters link will work now

Changed on Ghost
Small changed to stop keep getting error message "YMSG Header Missing"
Clear the Ghost packet cache so it should not repeat now...Was happening after someone trys to boot your Ghost Id

25th November 2007 V8.78.5
Changes on Ghost
Added some Boot protection to Ghost ID

When you use Ghost does not Turn off Lock Captcha any more (if On) now as it used to, Just start new starts new captcha code

Added Warning about PM Clone Packet $EC
Shows the BA Indictor flashing and Warns you to turn Shield ON.....Of Course you will need Ghost also to see posts

Also shows name off other booter flood now...should be working again...not tested

Added Sound to Loged out by Yahoo! after 3 Hours
Set to sound 8 General replace Beep sound......Plays every 5 secs.....Might change it to another sound later

Changed Chat Room to have Intro message
Also has "If yazak is not entering a chat room" learn more <--Link

20th November 2007 V8.78.3
Added on Boot Alert
Left click on BA now copys to Clip board message on Tootip now
Boot Log file Date & Time Stamps
Changed Time in Chat Rooms Yahoo! Log you out in ....Set to 3 hours......was set at 65mins yahoo! 1st log out time

19th November 2007 V8.78.2
Added Booter Alert Indicator next to Ghost...BA - Booter Alert...Flashes Red if shome booter hit you
Left click to stop.
Right click to show the attemped Boot log file.

All booter messages now dont show in chat room...but are put in the log file....

17th November 2007 V8.78.1
Added To Filter/Wildcard .... Extra Radio dot selections....For easyer entry of Ignore type options
Temp. Just the Word is used So you get Temp. ignores
Perm. $$ This puts $$ automatic in front of the word you enter So you Get Perm Ignores
Post Only Post Only Ignores ...This puts ** automatic in front of the word you enter... So you Get Post Only Ignores (only filter)

Changed Filter to work better with these three characters > : [
These were getting removed by the tags removing rountine so the filter didnt even see them
This is fixed now....So you can filter stuff like ">>>Next" "playing:" "[beep]"

11th November 2007 V8.78.0
Added Better Booter Messages ...show you name of user account doing the booting now and length of packet

Looks like below:
*** Booter Detected Flood packet Blocked! From: USERNAME Pkt: DC (10003)

Added YMSG V16 Support.....Select V16 only if you wish to test it....On for future capatibility and testing currently

Changed some parts of Post Yazak chat web site messages

8th November 2007 V8.77.5
Added more Boot protection new method of boot protection...stops new unknown Boot packets D3 ect;

7th November 2007 V8.77.4
Changed Click on link to post again if you get Chat Error 2nd try.....Now set to show Post again! was hiding it

Added more Boot protection ...DC..DB...packets

Changed on Debug popup Menu...Debug ON ...Now Only with Debug ON with a Check by it when ON
Taken out Debug OFF....Unchecked is OFF

Debug LogFile Only Will log all incoming packets to Logfile only
Show Debug Log File Show file using textpad......you can get this at www.textpad.com .... if you dont have it
Clear Debug Log File

4th November 2007 V8.77.2
Added Click on link to post again if you get Chat Error 2nd try...see below
"*** Chat Error Yahoo! didn't post your last line of text after 2nd try Click Here to send again ***"

Added to Help Menu....Yazak webcam fix

Added Captcha error trapping
If you get a error on captcha loading will put up this message "Error! Click Web Link to open page as Web Page"
click on the web link address...and it will put up a web page in IE for the Captcha entry

3rd November 2007 V8.77.1

Added all new Smiley faces 109-116

Bugfix Overflow error 6 in UserOnline ... Now fixed .....
Thanks Christi for the files that enambled me to easy fix it

31th October 2007 V8.76.2
Changed when you click on OffLine PM messages to not minimize PM windows ...
If you have it to do so in PM preferences

Added on Friend Menu - My Status Show .... Added a New My Status "Set Status Message to Chat Room"
This sets Status message to Chat Room your in Example: "In: Yahoo! Chat Help:1"
Also Show Status message current set Example: "New Status Message (In: Yahoo! Chat Help:1)"

Changed "*** Chat Error! Sending last line of text again ***" taken message out
But will still show if 2nd send does not work
"*** Chat Error Yahoo! didn't post your last line of text after 2nd try. Please try again. ***"

Added Captcha Count and % Correct
See this under Extra Toys...Average Time Used Yazak

Fixed on V8.76.1 posting of -1 ...in place of "*** Chat Error! Sending last line of text again ***"

26th October 2007 V8.76.0
Fixed Chat Room exploit that messed up Chatters List when username with exploit is in room

Added on Menu Extra Toys...External Programs
Packet Sniffer - this can be used to show you all the internet packets that go in and out
(note will not work with windows 98)

23rd October 2007 V8.75.3
Voice fix....Some users that were using UPPERcase username could not get Voice in chat rooms
Yahoo dont Allow uppercase UserNames now in Voice
Added option to allow these still on login window if you like....Note Voice will not work though if you use them
Ucase ....Check to Allow Upper vase names.....if not checked all names are foreced to lower case

21th October 2007 V8.75.1
Fixed ...Chat room Usename exploit problem,,,what looks like a room boot
Made room list not clear when this happends.....

18th October 2007 V8.74.6
Added Fix for new botter that disconnects you from Chat and Yahoo!
You will see this message when it happends
*** Botter Detected Flood packet E9<blue> Blocked!
This is in early testing stage...but should work fine and keep you connected.

