Yazak Update History 2005

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11th Deceber 2005 V7.81.0
Fixed Bug in Pm's caused a "Error No: 9 Subscript out of range"
was to do with Magic word and chat room Buddies not loading up 1st

9th Deceber 2005 V7.80.2
Changed Bats to Xmas Lights ..on Extra Toys Menu

16th Noveber 2005 V7.80.1
Added Magic word save to Chat Room buddies Info......
so if you have the user your pming magic word saved it sends it for you as you type 1st thing to them... handy

15th Noveber 2005 V7.80.0
Bugfixed corrected missing 1st character of 1st user name in Alerts and Rejected Pm's windows

Changed moved Hands Free and Voice Ignore around

Changed so you can post in room when not connected for testing emotes ect;

13th Noveber 2005
Updated AvatarSelector V1.10.0 added auto load Avatar directorys every 4 hours when you click on that libray

4th Noveber 2005 V7.79.2
Changed Voice Ignore to instantly put all non chat room buddies on Temp. Ignore soon as its checked....Handy for catching voice laggers.

31th October 2005 V7.79.1
Changed removed spaces of ends of clciked on links, was causing problems sometimes by adding %20 to end of links making them not work

Changed Voice only users who are not in room in text to goto volume level set in preferences, "Volume Start Level" was just going to full volume

27th October 2005 V7.79.0
Added all the missing Ritch Edit Faces have been added faces 12 18 24 30 36 42 45 46 47 70 71 76-79 100-107

20th October 2005 V7.78.2
Added on Ignore window pop up menu IGNORE option Perm. Ignore Yahoo this puts users on Yahoo! ignore list
handy to stop booters as Yahoo block PM's from users now

Changed Yahoo Ignore list reading to work with any size list and clear list now on removal of users of list.

19th October 2005 V7.78.1
Removed Yahoo! scare message2 "[Notification: We are currently recording IP addresses of all Yahoo! Chat users.]"

19th October 2005 V7.78.0
Changed Updating checking method to Version numbers from Dates...to fix a problem with countrys like USA that put month date
and were not always getting updates of the smaller addon programs and files.

Avatar selector inprovements V1.9.2
Added Hide/Show button so you can now hide any avatar posted in a chat room
Avatars that are on hide show as "Hidden"

Changed New Addistions to have Delete also now
made Multi Avatar line Combo selctor font bigger and change to comic sans

16th October 2005 V7.77.2
Changed VU metters to have more yellow in them
Fixed To find Cool edit better on chat room buddies popup menu, last fix didnt work to well

Added Get New Avatar version to login window menu ...for users that dont get it automatic

Avatar selector inprovements V1.8.0
Made avatars load in more quickly, no more click sounds, add count to show how many avatars still to load
change so multi tasks better now, so dont tigh up the selector with loading tasks now,
works now more how i ment it to work, found some coding bugs, what were making it not work as i espected it too.
fixed bugs when not load avatars zero length loads or no file loaded add check for these what i missed.

15th October 2005 V7.77.1
Changed made Ignore popup menu not visable again left it on in last version

Removed Yahoo! scare message "(Notification: Your IP address is currently being recorded.)"
click here for more info on above

Added more places yazak looks for CoolEdit in chatroom buddies popup menu

13th October 2005 V7.77.0
Added right click popupmenu to Chat Room Buddies
Play Wave Sound - this will play any sound wave you have for the select Buddies name
Open Sound Recoder or CoolEdit - Open Sound Recorder (or CoolEdit) so you can make a wave for users
Open Buddies Wave Folder - Open's the Folder used to save the buddies waves sounds
Delete Buddies Sound wave - Delete Buddies sound wave ... so it dont use it anymore

Bugfix on PmPrefs unchecking Archive Pm's On put up Yes or No message under made come on top now.

Bugfix on clicking on chatters usernames if you had username on Chat Room buddies list and no short name
was showing as Blank on Hi messages and copy UserName functions.

