Yazak Update History 2006

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31th December 2006 V8.41.1
Fixed Bug in PM Preferences when not Pm' option are checked was not letting Pm though, Just putting on Pm Reject log
also fixed bug in never Reject Pm's in Chat Room Buddies....was sometimes not working

Changed PM ON Message (above SEND) to show Pm Friends, Pm Room, Pm ChatBud, Pm Magic
When less than 2 Pm Prefs options selected

Added on Filter window on popup menu "Reload Filter List"
handy for use with below Stats Filter program

Click Here to download

With above program you can find out how many posts have so far been ignored by your filter words
and set the more popular ones to Perm. Ignore on the Filter.


29th December 2006 V8.41.0
Added Perm.Ignore to Filter ... $$filterword....add $$ to word/s of filter list and will Perm Ignore users (in place of normal Temp ignore)

Fixed Bug in PM Voice causing it not to always start if had Uppercase Username ....forced to lower case now

Changed PM ON Message (above SEND) shows PmON FRBM
F=Friends R=Room B=Chat Room Buddies M=Magic Word...each letter show that feature on

24th December 2006 V8.40.0
Bug Fixed Pm Prefernces Pm's From Friends,Pm's from Room, Pm's with Magic word..... were not working...Fixed now

Added Pm Prefernces from "Chat Room Buddies"

Bug fixed Pm Typing come from right Profile name now (and not use Main Username) this was causing two pm windows to open (sometimes)

Changed "Room Full or Closed" to use Maquee if on.. so if you have Re-try on dont get room full of messages

23rd December 2006 V8.39.0
Changed Prefernces on Page3 "Refuse anyone adding me to their list"
to also Refuse "Request to Add" as used by YMSG V13/14/15 so if checked Requests are automatic

BugFixed ... On Show Users Added me List ... "Show Profile" and "Pm User" now removes the "[Requests to add]" text from end

Added to Preferences "Allow Voice Invites" Page3 ...... was on /vj windows so was hidden so what ...put on preferences as well now

Changed wording on Chat Room window .. Menu....File.."Log On Screen" to "Show Login Window"

Changed PM Voice to work better.....By activating Name... makes voice work where it sometimes would not

Changed Pm Voice to set to Chat Room buddies voice volume setting...like room voice does

BugFixed Chat Room Buddies was not always saving Voice Vol Level correct and other settings

22nd December 2006 V8.38.4
Changed Pm Preferences
"No Pm's Except from Below" ---> is now ..."No Pm;s" This is what it really was..
also when selcted clears any PM's options selected below it
and selecting any below turns off "No Pm's"

Fixed Never Reject Pm's ...to work when "No Pm's" is checked.... so will still get pm's from that chat room buddy

21st December 2006 V8.38.3
Added PM Never Reject Pm's ...to Chat Room Buddies

Added Log Rejected Pm's ...Pm Size Max ...... will not log any pm's over that size.... (put then in a alternative file)

16th December 2006 V8.38.2
Fixed on YMSG V15
Buddies list to not include yahoo! ignore list
"Add as Friend" now also works in V15 now....was not before

Changes on Pm Voice
Try Random Voice servers if 1st server dont connect
UserName mouse over shows error message (If their is one)
UserName mouse over shows Conf. Name & Auth. code

Changes on Chat room voice
Try Random Voice servers if 1st server dont connect

8th Noveber 2006 V8.38.1
Bugfix PM Voice now working when you use Profile Names (aliase names)

Changed Pm Rejected Show Log.... now faster.....has back arror to show further back in log.

6th Noveber 2006 V8.38.0
Fixed problems with yazak not connecting to a lot of Yahoo! servers.....

Changed yazak link posts to few different sites......
as yazakpro.com was getting filtered by yahoo! ok now though

All Older Version lower than V8.38.0
will not login on Yahoo!

This is due to Yahoo! slighty changing login packet to require a NUL at the end of a packet sent,
what in error yazak never had on older versions

21th Noveber 2006 V8.37.1
BugFix with Voice greying out when task bar Yz or Pm was used as voice talk button....Now Finaly fixed
Found out it was caused by using the YahVoice Icon (seperate Voice box)
This was causing that to start up in the background and stopping normal voice functioning.

11th Noveber 2006 V8.37.0
Added Puppy Dog Eyes - smiley face 108

Changed all Smiley faces to accept Upper or Lowercase
....as it now seem messenger does it this way now....

(Thanks Christi for all the Help with faces....thanks for the Charts.)

10th Noveber 2006 V8.36.2
Added limited Seperate Voice to obay Ignore list to seperate Voice (Right Click Mic to start it)
Before as Voice is a Total seperate attackment if you ignore users it would not be muted on seperate voice
now I have added it to take into account of any users you have on ignore and mute them..
Note: this will not mute new users you put on ignore until you next start up the voice.
but if you mute users in the seperate voice the user is put on temp. ignore (unchecking will not do reverse)

Made yazak always post Version number...was not if Yazak Id was blank....

Changed on YazServ posts to not limit to 300 characters like Yahoo! has on YMSG

9th Noveber 2006 V8.36.0
Added Profiles names use on YazServ rooms ....so you can now use them there now as well as Yahoo!
You will need to log into Yahoo! at least once to load all your profie names to use this feature.

FinalyFixed Bug when Chat room Log Back On Quick ...
last version fixed it but last min change on it what i didnt test messed it up, its final really fixed

8th Noveber 2006 V8.35.0
Added Country Selection .....So now Change Room start at that Country selected...and not just at the USA locality
(Thanks for Tita for the idea, to make it easyer for spanish users and other non USA country's)

Fixed Bug when Chat room Log Back On Quick ...would switch back to Main Username Id if Profile name was selected

Added Support for YazServ ....Multi name sends of usersnames ...spend up chatters list and shorter to send from server.


2nd Noveber 2006 V8.34.3
Changed removed Chat2 Option on Login window......as Yahoo! have now Close Chat2

Added Resizing to YazServ chat room selctor

28th October 2006 V8.34.2
Changes for YazServ
minor change

28th October 2006 V8.34.1
Changes for YazServ
YzakServ List Made stay on top
Refresh Error Fix
Join room Connection Timed OUT error now closes open room...and puts you back to Login window.