14th October 2007 V8.74.5
Changed on Captcha
Stopped it taken fucus away from PM's ...When not nessary
When Auto Lock Captcha & Auto Submit both on

6th October 2007 V8.74.4
Added on Captcha ... Remeber Lock Capcha..... so it keeps the last setting you have Lock Captcha on

Added on Login window added Chat Ports 20,25,80 and 119 to list......Normal Chat port is 5050
At a request of a chat users ...who has port 5050 blocked

30th September 2007 V8.74.2

Fixed PM when you turn voice on to force text is scrolled down to bottom, as part of window is taken up by voice buttons

Added Captcha... Auto Submit
This is used with Join Room Fast to try and get in full rooms...This will keep clicking the submit button for you.

25th September 2007 V8.74.1
Added to Offline PM Window Four New Buttons

Add Add Username to Buddies list
Ignore Ignore Username (temp Ignore)
Reply To Offline messages by opening a PM with all the OffLine messages got from that username
Not Just the message you selected
Close Close OffLine Window

23th September 2007 V8.74.0
Added Offline PM Window
Now all Offlines PM messages will appear in that window as a list just like Yahoo! Messenger does

Click at name to show more of the message

Double Click to brieng the message up in PM

Fixed Accept and Decline Voice invite click on links to PM window ....was showing your name and not user who invited you

18th September 2007 V8.73.3
Fixed problem after you get "Entry Error -32 The room is not available yet. Try a lower numbered room"
Was asking for Captcha and not puting you in another room after this...Now fixed......Also fix -35 error with simlar problem
puts up "*** Left Room CLICK HERE to Enter this room Again"

17th September 2007 V8.73.2

Fixed *** Logout of Chat by Yahoo! (3 hours 10 secs) ... Will Log you back in."
Was not Loging you back in....last version....Now does again

Fixed on Login window Paste into password using Menu on password box....
now saves when you use that method...without needing to a key

Changed Default Room now saved as Yahoo! Chat Help:1::1600326597.....
with roomspace number 1600326597

Fixed on Ghost Id loging if Captcha was locked and Ghost was started would not log ghost in as using other Captcha name code....
Now Automaticly turns off lock when Ghost is started.....

16th September 2007 V8.73.1
Added Captcha Lock
You can now Lock the Captcha code and re use last entered code for upto 5mins...
So you can more about room with out entering code in each time

Check Lock On Captcha window

Also the is a Auto Hide on there

And count down Timer of currnet Captcha code...start at 300 secs

Change Made Yazak turn off captcha if you dont enter it within 5 mins as yahoo! log you out of chat
A CLICK HERE to Enter this room Again ...will be put up when that happends

14th September 2007 V8.72.3
Changed window to load captcha picture in background, no slight delay now while waits to download

Changed to Captcha link in room now

Changed to not say already in room if you dont get in after entering captcha code...says Room is full

Fixed Ghost to not changed join button if room full after entering captcha code

Changed to make Captcha window to code entry to take focus when window on...for easy re-entry of codes

Changed Retry Room entry to wait till Captcha code is entered before trying again
Also added a 5 seconds retry time...and changed try from 15 to 30 as default

You can now set it to say retry to 5 seconds, enter Captcha code... and if Room Full.. will put next try up pretty quick

14th September 2007 V8.72.0
Added New Captcha small window that does not use IE Control

11th September 2007 V8.71.6

Fixed Refresh Room...Right Click Change Room...
Dont refresh voice any more ...after yahoo changes....
now just joins room again
Can be used to show Web Cam..Turn Web Cam ON
Click Refresh to show Web Cam in room....or Visa Versa...to not show Web Cam

Changed PM Test to post straight to room

Taken out Extra Toys Room lag Check...as stopped work after yahoo changes

Fixed Problem with Ghost & Shield was Posting "***" .... Caused by Ping not clearing error....after cirtain time
Now posts this message "*** Failed Ping ......"

Added Left Room message when you try to enter another room and its Full.....As Yahoo! Now take you out the current room your in
Message you will see "*** Left Room Click Link to Enter this room Again"

If you click on the link it will put you back in the room you was in.....Need to Enter Captcha code in again though.

Added Accept and Decline Voice invite click on links to PM window

8th September 2007 V8.71.4

Changed...On Ghost & Shield...to make little better

Closing Ghost turns off shield if on now....so you will see posts when gosts is off

Made Ghost try more than once if room full...Trys 20 times now
Leave Button now shows ghost left
Connect button works better
Ghost window shows correct Ghost name....was not

Added Message you will see when Gost joins Chat Room...end part is only shown if sheild is not on
Ghost ID Joined...Ready to receive Chat Room posts...You can turn Shield ON now and still see posts

Added Message you see when shield is turn on and Ghost not on
Shield ON Warning! You will not SEE Chat Room POSTS without Ghost ON...Click on Ghost up Top.

Changed to not re-enter Chat Room when full as yazak was some times ...messed and had to enter Captcha

6th September 2007 V8.71.2
Made Ghost Changed Green when On and Connected

Changed Back to not need yacscom.DLL V48......as V8.71.1....did....now works with v45 or v48

5th September 2007 V8.71.1
Fixed Problem with Capacha not showing up when try to goto a full room...and need to Renter Capatcha code

Fixed Ghost to work along with Shield so you can turn on Shield the start Ghost to see room posts..
as when Shield is on you not normaly see room posts..
Fixed Ghost to work with Capacha now also...

28th August 2007 V8.71.0
Inprovement to Catacha Automatic Pops up small window for the Chat Room Verification picture...and Auto closes it
Catacha Part works Now as yahoo Changed it from July 19th 2007 when they 1st tested it

27th August 2007 V8.70.7
Changed Error Code on Room Entry were showing some wrong error messages

Changed on Room Entry ..So when you get "Room Full" Or "The room is not available yet" put you back in room your currently in
As Yahoo! now take you out the room your in when you do that now....