13th October 2005 V7.76.0
Bugfix Archive showing double of every lines posted in pm's
Bugfix was not sounding chat room buddies Enters room alert sounds when marquee was on

Added Voice Volume level on Chat room buddies, so you can have each can have there own setting...leave at zero and prefs setting will be used

Added Chat room Buddies Enters Room Alert sounds per user, so you can have different sound for different usernames just save a wave file with
the usename in C:\Program Files\ZakFromAnotherPlanet\Yazak Chat\Buddies\Waves example: yazakchat1.wav

8th October 2005 V7.75.3
Bug fixed Alerts,rejected Pm's ect; were coming up blank.....
Left a Exit Function line in code when i was testing something in last V7.75.2

7th October 2005 V7.75.2
Fixed Leave Room problem ...leave room packet changed
Added Email to show on login and put up link Read Email to come up if you have email while login in.

7th October 2005 V7.75.1
Added to Vumeters Green to Yellow to Red colors

6th October 2005 V7.75.0
Fixed Show Recent PM History Archive, was not showing when IEControl was Checked....Now fixed working with IE

Bugfix on Ignore window popup menu "Current List"...
"Copy selected names" if you did select any names would crash yazak..Fixed now

Changed Sun Faces to Bats lol

2nd October 2005
Avatar selector inprovements V1.7.3
Added Multi line avatar combo list so it saves all the avatars you that are used to make them
and added List of about 20 of them to get you started off, also show's one letter now of set selected

Changed Sequence letters to a Button now so toggles between "Multi line avatar" and "Sequence Letters" when pressed

bug removed was not showing OO gif's

25th September 2005 V7.74.3
Changed Wildcard to check "Never Ignore this Buddie" before Ignoring them
. also when Wildcard is setup and Apply is pressed.

Fixed Menu Help...help Forum link was pointing to old site also changed Yazak Home site link.

Changed Post Yazak site to www.yazakpro.com/yazak <--- missed of the yazak so was just going to main page on yazak site

Fixed Installer was putting one file called "def_menu.txt" not in YazakPreferences on fresh installs only
This would stop popup menu Hi,Hiya messages from working.

18th September 2005 V7.74.2
Fixed My Status messages so both Chat room and Task bar Status stay in sync with each other
Setting chat room one now sets on task bar and visa versa

Fixed Mutli Avatar line so space show just * and not * - now to represent the spaces

17th September 2005 V7.74.1
Added to Multi Avatar Line Use current this sets to current avatar to use for Muli Avatar line, you can later set a noraml avatar
to use and it will switch back to this, also now as you type shows the avatar that will used for that letter

New version of Avatar Selector now Version 1.6.3
Now Has "Use Current" will use current Avatar select for as text and remeber it, then switch back to last used avatar after post.

Fixed OO avatars to ignore Jpg's on there ....(as mostly to large and un use-able)

12th September 2005 V7.74.0
Changed remove any space user might put in Client ID changes
Added Feature to show INF Exploit being sent by users...Normaly Elite users when Tattoo or Think is being sent

Added Multi Character Avatar posting feature .... still more work to be done with it need new Avatar selector to do posts

9th September 2005 V7.73.2
bugfix.,,, Changing Menu.. Format....Background Room color/Picture set
was not saving Blank.html back correct not put MOTW back .. so made Audibles Security alert come up on XP with SP2 on...
if this is happening goto Format..Background Room color/Picture set....and click green button..."See how it looks" will fix it.

5th September 2005 V7.73.0
Bug Fix Alert was posting twice on 1st word in alerts list.... now fixed

Added Support for two extra Avatar type:
Oc type from chat help web site by Stir
OO type from oops chat client
Updated avatar selector v1.4.1 so you can also post these types too and fix total avatars counts to update staright away.

4th September 2005 V7.72.0
Added HiLite option of Alert words ... So if one of you alert word is said in the room All the text is HiLited in Yellow
...Your can turn this off in Preferences... next to Alert Words...Uncheck HiLite...

27th August 2005 V7.71.2
Change www.yazakpro.com/yazak links to www.yazak.info liknks as Yahoo! is filtering them

26th August 2005 V7.71.1
Changed 2 spelling typos in status messages....thanks Cali

26th August 2005 V7.71.0
Fixed Refused "add as friend" dialog window to work correct ...no more 60 messages

Changed Login to tell you extra messages like after 6 trys to connect will put up messages like:
"Connect Timed OUT!!!!!" "Try checking Random" "Also see if FIREWALL is Blocking Yazak!"
also when Random is not checked will not switch to random servers if times out on connect

Added Status messages to Task bar orange Yz .....Right click to change these...must be connect...