28th October 2006 V8.34.0
Changes for YazServ
Added Voice to rooms
Made Changed room Brieng up YazServ Rooms
so you can now easy change room on YazkServ

26th October 2006 V8.33.1
Fixed bug in in YazServ when no Server room were available
and join blank room selected....Tells you now not available

Added Shows that you have selected YazServ ....and not Yahoo! now on login

Added YazServ Sever Rooms Selection
Many Room will come available on the list dependant on how popular it is

21th October 2006 V8.32.8
Bug on Popup Menu Ignore User Perm + more options
....Perm. and Temp Ignores were not muting users put on ignore

Changes on YazServ
Made show on login wind if Disconnect
Faulty Message in room ignored so dont put up blank users in room

19th October 2006 V8.32.7
Changes on YazServ
Made Show Room Name and Intro Message correct
Fixed User leaving room not taken off list bug
Plus other changes

18th October 2006 V8.32.5
added V14 V15 YMSG V15 will let you see MSN Messages
.(sending not be work yet on last test)

Changes on YazServ
Changed Login to Server...so needs Code plus name now stop bots
Yazak now uses Normal Join/Leave room Methods so shows number of users and all Ignore and wildcards work
Shows when you have been Disconnect from server....This will happen is server it turned off or your Kicked by Host

17th October 2006 V8.32.4
Changes on YazServ .....Shows room now......dont post room name on each post save bandwith

17th October 2006 V8.32.3
Changed YazServ was enter Wrong...

Added Chat port 5050 .....was just port 600....... set to 5050

16th October 2006 V8.32.0
Added Yazak Server - YazServ
this is a simple server what works outside Yahoo!
Only 1 room.....No Pm's yet...Add next version
(soon all frame work is already there).

Bug fixed Not showing newest version site now does and not showing Update text always fixed

Bug error messages on error log
"Error No: 0 Sub: FrmIgnored LstIgnores_Click V8.31.2 10/10/2006 19:40:14"
cause by not exit sub before error part

10th October 2006 V8.31.2
Changes on Preferences ...Page 4
Button Images Used......was not turning off Hilite....fixed
When you click on "Click Here to Download More Buttons" ..
.made it Minimize Preferences window so it dont get in way
and on Edit...

Changed PM Voice when voice was turn of the Disconnect auto was turning back on
...fixed that...also put count so only try max 5's

9th October 2006 V8.31.1
Changed PM Voice made to keep connected better
When Disconnect of voice by Yahoo! turns Voice back on again automaticly
When Other user leaves Voice does know longer turn of your voice automatic
Just tells you in Pm status they turned off voice now

Changes to Changeable Buttons some small fixs
Hilite was not turn of if switched back to Default
mouse over buttons was not un-lite-ing untill next button selected

Changed PM Preference options
...."Minimize the window to taskbar"......
to Directly Minumize now ....not change from open window to minumize

8th October 2006 V8.31.0
Added "hilite" command to Changeable Buttons this hi-lites the Buttons as you mouse over them
.....add "hilite" to format.txt file to use it

Added on Preferences ....Page4 ....Button Images used ...Edit button.....
Click it to go straight to button folder so you can edit

Changed on Ignore window ...Perm ... show ... InChat to say In chat ....and not 9999days

Changed so all Changeable Buttons to show Tooltips

4th October 2006 V8.30.2
Changed to close all Windows now Including Pm's on Exit of Yazak

Changed on PM window from "PM:" as PM is on graphic so changed ">>"

2nd October 2006 V8.30.1

Added PM Preference options
"When I receive a new pm message"
"Show the message window" - Open's a Pm as Normal
"Minimize the window to taskbar" - Open's a Pm Minumize to Taskbar

Bug in Pm with Auto correct not working fixed

Changed PM Tooltip on Time Zone to include more zones
"GMT=0 BST=1 Pacific= -7 Central= -5 Eastern= -4 Mountain= -6"

1st October 2006 V8.29.7
Added Click on Voice name Above Volume control to show MUTE & UN-MUTE also now.

Fixed Remove text to also remove Avatars from that user ....was not before

Changed Auto correct words to load from main was just load when chat room
started was not working in pm's if not in chat room.

30th September 2006 V8.29.6
Changed PM Icons to PM graphic and when clicked on to face

Changed small part of Pm voice to not to reconnect if PMVoiceUserConf
is same only if different will it Reconnect after recieving another voice invite

Changed on PM window Ignore Button to have YES or No
so not so easy to accidently click on and Ignore user


29th September 2006 V8.29.5
Added Links "HTTPS://" reconised in Chat Room..
Ok Freecreed its on as you requested

Changed Click on Chat Room username Popup menu

Ignore User Perm. changed to not put up Ignore Window each time now

Ignore function will not ignore users on Never Ignore user list
(on chat room buddies list)

Plus added play ignored sound.

Also show Users that have been Ignored on Maquee if on
.....And shows Never Ignore users

Changed Click on Voice name above Volume control to show
User name to Mute Or Ignore........
so shows you dont Ignore/Mute the wrong username when lots of users are on voice.


28th September 2006 V8.29.4
Change in PM Voice moved Mute and HandsFree checks from bottom
to right side so PM window takes less room

Pm Voice made work better,
When your voice is on other user turns voice on will Reconnect to there
Voice Auth number, should make pm voice work alot better.


27th September 2006 V8.29.3
Changed /VJ small change to get working with "Invite needed" unchecked mode....
.so now works again and you can /vj with Yah Elite users

Make sure "Invite needed" is UnChecked before starting voice if you want to /vj with yah elite user


26th September 2006 V8.29.2
Changed Ignore window name markers when Chat show is selected from "[Ignored]" to now "[p]" and "[t]"

[p] = Perm. Ignore
[t] = Temp. Ignores

Also added "[c]" on show Temp Perm Yahoo to indicate user is in chat room "[c]"

[c] = User in Chat Room

Added Ignore window on Show Perm. On combo pulldown "In Chat"
you can then show Only users on Perm ignore and who are in chat
Handy for finding chatters you Ignored by accident and want to take off ignore.