Fixed Voice with 2 names apearing when caps used in usernames...on Stand alone voice...Right Click Mic

Fixed Ghost to Join Room again......will need more work on to get to be of some use...

26th August 2007 V8.70.6
Changed Room Entry error "Entry Communcation Problem -3" so does not Reset the ReTryPeriodSeconds
so will keep trying if Join room Fast or Room Knock is used

Fixed Users Count not starting off as zero when enter a room.

25th August 2007 V8.70.5

Changed "*** Chat Error! Sending last line of text again ***" to not show post that Sent again Now.

Changed Chat Room Post's from Another room Check... Ignore if is....this happeds when you names get stuck in another room....Yahoo Fault

Added "Entry Communcation Problem -3" This happends when you try to join a Room are Yahoo will not let you
Added "Entry Error -32 The room is not available yet. Try a lower numbered" This happends when you try to join a Room are Yahoo will not let you....The Room Is not open

Added Time In Chat Rooms Counter up top next to $$ - Mouse over Tooltip will show you time left as example: "Yahoo! Log you out in 5 mins 10 secs"

21th August 2007 V8.70.4
BugFix Room Name changing Title when recieving Room Entrys from other Rooms other than Room currently in (yahoo server fault)
this was affecting sending your posts...and also you did'nt no what room you was in when happend....Fixed now

Bugfix YazServe was not showing room enterd ...after last version

Added join room Error message ...."System is busy, please try again later"
happends when Yahoo! shut down Server access to Chat Rooms

20th August 2007 V8.70.2
Fixed Yahoo! New Faults with recieving Room Entrys from other Rooms other than Room currently in
Will not make yazak switch rooms now....Also show Error entrys recieved on Maquee if on

Fixed Auto Re-Join When Yahoo! Log you out Timing..... was not accurate ...should work now better....starts timing from Int Rooms..

19th August 2007 V8.70.1
Added Chat Error Sending last line of text again
you will see this message "*** Chat Error! Sending last line of text again ***"
If it does not get sent after sending a second time you will see this message
"*** Chat Error Yahoo! didn't post you last line of text. Please try again. ***"

Above Happends if you messages dont get sent to room..

Also Yazak Decreases Line count as last post was not sent !!! Yah Elite needs to do that also

Added Allow Upper case in user name to be used again.....19 August 2007

17th August 2007 V8.70.0
Added Auto Re-Join When Yahoo! Log you out after 1 Hour being in chat

Changed taken out YMSG protocol V10-V12 as Yahoo! Server Changes 16 Aug 2007 dont work in Chat Rooms didnt see chat posts

Fixed Auto Join Room to Work with New servers.......need Room ID number saved

Fix Blank username appearing in chat room list....temp fix should remove it...

12th August 2007 V8.69.7
Bugfix Tattoo Change Background was using a white system color.....changed to use Palette color

11th August 2007 V8.69.6
BugFix When Using Apha Servers....and put into another room...voice would not work...

Added Alpha Server Log In Button...Next to Green Log Into Yahoo Button
This will Easyer Log you into Yahoo! ALPHA servers
These Alpha Servers Work When Other Normal Servers Dont what is Currently
But....There Different Rooms from normal YAHOO! Chat Rooms

Added few other bits to make Alpha servers login's work better
Added Message on Chat Room List window to tell you when you using ALPHA servers
Made Join room same room work fine on
Added Warning message the the Room ID Number not save and need to Select Cat. to and room again (else Alpha will not log you in room)

10th August 2007 V8.69.4
Added Room Lag Test ... On Extra Toys Menu... You can also .. enter /ROOMT
This shows Chat Room Lag....IE how long it takes for users to see room post...and the Chat server your on
This shows in
Room Lag 735 ms cs50.msg.dcn.yahoo.com
or (when over 999ms
Room Lag 1.535 seconds cs50.msg.dcn.yahoo.com

NOTE... For the test to work you will need on Preferences Page 3 Allow Room Invites...Check this...uncheck after tests if thats how you like it
Warning will show if is Checked

Changed fileshare.exe update part ... taken out so dont load until used now .. mainly to stop False Positives showing it as most ppl dont use it anyway

9th August 2007 V8.69.3
Changed Voice to not Turn off when Join Room on chat room list window is selected
As yahoo is often running slow on room entry Voice would go of before you entered a new room

Change Voice Messages slightly

Changed External Programs... File Sharing,Radio Player,Text Translator,Show Stats.
These are all still on Extra Toys Menu....but now under seperate sub menu...External Programs.
Also added a Check Update option...so you can check for newer version of each of these external programs.

1st August 2007 V8.69.2
BugFix Made CpoMode & Ghost...still was not work quite right fixed problem

31th July 2007 V8.69.1
BugFix Made CpoMode & Ghost work properly Again...was not working after change to room enter
Was showing re-enterd room when ghost loged...fixed that
Also made CpoMode turn off if you changed rooms.

Aded to Help Menu
Yazak CHAT HELP FORUM ....link to easy find Forum....(Thanks for Idea christi)

Bugfix Chat Room Buddies...Window
The Real Name Email Address Extra Note.....Botom box
If you used 2 or more lines was messing up saved list....all fixed now and can have many lines.
(thanks for finding the bug Tam)

26th July 2007 V8.69.0
Fixed MSN Add Friend and Accept ...now fully working
made add Buddy window auto select MSN if @hotmail.com used in ID

21th July 2007 V8.68.2
Changed I have recompiled yazak to use yacscom.dll V1.0.0.45 or higher....
Last version require yacscom.dll V1.0.0.48 or higher because a lot of users were having problems ..
getting Runtime Error 372 failed to load control yacscom.dll I have put out this new version.