25th August 2005 V7.70.0
Added to Preferences "Refuse anyone adding me to their friends list" option
changed Refused "add as friend" dialog window so pop up window dont pause chat now.

Added when Mute is selected Volume changes dont happend.

Changed Data_arrival sub back to trap errors...did take out for test forgot to put back...

Changed made inbound buffer x4 size was

19th August 2005 V7.69.2
Bugfixed Buddies Invite user to room trapped error
Changed Faces made window longer so people with low res. 1024x768 show full set without need to scroll up
changed zero in preferences Volume Start Level ... is not set to 100....Zero means off or know change is made

17th August 2005 V7.69.1
Bug fix in last version...Volume Start Level...seting of Zero was by default ...set Zero to do no change now
so unless you changed preferences you could not hear anyone.....

17th August 2005 V7.69.0
Added New feature to Voice Volume... Volume Start Level in preferences...
This will start a users voice level at that setting ...normaly voice start's at 100%
with this you can set the start level you like...so rearly loud ppl dont shock you anymore.

Changed Athenticaion code dont need userId so dont send now...

Changed Smiley selector text show on face 102 "At Wit's Endwave" should have been "At Wit's End"

Changed Smiley selector made different size longer and not so tall

15th August 2005 V7.68.1
Changed Smile faces to show there names in text ie Happy, Sad
ThanksCali Chick for typing it all in for me in right order

Bugfixed on Pm's when you Pm using a profilename will not give you Session exprired not.....
actiavated profile name each time one used to stop that

Changed PM so keyboard keys cant change profile names in pm's

Changed PM locked the "PM to name" so you cant change after sent message...
you can still change Pm to name to pm someone different right at start.

Changed Auto Re-enter room Idle to work better, Only do once unless more data is recieved....
and not to log room when auto re-try period is up

11th August 2005 V7.67.1
Bugfix some smiles faces stopped working on v7.67.0 ones made up of 2 characters fixed it
... didnt allow anough array space made it self resizing now ready for future.

Bugfix copy in WebLink History link, was not clearing clip board so sometimes didnt work.

10th August 2005 V7.67.0
Added New Faces as used in V7 messenger faces 100-107
8 new faces

8th August 2005 V7.66.2
Bugfix WebLink History link was showing repeat links

8th August 2005 V7.66.1
Added WebLink History by dates, This in on Menu Links at bottom
you can now select Todays links posted or any day in the week
and Last week, 2 weeks Ago, 3 weeks Ago and 4 weeks Ago
All links after 5 weeks are deleted.

Also Made WebLink History window stay on top

4th August 2005 V7.65.2
Added more Client ID's that yazak Reconize YAM = ym OOOPS = op
Removed a beep i left in last version for testing that made beep sound when usernames were over 20 characters long

Bug fixed problem with users have extralong names over 64 charcters.....see one in room with 95 charcters was making
chatters list very short....as errorred out at that point... fixed now.

Added New Backup system this saves a copy of users Preferece settings in YazakPreferences\Backups
folder. This file is then used if your settings gets currupted for some reason.
when you click on OK button on Preferences new Backup will be saved.

30th July 2005 V7.64.8
BugFix fades were not working after v7.64.6 fixed now working again
Updated Avatar selector v1.3.2 .... uses compact reading of avatars load so should be faster

29th July 2005 V7.64.7
Added tags remove from Clicked Links in on PM's ....So same as Room Remove <FADE> ect;

28th July 2005 V7.64.6
Change made it so Fades that show all white text are ignored

23th July 2005 V7.64.5
Bugfix "Remove what said" in the ignore window was not removing what a username said
if it had uppercase letters in there name (as YChT protocol let users do) Now fixed

Added Info On user (on right click user popup menu) shows YMSG version exaple: Protocol YMSGV12

Changed easter bunnys to Sun faces lol

20th July 2005 V7.64.4
Added these </ALT> </alt> tags to be removed from Clicked Links in room

20th July 2005 V7.64.3
Bugfix Buddies list error if user had Buddies with usernames made up as a number example: 12345
fixed by adding "a" to key to fix it

27th June 2005 V7.64.2
Bugfix Not putting in Username or password would crash yazak if you tryed to login

18th June 2005 V7.64.1
Bugfix Voice was not ignoring user when they were on perm ignore and re-enter room shortly after ...was only ignoring in text
was mess up in last few versions only.