Changed Changeable Buttons...Left to centre and over to centre...better

25th September 2006 V8.29.0
Added "Ignore Perm. + more Options" to Popup Menu when you click on Usernames

Ignore Perm. + more Options
Perm. Ignore Puts user on Perm.Ignore
Perm. Ignore + Remove Text as above and Removes text user typed
Temp Ignore + Remove Text Puts user on Temp.Ignore
Remove Text only Removes text user typed only

Changed Move over username yellow Info box so more over so does not go off screen on long messages


19th September 2006 V8.28.2
Bug in Ignore List on Perm Ignores putting blank usernames...was causing yazak to close if this blank names was removed.

18th September 2006 V8.28.1
Removed all the 300 Character Limits on INF as now using field 124 to send INF forgot to do this on last version

Changed 117 + 124 Field join as Ymlite does it differntly than expected....this stop double post from ymlite users

17th September 2006 V8.28.0
Changed INF tag to Send and Receive on 124 Field to allow Info tags to be sent even with 300 characters posted
also supports extra text sent on this field sent by some chat clients.

Changed Tool tips on Zoom buttons....did have wrong text after last version changes

16th September 2006 V8.27.2
Change made nearly all Button Images at bottom changable now. Get the New Diamond set....

Change preferences Button Images Used to show changes straight away......(default you still will need to close and open chat room)

Fixed Default Buttom Images to centre properly

15th September 2006 V8.27.1
Made Changeable Button Images function in preference Look for any new Button directorys and add them to list,
also add click here link to Image buttons on site

14th September 2006 V8.27.0
Added Changeable Button Images function - Set in Prefernces Page 4 .....and you will need to Download ....one Available currently

12th September 2006 V8.26.6
Bug Fixed INF tag PROT:YMSG was not leaving a space on resent version

7th September 2006 V8.26.5
Added on Ignore window

SHOW Chat option shows any users on Ignore ....has [ignored] after username on list

Popup Menu ... Current List....Copy selected names.....show in Groups of 3 per line....in place of long list on single line.

Corrected on Perm Ignore Show ... Today, 3 days, 7 days ....all were show 1 to many days.


6th September 2006 V8.26.4
Changed Emote replacement cammand %IGNR%
(put select username on ignore and show count)
to also remove username of from chatters list, like Perm ignore does.

Added on Ignore window with Perm Ignore Show Today, 3 days, 7 days or All..... selections .....use to be 3 days or All

5th September 2006 V8.26.2

Apply on Wildcard fixed so shows Perm. or Temp Ignored name hilighted ....was just showing temp.

Changed Remove Beep sound ...when users leave room sometime...
left it in by mastake for testing

4th September 2006 V8.26.1
Added Preference option show users Avatar Once on consecutive posts ...
When Checked only show Avarars once if user posts 2 or more consecutive posts

Changed Perm. Ignore to remove name off chat room users list as you put them on Perm. Ignore
and put them back if you put them on Temp. Ignore or taken them off ignore.

Changed so when users that stay in Voice volume level is maintained...use to go full volume if users did that

Added WildCard Perm Ignore all wildcard Starting with $$ are put on Perm Ignore for 99 days.....
Example: $$aa1* wildcard Perm. ignore.....Those Ignoying porn bots filling up to of room lists

31th August 2006 V8.25.2
Changes to posting and split posting.......
Now Proritizes the use of INF tag's
so when Room post size is high only uses parts of Inf tag or none if dont fit

31th August 2006 V8.25.1
Changes to room post split to make work better and
short Yazak client posting to make post in one line, by shorting Inf tag

30th August 2006 V8.25.0
Yahoo! Changed the max size posts in Room to 300 Charcters -- so added Post spilt as below

Added Split up posts if over new low max of 300 characters (use to be about 1900 Characters)
Now if you go over the limits all text is stripped of format info such as font siz bold ect;
then its spilt up and post in multi posts into the chat room

28th August 2006 V8.24.1
Changed Load to Filter & WildCard to not load repeated entrys

Some Filters and Wildcards to download click here

26th August 2006 V8.24.0
Bug fixed Chat Room List
some rooms categories in some countrys have 2 room list names of same name
this was messing up the categories listed slightly
Some Examples where this happend:
Local Language UK....Movies ...has Movies twice....UK Movies and USA Movies.........
Local Language Australia ... Business & Finace.... Has 2 Stockwatch rooms lists Australia and USA

Added Save & Load to Filter & WildCard
Load will load a file list of plain text with Filters or Wildcards (depending what you currently selected)
Save will save a file list of plain text with each line per Filter strings or Wildcard

24th August 2006 V8.23.3
Bugfix Fixed problem with update check on Old site saying site was down

Add Carol's web site to Updater ...now updaterV1.14.0

14th August 2006 V8.23.2
Changed PM Smiley Faces to open Square window of faces so dont go off Right side of screen now,
If pm window it over right most on screen.

10th August 2006 V8.23.1
Changed Pm Voice to use Login window set voice server and not set vc.yahoo.com server

Fixed Talk button to not change Green when grey if clicked

Added Noentry Mic Icon when Voice on

10th August 2006 V8.23.0
Added PM Voice Sys tray Icon (Yellow Face) shows up when Voice is Enabled in Pm's
you can click on the Icon to Talk Just like the Yz to Voice
Works like the Talk button in pm window, But you dont have to un minimize PM window
Move the mouse over sys trya Icon to see who you talking to
....it is possible to have more than 1 Pm Voice like this.

Fixed Volume control in pm window

9th August 2006 V8.22.5
Change Made SysTryIcon (Yz) starts up soon as started now and not after login

Added Test if one Yazak is already Running if is asks "Do you want to open another Yazak"

Changed Pm Voice to not turn voice off in room......
User will need to turn off room voice if have Windows 98 and 2000

Added Right click popmenu "Copy to Filter" the will copy chat room hi-lighted text to filter

9th August 2006 V8.22.3
Added WebCam Anonymously to PM's

Change Voice in Pm's works better, shows when other user comes in voice now

Added Voice Invite to PM Popup menu...So you can Invite more voice user to PM Voice


7th August 2006 V8.22.2

Changed Now turns off voice if the other user turns off their voice,
and says in status "Other User Turned Off Voice"

Fixed PM window does not now Flash when not Minimized

Bugfix PM window resized right when height gets to small

Change on PM make stay on top as default

7th August 2006 V8.22.0
Changed on Popmenu "Ignore User (Un-Ignore)" now shows "Ignore" when user not Ignored
and shows "Un-Ignore" when user was ignored

Added Voice to each PM windows now and does not use seperate Voice box anymore....
you can now have more than one pm Voice open
NOTE.....Need to have Windows XP to open more than one voice at a time.