20th July 2007 V8.68.1
Added Error checking for Yahoo! newest Voice yacscom.dll v1.0.0.50 problem....with link to fix problem
Just Click the link Run it...and close Yazak....then click Install button

Changed on Yahoo! Chat Room Verification system CAPTCHA
Made it so the Pop up window close ...once you get code correct..automatic

19th July 2007 V8.68.0
Added New Bits for the New Yahoo! Chat Room Verification system CAPTCHA....Note THIS IS Not YET OUT.. but soon will be
Automatic Pops up small window for the Chat Room Verification picture....in place click on link....
Made adjustment to working of yazak so works smother with Catcha system

Changed on Close on Chat Room window ....Added Leave chat Room packet as well as normal Log out of Chat room packet sent


13th July 2007 V8.67.1
Bugfix when using Effect Fade & Alternate
The "&" symbol was being removed in posts...when Fade or Alternate was used

12th July 2007 V8.67.0
Changed CPOMode & Ghost
When AutoJoin Room is On ... Fixed problem when you turn on CPOMode was Auto re-Joining the room again..and turning it off
When turning off CPOMode ..Anti Room Bounce (on Chat Room List) know longer affect it...(stoped it working)

Added Shield to Ghost...turns on automatic

Changed it so PM's do not take over Fucus when you recieve one.. Chat Room keeps the fucus it has...
So you will not lose typing in chat room when get PM from someone
Also another PM does not take the fucus from the PM you are currently typing in.

Added 2 new Indicators to show PM messages and Room Invites packets....

Both used to boot..these are next to the Shield

1st July 2007 V8.66.0
Changed CPOMode & Ghost ....
Made much easyer to use ...

Now with CPOMode On/Off and a Ghost Icon

Saves Ghost id ......set it click on CPOMode Padlock and selcting..Show Ghost....select a Id to use as the Ghost ID

26 June 2007 V8.65.0
Added Ghost Username Login to CPOMode (Under Extra Toys)
This Makes you Unbootable in YAZAK....and by login in 2nd Usernames make it so you can post and see what being posted
You need to select other Yahoo! Account to connect the Ghost Id in....once connected click hide and away you go
...This is a early version ...will inprove this feature on next version...although works pretty good....

25 June 2007 V8.64.2
Fixed on PM MSN mode .....Buzz not working....or Magic work Correct post

Added on PM set Automatic MSN if @hotmail.com is name

Added MSN Check Option to Add Buddy windows....so you can now Add MSN users

Changed MSN features not to function if not in YMSG V15 (or Higher)....as MSN fetures only work on YMSG V15 or higher

24 June 2007 V8.64.1
Added on PM MSN or YAHOO! mode so you can now PM MSN users both ways...(could only Recieve from MSN before)
Has a Yahoo! Mode Yellow "Y" or Click to Change to MSN Mode Green M ...this below the X on pm window
You need to set it to "M" Msn mode when you pm a MSN User....
This will Automaticly be set if you recieve a PM from a MSN User.

Added a Refresh room button ...Right Click Change Room to see this..... This is quicker than Re-enter room

19th June 2007 V8.64.0
Added on PM window for web cam's
"You have been invited to view username's webcam. Accept or Decline ...clickable links
when some one invites you to view ther webcam....
.with nice Blue background box....
what disapears once you click links

Also Added Webcam Accept & Decline recieved messages.

And also added Webcam Icon on pm window

BugFix Buddies list was resizing to smallest window size setting....next time you started yazak
If you PM someone from buddies list ..The Buddies list minimizes..then if you later close yazak..without getting buddies list up
next time you open yazak buddies list would have the saved minimized setting....
Now fixed by making not to save buddies window sizes if minimized.

Changed Default Chat Room Window size to alont bigger.....new users had to start off with small chat room size

Changed to Default to YMSG V15 ....was V11...... made V15 default,,,,,,as its best to use....for new users...(and anyone else)

13th June 2007 V8.63.2
BugFixed Shield to work ok when you enter rooms using Profile names (aliase names) off main account
Note: if you login with non main account name ...when you turn off shield you will recconect and re-enter room
Its fine when you Login using normal main account name

Fixed Profiles names to not double up on list when you turn shield on and off

BugFixed Sending Audibles from Profile name was send them from Main account name....Now fixed

Changed Techs Link on links as old site name changed URL

12th June 2007 V8.63.1
Added Pref Options for Audibles & Buzz On PM Menu, both setting are saved
Show Audible Shows Audbles when checked
Mute Audible Mutes Audibles when checked
Buzz On Does Buzz of Pm Window when checked....Shakes PM window...and plays Buzz Sound (if you have one set in preferences)

11th June 2007 V8.63.0
Changed Shield you can now turn off Sheild just clicking on Shiled again....no need to re-enter room....(but that still turn off shield also)

Changed on WildCard now Accepts # - to mean any Number in a Username

Examples of use


bot1,bot123 , mybigbot1234

steve45bot , steve47bot , steve982bot


Wildcard to use



clone#* (or you could use )


Added Exit HandleRoomLeave if Chat room closed...
so you dont get user Leaving messages if yahoo! dont send leave room straight away
after you left.and get error log err no.364

Added CPOMode to Extra toys menu....When this mode is Started it blocks all Chat room posts...and you can only post in room yourself
Join Room again from changed rooms ....or use File Menu ...Logback On Quick.......to Exit CPOMode...and go back to normal

31st May 2007
Changed Updater now version V1.19.0
Now will update to New named "yazak.exe" or still use old name "IEXPLORE.EXE" if you have yazak named that.