16th June 2005
Avatar Selector v1.2.3
Change in Avatar Selector made "Total Avatar" click on clipboard clear clipboard so it always works when you paste it, shows up top too now.

10th June 2005 V7.64.0
Added Auto Re-Enter Room Idle Mins in Preferences, so if set to 2 or more mins past and nothing is recived will re-enter room
after that time has been retched, work around for Yahoo! bug loging you out of room ... 5 mins might be good setting
if set =0 the feature is turned off works only in YMSG

Fixed bug Ignore New Voice users so Chat room buddies list, dont Ignore them in voice, works now!

10th June 2005 V7.63.1
Changed Ignore New Voice users so that if they are on your Chat room buddies list, dont Ignore them in voice
added on Buddies window "Remove User Of There list (leave on list)" now has option to leave name on your list

8th June 2005 V7.63.0
Added Voice Ignore....this will ignore new voice users as they come in handy to stop voice laggers that come in the room
Fixed Sequence letter Avatars to update to next letter when you use "Hi" messages also now

5th June 2005 V7.62.1
bug in pm sub (outputUserHTMLLine) outputing to error log on every call
Change Sequence letter Avatars to user selected Avatar as starting point

5th June 2005 V7.62.0
Added Sequence letter Avatars, So you can now send a letter at a time using avatars to send messages, each post sends next letter.

2nd June 2005 V7.61.4
Added these </B> </b> tags to be removered from Clicked Links

29th May 2005 V7.61.3
Changed Fade window to stay on top
Changed on preferences Hi messages Edit, Edit AutoCorrect, edit Filter
to close prefs window when clicked on

Added Pm error trapping what was not trapped before

28th May 2005 V7.61.2
Fixed move over Yz on task bar shows username press to Talk again
added Buddies List on popup menu of Yz on task bar popup menu

23th May 2005 V7.61.1
change DataArrival error trapping was off on V7.61.0

23th May 2005 V7.61.0
Bug Fixed in DataArrival subroutine
so larger spit up packets dont get lots of Nul blanks
and drop some ymsg packets,
Made some Usenames with lots of buddies
or lots of Yahoo! server ignores not work correct sometimes

19th May 2005 V7.60.0
Bug Fixed Audibles now work with XP SP2 without Securty alerts poping up

18th May 2005 V7.59.2
bug fix False error 0 loging on hi messsages, fixed
Change updating of files so if the file dont excist will try get them again now, Should fix problem some users have

15th May 2005 V7.59.0
Added User defined Hi messages on popup menu
Added Preference Hi message Edit button and Hi message defualt button

5th May 2005 V7.58.1
Change Taken out www.yazak.zak.2ya.com on post yazak link short as yahoo! now block .2ya links

28th April 2005 V7.58.0

Added V13 YMGS to Login
Use it if you wish but if you get any problems use V12
(some servers might not work using v13)

Added Avatar selector and Fileshare re-Load if yazak cant find them from normal download
some ppl reported having problems this should fix it.

25th April 2005
FileShare V1.40.0
Added a Drive selector
Made stay on top

24th April 2005 V7.57.3
Changed on Chat room buddies Made window stay on Top,
Also made Save close window

Added on BootBack popup menu Add selected Users to Ignore List

Changed on Smiley Faces selector so shows Sectect Text string and face number moused over

Changed Menu Help...Then Help made window stay on top

17th April 2005 V7.57.2
Bug fix pm porn bot detections, made work better, and no false alarms

16th April 2005 V7.57.1
Added these </FONT> </FADE> tags to be removered from Clicked Links
in room had already lowercase ones uppercase were getting past

Changed Forum link to new site place www.yazakpro.com/forum/ from old site cgi.yazak.plus.com/BB/

14th April 2005 V7.57.0
Change another modular added Avatar Select as seperate module

3rd April 2005 V7.55.2
bugfix in last update ... was not loading fileshare module

Change Start of making yazak in more Modular code ...1st stange make Fileshare seperate module

25th March 2005 V7.54.4
BugFix Error trapping put back on Avatars Selctor
Fixed on Avatars Selctor New additions Add to favorities clicks
on does not change to Favorites selection now

bugfix non existing favories file did (trapped) error

BugFix Avatars Selctor when show all ON and you click on Avatar name,
was bug there making \\ in avatars shown avatars