1st August 2006 V8.21.0
Added Voice Invites posted to room so will look like this in chat room
"Voice Invite From: zak To: carol Click to start Voice"

30th July 2006 V8.20.0
Added /VJ Voice Join window what pops up if someone invites you to /vj voice
Also has a Allow Voice Invites prefs on there
And Invite need option......
if you want to goto a old style /VJ where you dont need a invite uncheck this
(as Yah Elite uses) then click start Voice

27th July 2006 V8.19.2
Added Fixed /VJ Voice Join working again now users too commands ........
(/vj stopped working after Yahoo! changes)

/VJ VoiceRoomName ie.... /vj music sets as Voice Room as "Music"

Added /VI username command for use with /VJ ...this Voice Invites a user to the Voice Join above
/VI Username ie.... /vj yazakchat1 Invites Yazakchat1 to the Voice Room

Bug Fix problem with Tattoo font showing up if font used by someone and you dont have that font
....further fix to problem

26th July 2006 V8.19.1
Bug Fix problem with Tattoo font showing up if font used by someone and you dont have that font,
so wouls show last font of Tattoo webdings

23rd July 2006 V8.19.0
Changed Preferences
Spit up into for pages so is hopefully easy
to find stuff and less cluttered now

Added to to preferences Page3 Allow Conference Invites

Added Command you can type in chat room
/WILD - Adds word to wildcard
Example: /WILD hacker*

20th July 2006 V8.18.40
Fixed PM Voice now works again ......
Wooweeee Yazak does it again
Yahoo! changed Voice to need voice authcode in pms 19th July 2006

20th July 2006 V8.17.4
Added conference Invite to more places

Right Click popup menu on User names in chat room Added Conference Invite --this also selects username

Buddies Right Click popup menu on Added Conference Invite --this also selects username

Fixed problems with Zoom + and - when EFSize is unchecked need more work in this area.....

20th July 2006 V8.17.3
NEW Added Conferences ------ You can use this to Voice chat as Pm voice dont work currently

---simpley done at momment ---
You can start Conference from File Menu on Login screen or Friend Menu Chat room


8th July 2006 V8.16.2
Bug fixed error causing Sub: HandleRoomEnter ....error in Uni decode character sub....
caused by Nic name or Location Names with malformed Uni code characters..... fixed now

7th July 2006 V8.16.0
Fixed Bug in Pm's caused by yahoo! bug made blank from username and 2 pm windows opening

Change Had to add a nastie Avatar Ban list to yazak......1 Avatar is currently on this list

27th June 2006 V8.15.2
Added un-code decoding of Nic Names....So fancy nic names are now shown correctly

Changed Ignore days back to being enabled when on Temp Ignore show mode so you can
change the days to ignore without having to goto Perm 1st
Changed Yahoo! Ignore to check if name already on Yahoo! Ignore list so dont try do it twice

22nd June 2006 V8.15.1
Bug Fixed /Think and Right Click SEND button to send Think was not sending graphic Faces
(when GFace is checked in preferences)
and also not sending colors/bold/underline ect; all fixed now

Bug fixed If you made Filter window to small it closed yazak now fixed
.... Thanks "smart_asset" for pointing it out

19th June 2006 V8.15.0
Fixed Ignore "Remove what Said" was not decreasing line count for cropping,
so sometimes messed cropping up
.....should fix very un often screen clears

Fixed Ignore added users refreshing.....so if you ignore someone after you leave ignore window open it refreshs the list now...

Fixed Smiles faces not working in Gosip and Tatto Change....change to use Text characters when used for these
caused by added Graphic faces on V8.10.0 this was not compatable gossip & Tattoo text boxs

13th June 2006 V8.14.0
Added to Alerts popup menu to show same as Chat Room Popup Menu
ie show if user has Left Room and how long and hide Hi menu's

'Remove Vesion posting in gossip at last Thought done did it ages ago
....still work from old yazak version it seems fixed now.

9th June 2006 V8.13.6
Added Post Yazak Chat Site in room <SHORT> coded .....Posts the text in form that is hard to be filtered

7th June 2006 V8.13.3
Fixed All Replacment characters in room names now........was few more in french/german room......used Replacement rountine now...

Fixed Connect light right bottom corner chat window....was flashing red sometimes...now fixed

Changed Usernames to defaut size 12....and not be affected by IE Font size now (Zoom size on IE)

Changed Error message "Not Sending following message to Room" to put in as Username so posts username as "Yazak_not_connected"

6th June 2006 V8.13.0
BugFix Usa in Spanish Rooms all work now.........
had to replace all follow in room name to correct them
&#xa1; ¡
&#xf1; ñ
&#xf3; ó
&#xfa; ú
&#xe1; á
&#xe9; é
&#xed; í

Removed all YCHT from yazak now.......still few small bit to remove ....do that later.....make Yazak slighty smaller now

5th June 2006 V8.12.1
Bugfix problems with pm's text using default black small text...now fixed uses prefs font settings now...and not chat font room if not loaded


4th June 2006 V8.12.0
BugFix Change Room on new room selector
some rooms were not going to correct selected
Example: Music ...Rock....was going to the spanish Rock room
Now fixed was not using the correct room id number,
using main cat id number

3rd June 2006 V8.11.3
Changed Webcam Server back to how it was on v8.11.1

2nd June 2006 V8.11.2
Added Text Translator ....its under Extra toys......
Translator works both Ways
Enlish to German ...and ...German to English

1st June 2006 V8.11.1
Bugfix strange bug that caused overflow error 6 ...
this was in part of the code that turned of color pallete popup if left on screen,
a counter was left counting down what caused the error after time (few days)

Change Color pallete to toggle on/off if clicked more than once

31th May 2006 V8.11.0
Fixed Alerts not showing Hilighted Yah Elite posts what have Tattoo on......
Fault on Yah Elite posting double </font></font> after only one font open

Added Radio streamer player......
Added one Ifound This is will proberly be changed....this is under Extra Toys menu

Changed Auto Join room to pre open Chat Room window and hide it until needed.