I Have changed the Yazak EXE name to stop problems with yazak as windows thinks its IE
The two following problems will not happen with new named yazak exe.
"Click to Activate" - When Audibles are used in Pm's ....slows pm's down a little when alot of Audibles are used and not clicked
"Do you want to allow this webpage to access your Clipbaord"....Copy and paste annoyance ...can be fix by changing setting in IE

The advantage of having Yazak exe named "IEXPLORE.EXE" seems to not work now so decided now to rename to "yazak.exe"
this use to make your voice stronger...as it dont seem to make any difference now...
You can still have the old name if you wish and the updater will use it if you have it named as old name "IEXPLORE.EXE"

New Yazak installs will use the new "yazak.exe" name. ....
If have old named yazak and you wish to use this new name re-install Yazak... (or rename it to "yazak.exe" and change shortcut)

29th May 2007 V8.62.5
Fixed Bug when Sheild On and when these used ..."Logback in Quick" and "Logout and Log into Yahoo"
This would cause Yazak to not log back in

Added to Chat Room..Extra Toys Menu...Show Stats

Added Warning to PM's "WARNING SHIELD IS ON...You may not Recieve PM's"

25th May 2007 V8.62.4
Fixed Adult rooms on Chat Room List.......
was not showing after Yahoo! fault on there Room server

Removed Hide/Show button on top of Chat Room chatter list......not finished yet...

22nd May 2007 V8.62.3
Added to PM window BUZZ!!! Button

The Buzz button will only allow you to use it Max once every 10 seconds
Also made BUZZ! Bold.....and only use 1 line
And Made Pm window Shake

Fixes on Login window WEBCam Chat Server
Buddies were not loading .... cause by other recent changes.... was not being intertized
Made WCS show if previours used afer yazak closed....and not hide....Now only hides if last used

Removed from Chat Room Friends Menu ... Voice Start/Stop.....as not used anymore

16th May 2007 V8.62.1

Change to Audibles Selector ...On PM's

Compleatly redo of Audibles sectector ..dont use IE Control window now...
so does'nt have Click to Activate Flash slow down problem
also now has pull down Combo to select Catergories of Audibles,
and arrows at left and right to select show more ...8 shown at a time

Added bit to so if you Dont Have Flash when you selct Audibles
Will ask you ...
Audibles requires the latest verion of Flash ...
Do you want to Download Flash!

Fixed PM's not showing TYPING was turned off ...for testing forgot turn back on.

13th May 2007 V8.61.5
Fixed ... Audibles...
Made work using proper Yahoo! Audible packet again
(sorted out why stopped working) so now work both ways with messenger
Also saves Messages list for any avatar not already set in yazak...so it will learn new avatars messages

12th May 2007 V8.61.4
Change... Audibles.... Made Audible Download automaticaly if you dont have that one
Also made audible user yazak Audibles folder now if you dont have messenger installed.

11th May 2007 V8.61.3
Change... Audibles to working again ..just yazak to yazak.... yahoo messenger to yazak one way (from only)

Taken out test already in room on Change Rooms.......as cause some problems,,,

Change face count on posted links


5th May 2007 V8.61.2
Added New Smiley Face Pirate

Changed Taken out pm timing numbers appearing in login window status box....
left them in on last version by mistake

Corrected Tooltip on Preferences Page3 "Room Away messages Every mins" was completely wrong

Changed Open Pm's from Buddies list will now Minimize the Buddies list... to stop the buddies being on top

2nd May 2007 V8.61.1
BugFix Setting Pm Preferences "Max Messages Per Second" = 0 caused Division by zero error fixed it

BugFix Lag errors
1800 or more cause by Zone time difference of 1/2 hours i.e. 60 x 30 =1800seconds
Happens in Australia and some other parts of the world

Also corrected - negative lag times

1st May 2007 V8.61.0
Added to Pm Preferences "Max Messages Per Second" option ...... And improved timing ...using tick..
After the Max Messages Per second setting is reached pm message is ignored
Set =0 to turn off completely

Added to PM
On Menu
Show PM Log
PM Preferences

Stay On Top Pin Keeps last how you had it on or off

Popup Menu now shows if you Right click anywhere in Pm Message area (and don't show Default I.E. menus)
(so removed Menu button now)

Added to Pm Archive
Profile Name Button - Allows you to view Archive's on other profile names (aliases) you have on that Yahoo! account
Improved "Show Resent History" does not double space lines in PM window anymore

Added E-mail options ...... Links Menu
Stay On Top Yahoo Mail window
Show Yahoo Mail in Sys Tray ---- Uncheck and will not show Emails when you get them in room

26th April 2007 V8.60.1
Fixed Web Cams Viewing
Now Fully works using your Username ....

Popup Menu changes
View Webcam -> Show My name ...Has wording changed to..... "View Webcam...of this user"
Anonymously ....Has been removed (Anonymously was removed by Yahoo! little while ago so taken out)

Chat Room Menu.... Friend
View Webcam -> Show My Name...Has wording changed to..... "View Webcam..."
Anonymously ....Has been removed
same in PM's as Above....