BugFix New Addisions show ??? multi times, failed to clear sub folder varaiable in load Fav/New addistions


24thMarch 2005 V7.54.1

Added Click Avatars Selector Totals to copy to clipboard results
Bugsfixs Avatar Selector
many small bugs fixs
some jpegs formats were not getting reconized
Avatars what you deleted was getting put back in if on new addistions as blank files
Faulty format jpegs bug, caused Avatars not to display after that point

Added Avatars Selector
Total Avatar count CH, Cheeta, YZ, YA Counts

New Addistions Days old or less Shown...Days combo selector
so you can show just say see new avatars from 1 day ago (or what every you like)

move mouse over selected Avatar to show what its called

Made avatar selector window so it can minimize now

Changed Made About menu window stay on top


22nd March 2005 V7.53.2

Fixed bug in Avatar Select when you select a avatar to try in room without press OK was not setting avatar correct, so not showing in room
Added on Avatar selector avatar names under pictures

22nd March 2005 V7.53.1

Changed Avatars Selector
BIG changeson Avatar Selector made
so all avatars are spit up into A-Z and others categories to make it easyer to find avatars,
Also added a NEW selection to show all Avatar New additions,
also moved avatar selected picture shows animated now.

Please Note!!!!
When you 1st select the CH,Cheeta,YZ & YA avatar library
you will have to wait min or so for the A-Z categories to be made ok!!

And Older Versions of Yazak will work these reorganizing avatars
without 1st moving them out the A-Z & others sub directories
but you could always download them again.......

18th March 2005 V7.52.0
Bugfix in PM's fixed so these and other Aä Üü Oö ß characters work properly when sent ....user by German, French ect;

14th March 2005 V7.51.0
Bugfix in GetLastestUpdater routine,
If you see This "Error!!!Error !!!" when you started yazak in status window this fix will help you

13th March 2005 V7.50.9
Bug Fix Refresh Friends and cookies dont log you out when in Chat2 now

13th March 2005 V7.50.8
Bugfix User name in room with Capitals in names would not get selected so Ignore
Change so you can now ignore user names than of users left room now!

12th March 2005 V7.50.7
Bug fix in getting latest Updater & Audibles files....
was seeing old version as needing to download updater all time...

added to Filter Ignore Words popup menu "Set User Ignore word List to this List"
Changed Filter Ignore Words popup menu wording
from: "Add Current user Old Words list"
To: "Add User Ignore word List"

11th March 2005 V7.50.6
Fixed Pm window resizing problem if font size was to big....Made Text send box bigger
Added Communiction DDE Link - for later add ons and so updater can close yazak

9th March 2005 V7.50.5
New Compile uses Vb Service Pack 6
Bugfix Color palete popup was going under Talk bar 1st 2 colors

VB Service Pack 6 update (V3)

DLL or Ocx

Service Pack 6


Service Pack 5


Service Pack 4 or older




7th March 2005 V7.50.4
Bugfix Posting your own Avatar to your screen again now

Bugfix Gossip not post for you.... now fixed
Changed Valentine to Shamrock

Bugfix Gossip stopped working fixed now! (stopped in v7.50.0)

6th March 2005 V7.50.1
Bug fix after last change was not showing Yazak Id's and other client Id's
Added Right click Filter button now will select Widcard name ignore

4th March 2005 V7.50.0

BugFixs Changed place INF tag Detects to Chat Room Speech part
Earlyer than before in Html/RitchEdit Decode part
So should fix problems with sometime's posting Avatars twice for user post messaages at same time
and also hopefully fixed problem with yazak getting gender wrong cause by same problem.

27th Feb 2005 V7.49.5
Bugfixed Emote posting had fault causing Ignore of the select users some times... fixed now problem in Replace commands

26th Feb 2005 V7.49.4
Bugfixed %IGNR% Emote Replacement,,, was not ignoring right selected user

26th Feb 2005 V7.49.3
Added Widcard "Apply" button, So after changes to wildcard you can see result straight away

Changed Widcard to be not case sensitive
Changed Wildcard made stay ontop

Added more Emote Replacement commands:
%RCNT% room count
%ROOM% ROOM name
%NAME% Your Name
%IGNR% Ignore user and Ignore Count
%FEMA% Females in room
%MALE% Males in room
%DAYP% Day period Morning Afternoon Evening
%YAZK% Yazak Users count
%YHLT% Yah Elit Users count
%YMLT% Ymlite users count
%UNKN% Unknown users count