Changed Show Ignore Log to use NotePad again,,,,,so large log Files dont cause problems

Enabled Show More of Log ....On Rejected Pm's Window Right click popup Menu

Added Copy Username to clipboard on Email opening so you can easy paste your username in email page.

26th May 2006 V8.10.1
Added Preference GFace - Un-check to turn off Graphic Smiley faces in chat room typed text
handy if you get problems in windows 98

Added pop window to say loading new RTF faces data

23nd May 2006 V8.10.0
Changed Smiley in Chant room so they now show as Graphics and not Text strings ie :) show as the Happy smile graphic

Credit and Thanks Cali and Carol for editing the RTF text files for the 87 faces

23nd May 2006 V8.9.4
BugFixed more problems with new fast text entry convertion rountine the ascii character 160
what is a replacement Space used in Affects to stop spaces being removed by messenger
this was not being decoded as is a special case character in RTF.

also \ character was not getting decoded ....and removed <br> posting at end of posts..

23nd May 2006 V8.9.1
BugFixed problems with new fast text entry convertion rountine with some characters: £ { } and other fixed now...was showing as blank line when used

22nd May 2006 V8.9.0
Changed Chat Room text entry speeded up conversion rountines,,,,,,, No delay on large text entrys (Lag)

17th May 2006 V8.8.2
Fixed Problem with offlines showing as small text 1pt

Added removal of Blank boxs in chat room text send box, this happend when pictures get copyed into it like smiles or pics from web sites.

11th May 2006 V8.8.1
Added Offline date and time to rejected pm messages

Changed Change Rooms to switch back to Yahoo! rooms when another room is selected .....
was staying on user rooms and show yahoo! rooms

Changed Change Rooms to show from top starting from Business & Finace

10th May 2006 V8.8.0
Added offline/Online messages to pm's status bar
"appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in."
"is Back ONline"

Changed Room Voice Chatter name now in Bold Black
when talking to make it easyer to read for some users

Changed some chat room used variables to stop a bug in pm's closing yazak.

9th May 2006 V8.7.1
Bugfix User Added me List was not showing the bootom

9th May 2006 V8.7.0
Added Datestamp Date & Time Message recieved in Pm's

Added Time Zone for Above in Pm Preferences......
GMT=0 BST=1 Pacific= -7 Central= -5 Eastern= -4 Mountain= -6

Bugfix Pm text size very small when chat room not started.....
was bug caused by New Zoom in chat rooms

Bugfix update ActualLinesPosted when skiped because of repeat post....
was not checking if from client....ie maybe from messy


7th May 2006 V8.6.0
Added Wildcard ignore to show the ignore wildcard used....
Shows when you hover mouse over usernames list

Changed Login on YMSG to stop continued trying to login when password is wrong,
Caused by the Auto reconnect fixed now

Changed Login on YCHT to not pop up a message box "ERROR: Yahoo!,
Could not get cookie, possibly invalid username/pass"
now puts in message window now.

5th May 2006 V8.5.1
Bug fixed Buddies "say Hello to All Buddies" was not always posting corectly this was
caused by Chat text box getting font sizes Wrong
Fixed that problem and speeded up Sent text to room, from typed in text box.

5th May 2006 V8.5.0
Added Search right click Popup menu in chat room
This uses the words you have Hi-lighted in chat room as the Search words then opens
Google or Yahoo! Search web page

4th May 2006 V8.4.1
Changed Big Change on IE Control Display now outputs Text Pixel perfect Size wise
Before use to use Normal Fonts 1 to 7 sizes and fixed the sizes into these 7 stardard font sizes
so some fonts would apear same size as they have to fit into the 1-7 set sizes.

Now the font size is used so font size 8 will show as size 8 size 9 as size 9 ect;

Changed New Zoom......Had to make new zoom for the above changes as old zoom did not support fixed sized fonts
This Zoom is much better than old one....has much bigger range ..... 1 to 64 (1-6 is smaller 7 =Normal 8-64 Bigger)
old Zoom only had 1 to 5

29th April 2006 V8.3.2
Changed chat room selector was not hidding Create Room words text when in
Windows Classic style (on XP) ...was not still removing on 1st start

Changed Chat pasting text ...stop so errors

Disabled Yahoo! Ignore on Chat2 protocol......as was disconnecting user

28th April 2006 V8.3.0
Added a users who PM-ed me list you can now the easy Ignore them flooders
or better still Put On yahoo! Ignore List to stop PM flooding
See this list by right clicking on Ignore window and selecting SHOW....Show Users who PM me list

Added Yahoo! Ignore Button "small Yellow Y" on Ignore window easyer way than popup menu method

Changed .....Made Yahoo! Ignore work better on multi users adding....send multi name packets now.

Changed ....Made Multi select "Remove what said" button work

Changed chat room selector was not hidding Create Room words text when in Windows Classic style (on XP)

26th April 2006 V8.2.2
Bugfix Links clicked on not removing tags now fixed

25th April 2006 V8.2.1
Changed Missed posts to be More accurate by just using Counted posts
...IE posts made by Chat clients that use Line Count INF
now shows like this
108 Posts 87 Counted 15 Mised 73.51 per hour 82.87% Reliabilty cs.55.msg.dcn.yahoo.com

The "Counted" is the posts used in the count to get the end results,
use to use all posts...what was not that accurate as programs such messenger, brouser Chat2
and other clients that do have line Counts were in the results.

Fixed problem with YCHT turning on when Loged out clicked on.

Changed use YCHT to use CHAT2 ...when booter Alert message coming up.

24th April 2006 V8.2.0
Bugfix Remove exploit thata made Yazak show web page in chat room if link clicked on and not in IE brouser

Changed Post Missed to Include Server On

Changed To Post Server On INF PROT YMSGV13-cs54 ...... So Info On User shows that also now


13th April 2006 V8.1.0

UserRooms On New Chat Room Selector .....Click "U" to show

Note.....UserRooms are currently working again on Yahoo!