Added to Web Cam Viewer window on Popup Menu
Start webcam Again
Get New Webcam token

Removed Room on Extra Toys menu
Room Lag Speed Test...Turn On Time Stamp and Show Lag Times
it does it Automatic now

Added Lag test automatic
Show user Lag (yazak users only) when you user Pop menu ....
"Info On User"
and in
Pop up Yellow Info (mouse over Usernames)

25th April 2007 V8.59.3
Added E-mail Preference ...page 3..... Automatic enter Emails Password
You need to check this Option if you wont you e-mail password Automatic entered.....
will need your password to Enable this option (Default off )

Changed Chat room Buddies "Say Hello to All Buddies"
made spilt up names to few posts over curtain amount of users,
and also send directly to Speech so Fade will not affect it

Added Room to Extra Toys menu
Room Lag Speed Test
Turn On Time Stamp - Turns on Time stamp posting ...For use with below
Show Lag Times - Shows lag times after users names.....
Should work any anytime zone Users clock has to be set accurate
Note: both above settings are not saved....so reset when yazak start again to Unchecked

23rd April 2007 V8.59.0

Changed On Change Room Window
Added Join Room Fast Button
This will Request to join room every 5 secs total of 10x's to get you in quick

Bounce indicator - this show likely hood of you bouncing rooms with number
or say "No Bounce" .... Example Bounce 3
(this is a count of requests to a room made without a reply being made from yahoo!
a late reply can cause you to bounce back to the room you requested at that time)

Room Number now Saved on Combo list ... will now save the Room Number now ....
Re-find Rooms on List to save Room Numbers if you need to
( So Rooms Like Xbox, Playstation, Pop ... will go to English version of rooms if selected to and not Spanish ones
Note you will need to delete any old save rooms and re-added them if you wish them to have room number saved
the Tooltip shows full room name and number... Example PlayStation:1::1608119852 )

Now Options from Preferences are on Chat Room List
"Anti Room Bounce" & "Max Time wait for Chatter List" & "If Room Full Try Another Room"

Change to.... "Only Try's Another Room if Room that is full" is not current room your in

PopUp menu on Right click on Yellow message box with 3 options

Send Join Request Again - Sends another request to join room straight away
Stop Requesting to Join Room - Stops sending anymore Request to join Room and closes box
Close Popup Box - Just closes box


18th April 2007 V8.58.0

Changed Copy & Paste

Copy Smiley Faces in Chat Room
Now text now alone with the text

Copy of usernames the Underline is now taken out
Left click on Faces in room instantly copys face down to typing area

Bugfix Stop BACKSPACE key putting up Page cant be displayed Error Page
If pressed when Chat room in focus
(this longtime problem has at last been fixed after hours of searching the net with know luck
I ffinaly fixed it myself with a lttle bit of thought using WebBrowser1_BeforeNavigate2 and checking URL for "res://")

15th April 2007 V8.57.2
BugFix if you just closed buddies list then buddy went offline
the focus of your window would be lost

Bugfix Font size on PM was showing small if not in chat room
fixed was Zoom problem
and fix bug if Use MyFontsize was used
Fixed set to use prefs_chatfont size and not direct link it from chatroom

Changed on Pm Window
When you changed the TO: username now changes the PM Window caption
to that name also so another pm window dont open
And that name you changed to shows when you minimize PM window

Removed the two test number left in apearing in status
when you move mouse ove chatters list
(was there for testing forgot to take out)

13th April 2007 V8.57.1
Added to Buddie window Face Icon
Also made Group name Bold and Voilet color so they stand out more

Removed under Format "take off "No Horizontal Scroll Bar"
was for testing only left on by mastake

Changed mouse over leave from bottom (and Top) of buddies list
to turn off any Yellow popup window
stops Yelow popup window coming up if you move mouse over buddies list
on way to Scroll On/Pm Off/Alerts

10th April 2007 V8.57.0
Added on Buddies list show users you have Stealth of "Appear Permantently Offline"
the username will be Blue color, normal color black

Bugfix popup menu's on Chat room when using "Copy"
and username is selected was not copying username
Note: When copy is used in this fashion....
unlike the other "Copy Username" just copy's name as is
It Does not use use Short Name (set in Chat Room Buddies)..
this can be handy sometimes

Bugfix copy removes Avatars tags properly now....if you copy room text.

9th April 2007 V8.56.2
Changed User list Info Yellow popup message box

Does not change focus of window now
Yellow outline on box
Moves box postion to below on users names on top name and above on bottom names
Also added Show Client & Version .... And Protocol

3rd April 2007 V8.56.1
Added to Chat Room Help menu...... Yazak Tutorial .....
Easy link to Carol Yazak Help Tutorial (Christi request)

Fixed Stealth ...few minor things
Stealth window was not Greying out already Selected options
Typo Stealth Settings Menu "lean More" changed to "Learn More"
Buddies on Login window if minimised and selected again was not going to normal

2nd April 2007 V8.56.0
Fixed Stealth to work in YMSG V15 was only working upto YMSG V13
Appear Permantently Offline ... Now Enabled and working
Added Stealth Settings to Buddies Pupup Menu
Appear Permantently Offline is saved even with loged out/in (ymsg v14/15)

Fixed Problem with Users Using IE7 some links were not removing %2C/fade at end part of Url links

30th March 2007 V8.55.3
Changed clicked on URL's now removal uses only everything upto
TAG's ie <font> </font> <fade> </fade> ect;

Changed AutoComplete Pressing Right Arrow key for usernames ....
Now will not use Ignored usernames

Changed on About window Forum like was going to old site
also changed to show HTMLTextSize when IE checked
And No chat Characters in HTML

Changed on Login window "Join Chat Room" button to goto "Chat Room"
when "Auto Join Room" is checked so room entry is not tryed twice

23rd March 2007 V8.55.2
Bugfix for some ....Yacscom.dll error 372..... Now Fixed!....what was affecting some yazak users

22nd March 2007 V8.55.0
Added and Changes on Emails
New Email show a PM System tray Icon ..... Click on to read emails
Open Emails from Yazak window now from within Yazak...
.....and opens yahoo email without having to enter Username & password