25th Feb 2005 V7.49.2
Added More Emote Replacement Commands:
Ignore Count %ICNT%
Date %DATE%
Time %TIME%

25th Feb 2005 V7.49.1
Fixed bug in Wildcard Ignore, was setting Filter and Wildcard name Ignore same if words clicked on,
left in test bit taken out

25th Feb 2005 V7.49.0
Added Wildcard Ignore get to it from Filter button select Wildcard name ignore

To use
*wild* use to ignore a Username with "wild" in any part of username example: "hewaswildman"
*wild use to ignore Usernames ending "wild" example: "oncewild"
wild* use to ignore Usernames starting in "wild" example: "wilderthan"
?b?d use ? for single any characters example: "abcd" or "xbxd" or "zbqd" <--- all will get ignored

Note: you can only use * characters at start or end or both

Added Ignore User Button on File Transfers from Yahoo messenger,
so you can ignore users you dont want to accept Yahoo files from!

Added If name on ignore list dont accept File Transfers from Yahoo messenger

Changed in preferences so button "ignore User if any Words said in Room"
does not go under Preferences window and you can see it now

23rd Feb 2005 V7.48.4
Added to Ignore Popupmenu on Current list Copy Selected names and also Viewprofile

Added Start up Voice Recorder on Right Click on Mic icon up top . Turn off mic icon with red no-entry
Added to Right Click to set a user volume settings even lower levels press Shift to get them 1% 3% 5% 6% 8% 10%
added new link to YazakPro on menu Links chat room

16th Feb 2005 V7.48.3
Changed GAME messages not to show in Pm's .... Now show only in Marquee
Added Carols Yazak Tutorial Link to help...Help Window...... and made window look bit better

15th Feb 2005 V7.48.2
Changed Volume Click bar more.... Now shows any user that has volume set, shows upper bars grey past red mark
bugfix Volume Click bar now does now go back to lowest setting when 1st right clicked

Changed Volume Click bar to look better, also there are six steps now (was 5)

Added Volume click bars in place on volume control.... Left click on volume bars will set the overal volume
Right Click to set a user volume setting
so now if a user is to loud you can turn them down without turning everyone else down....

14th Feb 2005 V7.47.4
Changed way INF tag deals with Faulty out of spec a chat client posts
--->> face="Font" Size="nn" <<--- both not in spec as GhostCoder Chat client posts
so now ignores them, and does not post the whole faulty INF Tag as it was.

Fixed Audibles so Stay on top if you press Ctrl key...... so if you have Xp Sp2 its easyer to user
(on XP SP2 only need to click yellow shield once, as you can keep Audibles Open now)

12th Feb 2005 V7.47.3
Changed Audibles selector to rotate so when go past start goes to end...when go past end goes to start
added Valentines Audibles messages

Changed Yazak Now Automatic updates to newest Updaters and Audibles.xml files when avalible

29th Jan 2005 V7.47.2
Changed Xmas lights to Valentine harts ready for 14th Feb ... there under Extra toys

25th Jan 2005 V7.47.1
Added Accept Yahoo Files in Preferences,
So you can now turn off File Transfers from Yahoo messenger if you wish

Changed Pings Slightly (Ping $12)

Fixed Find to not pick up Avatars on found text now,
was showing avatar after each found text if next line had one

24th Jan 2005 V7.47.0
Added File Transfers from Yahoo messenger,
You can now Send File from messenger to yazak

Udater fix 1.90 now load german and other country's Audibles

17th Jan 2005 V7.46.1
Changed Chat room Green light bootom right corner is now square,
Now changes to Yellow if no data is Recieved in in 60 seconds
You can also move the mouse over the light to see time since last Recieved from data

Added a Get a New Yahoo! ID button on login window
changed carol site link to her new site

7th Jan 2005 V7.46.0

Changed all prefs settings to using a module now should be better and not get currupted very easyly
Changed Avatars selector so speeded up avatar selector directory

Added Save on Ignore so save's Days to Ignore

1st Jan 2005 V7.45.2
Bug fix Div 0 short ping was setting to long when short ping was get error 0
from yahoo! bug that happends not very often

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