UserRooms are work again...Bit eraticly......
Best to not be in a room when you create one and need to wait few mins
sometimes before it opens!!!

This all upto Yahoo! ....Hopefully User Rooms are back for good....

12th April 2006 V8.0.9
Change made click update link start new updater with autostart.....
will work for future updates

Updater V1.12.0 New Added Auto Download and Start ......
so when you click update link on Login window in future will get new version
with out need to click any buttons on updater

12th April 2006 V8.0.7
Avatar selector V1.14.1 New Made checking Avatars when you select different Library
will not freeze window so you can still move it or minimize ect;

Changed Client ID changed Now Only accept a-z or A-Z characters in Client ID

11th April 2006 V8.0.6
Fixed Ycht protocal to re-enter room better......Ie Right click Change Room

10th April 2006 V8.0.5
Fixed Ignore users that just left room were not being hi-lighted on Ignore list....fixed now

Changed Change Room + Ctrl key and you can use the old Room selector Now........
Temp. not sure how long going to leave it on there....

Added Reconnect feature

7th April 2006 V8.0.4
Added Room Re-try entering room if is full to New Room selector
there is a "Retry Room if Full time Period" 10-40 seconds
and and now a Max number of trys default is 15

6th April 2006
Avatar Selctor V1,13.0 up dated ...fixed date problem

6th April 2006 V8.0.3
Changed Chat Room right click Change Room visited popup menu, now shows last 9 and works better
....and dont show current room now

5th April 2006 V8.0.2
Added Chat Room window more local languages (work as have correct 2 letters)

Spain "es" Hong Kong "hk" , "kr" , "sg" , "tw"

Fixed Chat Room right click Change Room last 5 rooms visited popup menu,
also made work better ie; dont show last room until you visit 2nd new room
and 3rd new rom shows 2nd room and so on;

4th April 2006 V8.0.0
Added NEW CHat Room Selector ----- Now shows number of users in Rooms And user on Webcams
Also shows numbers of users in that cat. when clicked on.... and a Total number of users on Yahoo! (all cats clicked on)

This Chat selector uses Different Servers from old one....And so fixed the problems with some rooms not working
this was due to Yahoo! Web site not working correctly on some rooms such as Romance 20's Love and 40's Love

Hope you like this New selector ...needs more work but is pretty good now....

Added Link to Un-Ban "Chat Room Banned!!! -15" Message

29rd March 2006 V7.99.14
Changed Emote "%IGNR%" Ignore name And Ignore Replacement command,
So it puts user on Perm. Ignore now for 7 days.

Changed on Ignore window only show "days to Ignore" when Perm. selected

Change Poduct Name to "Yazak Chat" (was "Voice Chat")

29rd March 2006 V7.99.13
Change WebCam to work better
YMSG View and show works fine now as using 2 cookies now,
So should stop problems with only working in Anonymously..Show Name method will work all time

Chat2 View works (show not)
YCHT Not working

Added WebCamShow & WebCamView Cookies in Help about window

Added Chat2 Special Servers mode.......Pager mode only works currently .... Turn from File Login window... then check C2S

23rd March 2006 V7.99.12
Change Call General replace Beep Sound on following:
Re-Enter Room, Alert Click, PM Voice Start (or VJ),
Change Room Make start Room,Invite to room webcam, Info on user

Debug window
Fixed Debug not clearing Username and Packet number when Select Show was Unchecked

Added "Add Select User Name" to popup Menu ... Makes easyer to add a name to check packets from

Fixed Save "Yazak_Debug.txt" Raw Packets file saved by debug.....Remove Blank Nul's saved with packets

23rd March 2006 V7.99.11
Bug saying Exploit on start offset=1 ....when its not

23rd March 2006 V7.99.9
Added Option in Preferences to Allow Yah Elite Exploits on INF tags if you wont to......
As the Info on Yah Elite is not place at the begining as it was designed to be by the inverter of INF Trolling
After much trying to get MD the maker of Yah Elite to fix the problem with out any success
I have made a work around for yazak
a option in preference to allow it
The affect of setting this option in yazak be, Search for the INF tags anyplace on the posted line
and so see the faulty Yah Elite posts what move the INF tags from the start postion
with Tattoo's on and THINK O o . made be seen in yazak.
It will also open yazak to Exploits made using INF by Malicious users. You choose

Changed Right click "Add Web URL to Filter" or "Copy Web URL"
to remove end Slash example: wwww.test.com/ <--- "/" removed now
The end "/" on a URL when on filter stopped it finding the link when users posted it in room
Good idea to remove any you have in your filter already.

22nd March 2006 V7.99.8
Changed PM Graphic on pm window for Pin Stay on top
Put Default Beep sound on Click on Missed posts

21th March 2006 V7.99.7
Added Preference Edit Sound button - Opens Sound Recorder or Coolo Edit

Changed Missed Count text a bit shortened...took off beep also when clicked to copy it

21th March 2006 V7.99.6
Fixed Chat room buddies Leave room sounds editing...when opens Sound Recoder
Changed * Editing Enter room sounds* Select to Toggle from the
Checked message as was makes it more clearer

20th March 2006 V7.99.4
Bugfix chat room Buddies Enter/Leave room sounds not working only playing
Prefs Enter/Leave sounds fixed now

Changed Chat Room Buddies Popup Menu's.....Made better

19th March 2006 V7.99.2
Added two more sounds to Preferences:
7 Chat Room Buddies Leave - Plays the sound when Chat Room Buddy leaves room
8 General replace Beep - Relace Sound where BEEP sound is made (DONK on XP)
(happends when Right Click Mute,Turn Mic On.....Some done do more soon)

Added Chat room buddies Leave room sounds to chat room buddies
as well as Join chat room ones....

Fixed Bootback window Height on xp cut off on appearance xp style

18th March 2006 V7.99.1
Bugfixed Missed posts going negitve... Fix now all my test show....
If line post was out of sequence something like 24 22 23 21 19 20
and was happend at start of room entry posting would make missing
by that users and make go negitive ...check for zero fixs that.