Changed on PM voice to renove system tray PM voice icon when turn voice off in PM

11th March 2007 V8.54.0

Added and changed Preferences Page4

Removed Flood 124 Proctions Reconnect
As not need any more yahoo! fixed the problem some time ago

Added "Anti Room Bounce"
This Stops Room bounce cause by trying to enter room before
Yahoo! has sent respnonse to last try at Entering a Room

When using Knock (retry room if full time period is used)
Note: will not stop you entering rooms yourself and causing room bounce

Added "Max Time wait for Chatters List"
When you enter a Room ....Seconds Max wait before trying again 30-120 Default =100
(set=0 to turn off limit ie wait forever)

Added Extra messages to Yellow Popup ...
such as
"Chat List Timedout!"
"Full or Closed Try a available Room"

also mouse over shows room yazak is trying to get into

Added Edit Chat Room buddies Hello message.....
Right Click "Say Hello to All Biddies" to edit ...

2nd March 2007 V8.53.0

Fixed And Added on Buddies
Added Show Online Users and Number of Users in each Group
Example: Friends (10/31)
Ie 10 Online and 31 Users

Create new Group ...Show (0) ...and not 0 after name created

Allowed add show corect status and not greyed out

Changes on Users Added me List

Now shows 3 parts

[Request] <---------- user request to add you
+> Profilename <---- if added to one off your Aliase's (profile names) used



28th Febuary 2007 V8.52.0
Fixes and Changes And Added to Buddies List
popup Menu now all combined in one popup menu..
so you can get to all function easyer

The popup Menu top part changes to show reverlant items

when clicked on Group on
Send Instant Message to all in Group
Add New buddy to Group (changed wording)
Rename group
Creat New Group (New added)

when clicked on UserName
Show Profile
Pm User
Invite User to Room
Conference Invite
Delete user

Pending all works better
shows pending on buddies list even when log back in again now.

Remove off your buddies list work properly..removes name off your list was not

Added fuction to put up add Buddy if No buddies yet on list when buddies selected

Bug Fixed Buddies List...."Delete User".....was not work if not in friends group

27th Febuary 2007 V8.51.0
Fixes and Changes And Added to Buddies List

Added 2nd popup Menu when Groups Right clicked om...Menu has 3 Options

Send Instant Message to all in Group
This opens a new window with all users names listed from that group
so you mass PM all from that group a message.

Has Check option by each name list so you can
Uncheck any user you dont wont to a send message to
Also has "Check All" or "Clear All" buttons.

Add User To Buddies Group list
This is same as "Add User to Buddies"...
But has the group your in selected ready selected for you.

Rename group
You can Rename a Group names with this option

Made Buddies list Expand/Collapse work better
Does not Expand/Collapse when under list is clicked now,
Also only when Arrow clicked on (unless you double click the group)

Right click on buddies list now selects Groups and buddies list now also.

Stopped Editing of nodes working now also

Changed Invite user to Room (was set to invite to conference)

Stop Invite putting up Invite window when you make an invite

23rd Febuary 2007 V8.50.1
Changed Changed Rooms ..... to not have Room number after
w31600348324 <--- like that should be just w3 ....put room number in for test forgot to take off

22nd Febuary 2007 V8.50.0
Fixed Problem of Non Buddies showing online on buddies list
Now it wont show Usernames Status if not on your Buddies list.....
Yahoo! have been sending usersname status's of users what are not on your Buddies lists (by server Error (fault) I guess)
OnlineNonBuddiesLog.txt <--- also save's a log file with list of names that this happends

Added Buttons to Buddies lists for quick alternitive access to main Buddies functions
You can turn these button On or Off...right click on Buddies window on popup Menu select "Show Buttons"

20th Febuary 2007 V8.49.2
Bug Fix Chat Room Buddies "When Never Reject Pm" was checked made "Never Ignore Name" not work
So Filter (and other Ignores) would still ignore your Chat Room Buddies,
Even if "Never Ignore Name" was checked.

15th Febuary 2007 V8.49.1
Fixed Buddies Stealth Now works again was Only working in YMSG V12....works in YMSG v12 v13 v14 v15
Also made the Buddies window minimize when Stealth window started so it not under the buddies window.
Refesh - now updates Buddies window list .... so you dont need to close it after a refresh

Fixed Marquee posting in room working again

11th February 2007 V8.49.0
Added more error trapping for Ignore.....as some users still saying the getting issues....

Buddies List changes ...and improvements
Added Buddies count to each Buddies Group
Moved around order off Popup menu
Fixed Buddies Popup
"Show Online Users" to keep all groups that are Expanded....
was just collapsing them all on change of this option

Delete ..Has Yes / No so you dent delete by accident
Add user to buddies - Now has Buddies Group name ... all on new window

Remove Goto,Follow from Popup menu in Chat room

10th February 2007 V8.48.1
BugFix some users were getting a Error #13 type mismatch error.......Now fixed

10th February 2007 V8.48.0

Changed Complete New Buddies List With Groups

Resizing, 3 types of images Offline,Online, Online with Status (i.e. Busy)
Has Intelligent Refresh that remembers Users status's from last settings and removes any names not on the list
as yahoo don't send out the users status when you refresh just a list of usernames.