Fixed Bootback window.

18th March 2006 V7.99.0
Added to Debug Screen to right click popup menu
Clear Screen
Select Show On

When Selected Show On...There is these options to show selected packets
ALL - show all Packets
Room Chat - Shows Room chat packets
PM - Shows Pm packets
Pkt No Hex - Shows only Hex packets entered
Username - Shows packet from that username only ... enter username in large box

Added Boot message to Typing Boot & Add also to Users to bootback these types
Also Inproved boot back...

Changes to PM window

Added StayTop - Claick to make Pm Window Stay On Top
Hidden Encript Code Part - Unhide by clciking on menu and Select Show Encript

Remove VOICE button move Audibles Button their.

Change Spam repeated words ie "Spam Repeat Ignored"
So with Friends on chat room buddies list..it dont apply too them now

Change Missed posts ....So old posts out of sequence....take 1 off missed posts
And missed posts count how many missed and not just count it as one missed...as was


16th March 2006 V7.98.3
Changed Missing Counter top of room so it's info is formated.

15th March 2006 V7.98.2
Fixed Inport Ignore list when using lists.....
name1,name2,name3 ...ie names list seperated by coma's
Name list with a single name on each line was ok......
Also got it to ignore lines starting with *** at begining
So you can save a list of Ignored names from yazak, by selecting them in ignore..
then right click...Current List...Save
and later Import them into another username if you wish....
using right clcik....Import Ignore List....these will be put in Perm ignore 9999days.

Added more info to Missed Counter top of room

14th March 2006 V7.98.1
Added Total Missed Posts Count Top of screen next to $$ .....
You click it to copy to ClipBoard you can then paste to room

Changed made add username clear all settings when new name added.

Changed "http://www" to "www" ie removed http:// for Copyed Web URL's and Add Web URL to filter Popup menu

13th March 2006 V7.98.0
Bugfixed Filter words was missing some words like web sites URL's
because some smilies faces string such as ">:D<" ,"[-o<" ,":-<" , "<):)" were canfusing GetJustTextNoCmds Sub in yazak
and "<" character was being mastaken for start of <Tag> commmand. fixed this by skip these face strings

Added **filtedword if you add ** to front of any filtered words its treated different in that post is ignored and not Username

Changed Filter words messages to be placed in Marquee if you have Marquee on...
and not put in your room text

12th March 2006 V7.97.0
Added Preference Most Posts ...... Change this to character/s you like ....or leave blank to turn off

Added Preference Reset.... This Resets most of the Preference settings to Defalts

Changed on chat room buddies Username made it not save until Return press...
to stop it saving lots of username just with letter changes

Added to top of Voice Servers "vc.yahoo.com"

11th March 2006 V7.96.3
Bugfix Info On User ....popup menu option....was showing posted 0 times...on messenger users even if posted

10th March 2006 V7.96.2
Bugfixed in missing Posts feature...Repeat posts were messing it up
so yazak was thinking post was missed when a repeat post was made.

Added Missing Posts feature.....Places ß <--- That Character
after username means you have missed a post or posts from user
also mouse over username in chatters list
shows how many post you have missed from them.

Changed Login to make better login on YMSG slow Yahoo! servers
(as Yahoo! servers seem to be running very slow sometimes)
On Login window File Menu ...New Option
Change Login Wait Time...15..25..35..45 seconds
You can set higher time so Yahoo! have time to respond
before trys another server....was 15 Seconds

9th March 2006 V7.94.8
Bugfixed Hi messages would be hidden if you Left clicked Menu and user had Left the Room,
then right cliked on Username on chatters list...Hi messages were staying hidden...fixed now

Add Message to left click popup Menu ......* * * Username Left Room 7mins 15 secs ago * * *
This shows if user has left room also Hi messages are hidden if they left room now

7th March 2006 V7.94.5
Fixed problem with sending Pm's out without going to chat room
Changed Default Hi messages add few new one's and changed some face on some for waving ones

Fixed Pm's now work much better No more multi pm windows with recieive multi packets and no last message cache

6th March 2006 V7.94.3
Fixed problem when in YCHT protocol Marquee did not turn off after one post
Fixed problem when in YCHT protocol Gossip feature was posting gosipp 2x

4th March 2006 V7.94.2
Fixed Marquee ...last version had bug in it

Fixed Marquee with checksum.....stop Idiots posting it that are not using yazak

2nd March 2006 V7.94.0
Changed to Pm's to make work better to stop Multi Pm windows poping up sometimes when multi packet recieved,
also made magic word say you have it wrong better.

Changed made to Find remove extra bits from clicked links...Ie </fade> ect;

Changed Usernames with spaces to apear when copyed as undelined for spaces

Changed faces 35,39,43,51 made Transparent, Link to get new set on website

26th Febuary 2006 V7.93.1
Added Protection to stop Muti Avatar line posts ....By Idoits using bot programs

24th Febuary 2006 V7.93.0
Added Popupmenu Option to Add Web Url to Filter .....
works when you over right click over a URL someone posts in room

Changed Filter Slightly so Apply now also functions on Filter as well as WidCard and will close the window....
unlike Pressing Enter key what does not....Note. this only applys to filter

Bugfix....Problems some users were having with Unloaded errors....fixed i think

23rd Febuary 2006 V7.92.0
Replaced <vmess> not used now,
You can now do Marquee's by using right click on Font and on popup menu
and selecting Maquee before sending text to the room

21th Febuary 2006 V7.91.6
Fixed Yazak Pm/ VJ Voice so it can ignore all Voice users now......stop a exploit
Added /VJ # Start Voice Conference as #YahELite the Yah elite Deafult VJ

19th Febuary 2006 V7.91.5
Added Show Voice ghosts to right click Voice (used by VJ and Pm's also)
Changed <Vmess> change Background color to white ...do more to it soon

Changed SEND Right click to do Thought O o .( Thought )


14th Febuary 2006 V7.91.4
Bugfix vmess The Marquee was not closing and cause screen to all marquee, should be fixed now

14th Febuary 2006 V7.91.3
Add <vmess> Marquee Valentines messages can be posted ......Only works for Yazak users....
Example: post this in the room <vmess> :-x Happy Valentines Day :-x

10th Febuary 2006 V7.91.2
Fixed Copy Web URL Appears when click on a Web url link to remove <xxx> such as <fade> at end of url


Removed HMMLAnchorElement++ Stuff appearing at top of room i left in on last version ...bit for testing

Improved Chat Left Click more, Now you get Copy, Copy UserName
or Copy Web URL depending where you click in chat room

Copy UserName Appears when you click over a Username
Copy Web URL Appears when click on a Web url link


9th Febuary 2006 V7.90.0
Changed Find window find text not to clear after you press Enter key now.