(More work needs to be done on above, but it looks pretty good)

Fixed Available status change was not going available and just going back to prev. Status message

3rd February 2007 V8.47.1
Added on Chat Room popup right click.....2 more searches ...Search Wikpedia and Search Dictionary

Bug fix made Filter Log ignore and make Sound ...Again

1st February 2007 V8.47.0
BugFix "click to see more update info" runtime error 9 subscript out of range....Now Fixed

Changed Check for new version once a day now....to save bandwidth on site...you can still manually check

Added Yazak also Checks "Freecreed" site now ....So has 4 sites checked...was only checking on updater before

Added Show Latest Update Info...On Help Menu on chat room
So you can now get the Page up showing all the changes made after updating now

Added Links ...On ChatRoom Menu...Abuse Reporting

26th January 2007 V8.46.1
Full Fix ...For Yazak...Now has INF tag working.....And everyone see's posts

Due to Yahoo! Limiting 124 Field on YMSG to one character
This is what Yazak used for INF tags
Yazak posts were no being seen by any Yahoo! users
as Yahoo! blocks any posts now above 1 character in Field 124


26th January 2007 V8.46.0
QUICK FIX......NEED THIS else Users will not see your posts in ROOM ...After yahoo! 124 change


Due to Yahoo! Limiting 124 Field on YMSG all Versions below V8.46.0 will not work...Will not post in room

26th January 2007 V8.45.2
Changed Yazak to look on all 3 sites (currently listed) for updates of updater, fileshare ect;

Changed limit Gosip Length to max 200 Characters ....Inwards...Any Gossip over 200 character is ignored now

Changed On Preferences Page4 "Flood124 Protect" Changed To "Flood124 Protect Reconnect"
And it Now only Reconnects if checked ...But still shows Flood124 messages always.
Shows 1st message in room then any more in marquee (if On)

Fixed Copy in Debug.....Clear Clipboard 1st now ...So should always work

24th January 2007 V8.45.1

Changed Chat Room Knock Function
This is on Change Room ... Retry Room If Full Time Period...to Not keep getting Focus and take it away from what your doing
So now if you minimize the chat room while knocking ... It will stay that way until got into the room (beep removed also)

Bug Fix on Chat Room .. Voice Ignore..
This was not functioning correctly ...Should not ignore any Chat Room Buddies but
was only working with .. Chat Room Buddies if "Alert when in room" was checked

Added some more traps to Ignore Window....Some users reporting error closing yazak here when Chat on show was clicked

Updater New Now 1.18.2 has new Delete old versions

21th January 2007 V8.45.0
Fixed PM Prefs ...Not working correctly on some functions always..
Like Chat Room Buddies was old working if "Alert when in room" on that users was on

Added on Format Menu..."Auto Join Room When Connected" ...Added even more options.
Off ReJoin Room myself
Quick as possible
In about 10 Secs
In about 20 Secs
In about 40 Secs

Changed Entering Message
shows Auto Re-Join Room is OFF! (when is off)

20th January 2007 V8.44.3
Changed Entering Messages.... (tuned up)
Room Boot Connection disconnect ...Does not have Waiting for Chat List ... staying on
Shows Room name
plus other improvements

19th January 2007 V8.44.1
Changes Made Entering Messages...Made much better...
Shows Disconnected not in room...in message popup
Shows when Connected
All timed in 1 seconds periods now (not 5 secs periods as before)
Times out now also.

Added on Format Menu..."Auto Join Room When Connected" ... this is checked on each session
If you UN-Check this you can and get disconnected by the Room booter currently being used
your name will stay in the room and you can post....
But you will not see any posts..Re-Enter room to see posts again.

17th January 2007 V8.43.4
Added to Links - Wikipedia - Encyclopedia

Changed some Tooltips --- Flood 124 Protection ..That had wrong message.. And added few others

Taken of D top of screen Disconnect was left on just a testing function

17th January 2007 V8.43.4
Added to Links - Wikipedia - Encyclopedia

Changed some Tooltips --- Flood 124 Protection .. that had wrong message.. And added few others

Taken of D top of screen Disconnect was left on just a testing function

16th January 2007 V8.43.3
Changed "Getting Ready to Enter Room" and "Waiting for Chat List"
message to appear in Message box at top right part of screen
you can click this message to turn it off now back to every 5 secs and never time out.

Added Disconnect message

15th January 2007 V8.43.2
Added Flood 124 Detection ....And simple protection...needs more work.

Changed Entering Messages to show every 10 secs now was 5 secs.....also shorten bit...."Waiting for Chat List"
and made stop messages after 240secs (4mins) if Yahoo! dont send reply by then.

Changed Entering room better.......Still Very Slow because of Yahoo! Slow Servers but better slightly

Added "You Enter Room" sound preference ......So you can add a sound when you enter a room now.

Added few more Debug worded packet names $F0 Freiend Online ,$F1 Friends List

11th January 2007 V8.43.1
Added New Preference ...on Page 4...Max Posts in 5 Secs.....
Set this to Max. Posts in 5 seconds period a user can post in room before it will ignore them
set to 0 to turn function off

Added New messages to show you more what is happening while you are waiting to enter a Room
The follow messages show in Marquee if on...Or Status if off
"Getting Ready to Enter Room"
"Waiting for Room Chatters List"

7th January 2007 V8.42.2
Fixed Bug in Shield Bug...was turning on even click on shield (even if already on)

Fixed PM Rejecting bug ....was doing magic word even if was off

5th January 2007 V8.42.1
Changed Sheild to a sheild Pic's Blue off
Yellow Gold look On

Fixed Pm's to not reject pm's once you have sent something to a username ...even ..if Pm's Off

3rd January 2007 V8.42.0
Added Sheild to Chat Room when turned ON stops all Pm's Ie Booters...Click Blue Square S button up top ....
(this was Idea was 1st thought of by Craige...maker of Ymlite)

Fixed Bug the Pm On not going red when get rejected pm's

Changed C2S Show Chat2 Special....too Show WCS (WebCam Chat Server)
put where Chat2 was.....(this chat connection only works with Pm's)


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