Changed Find To always goback to Roomtext and not stay with last Archive day as was doing

Changed Chat Left clicks to work better, so it will copy up to names and from username to right now,
Also if username is clicked can copy username

Changed Temp Ignore Popup Menu Current List...Copy selected names Made clear Clipboard so always works now

4th Febuary 2006 V7.89.2
Bugfix ending of fade & Alt had extra space in, last fix i added

Changed Fade to include space after so Messenger and YahElite shows ok......
this would only happen when yazak was restarted and last fade reloaded

Changed Color Effects window to start up with last saved Fade

Changed Find window made stay on top

3rd Febuary 2006 V7.89.0
Added Effects Save....... Cali & Christi Done at last LOL

2nd Febuary 2006 V7.88.0
Added Find button look in Archive as well.......
There is a new Pull down Combo on the Find window to select the archive day to look in

Fixed Bug in Find blank search did untrapped error..

1st Febuary 2006 V7.87.3
Fixed Chat room user names or post starting with www (Example www.somethinghere) showing up as links.

Changed Chat Room Buddies to save buddies added straight away and select name if new username added.

Added Chat Room buddies on the right click popupmenu "Open Sound Recorder Or CoolEdit" added
make a blank Wave file of the selected username ready so you can record one easy just click save once made
(if the the file dont excist of course)

Changed Chat Room buddies Delete button, Now uses popmenu in place of the popup window, that sometimes got was under neath.

Changed Chat Room key down to Beep....removed as Ctrl + C ie copy is often used and Beeping shows were ignoying

Removed Voice following Info from voice popup menu Show Info.....as the info is not much use and does not change....leaving other info easyer to read


29th January 2006 V7.87.2
Inproved Decoding to Binary and Hex on Font Affects,
to stop small words like BED, DEAD, CA being decoded as hex Code,
Plus inprovements to Morse and binary

28th January 2006 V7.87.1
Added Decoding to Binary and Hex on Font Affects

27th January 2006 V7.87.0
Added popup menu to click on current voice chatter name above volume
Ignore - Ignores the voice user
Mute User Only - Mutes the voice user

Added to Login window "Click to Update Yazak" Button Note: you will not see it until next update

Added Binary & Hex to Font Affects

26th January 2006 V7.86.3
Updated Avatars to point to Stirs new sites URL CH and OC avatars

Avatar Selector Updated V1.11.1
Updated Avatars to point to Stirs new sites URL CH and OC avatars

about look here:

26th January 2006
Avatar Selector Updated V1.11.0
Fixed problem with Avatar Site going down as is CH and OC currently 5.08pm GMT
Made Read Directory keep a copy of old so if site is down uses old copy, does not delete it 1st as last version did
this will fixed the problem with yazak saying zero count for these avatar librays ie CH and OC,
Note: if the file has already been deleted by old version of the avatar selector ....you need to wait to sites Come up again
for the Future this will fix this problem...


25th January 2006 V7.86.2
Changed action on Right click on Avatar and username
Avatar right click shows popmenu
Username Selects user in chat list

Changed test messages at top of chat room...taken out now HTML.AnchorElement ect;
was there for testing left them in by mastake

Changed Chat room window turned off all IE Control Defualt Menu's
Fixed Copy & Cut to work properly when IEControl mode

13th January 2006 V7.85.1
Fixed Bug Chat Room Copy/Paste room text URL links remove of double URL's
Would cause to get stuck in loop and stop Yazak responding...Fixed

Fixed Chat Room Copy/Paste room text problems copy hidden Tags <av:xxxx >

Fixed Chat Room Copy/Paste room text URL links copy twice....now one does once

Fixed Bug in chat text box send when cusor was moved to U (underline Button) was not coming on

Changed chat text box send to revert back to last changed settings when all text is cleared now also.


Changed chat text send to always revert back to last changed settings on next
Send, and not to how was kept current cursor postion settings
For example:
if you set Color to Red and copy some text what is green or move the cursor over another color
on next send color will revert back to red.

Added Time Stamps to saved Chat Room Archives every time new 100 lines saved

11th January 2006 V7.84.1
Bug fix Chat Room Archiving - If you didn't have Pm Arching on No Archive folder was there so stopped working fixed now

Changed Chat Room Archiving Archive Room Text ...Active ON...to only show other 2 options if checked

Added YMSG13 Request to Add now reply with "No thanks Please Don't try again thanks" if User is on Permate ignore

11th January 2006 V7.84.0
Added Chat Room Archiving
This saves out chat room text and everything else post in room like avatars as Web pages (HTML) if you have it turned on.

New menu command to control this below

File Menu...Archive Chat Text
Show Todays ...... This will show any Archive you have saved today
Show Todays ...... This will show any Archive save for this month
Archive On........ Check to turn Archive On

Added to Preferences.... Archive Room Days 0=Archive OFF Otherwise number of days the archives saved for (keeps for ever currently)

Fixs some problems with Request to add users as below.

9th January 2006 V7.83.0
Added support for YMSG13 Request to Add your username to there list (please note Only work on YMSG V13)
On the Users Added Me list...New Popup Menu
Request to Add
..............Allow Request
..............Dont Allow request

use these on usernames on list with [Requests to Add] next to names

Also when you add usersnames [Pending] will be added to the Username you added

there are also pop up messages to show status of pending usernames like if there allow you or Not


3rd January 2006 V7.82.0
Added Delete UserName popup menu to Usernames list on Archive Viewer
Note this is only enambled when all messages for that user have been deleted
Added made Archive Viewer stay on top

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