YazServ Chat Rooms Basic's

How to make a Yazserv Chat Room of your own

Step 1

Open Yazak

From Yazak Login window
Update menu ... then Select Update Yazak


or from Yazak Chat Room
Help menu... then Update Yazak



Put a dot in Sites Yazak versions I used www.yazakpro.com
Then under File Names list check YazServ


Then Click on Update Checked Files Button

When Yazserv is fully downloaded
Close this update window


Step 2

Now from Yazak Login window File menu
Select Show Chat Room


From Chat Room Extra Toys menu
Select External Programs
then Select Yazserv -Run your own User Rooms


Step 3

Here is the Yazserv window click on setting button



From Settings window
Change settings for your room here


Enter a Room Name - like Chat Room

Enter Short Message about Room
or leave it as is General Chat Room

Enter a Room Entry message
something like Welcome to my chat room

Auto IP Uncheck this ... this will Auto find you local IP
UPnP check this ...this will auto map the port for you to use
else you will need to port forwarding yourself

Now click OK



Step 4


Now Click on Host button to open your Chat Room

Your Chat room will appear on the Yazak yazserv list
now if it working

Step 5

From Yazak Login window Click on the Orange button
Join Chat Room on Yazserv

Here is the Chat Room on Yazak list window


This is how the Chat Room looks in Yazak




Optional Step using a Mumble Voice server

If you have a Mumble voice server this how to set the MableURL

Copying from Mumble URL

Select your Voice Room then
Right click and select Copy URL

mumble copy

Note need Mumble 1.2.4 to see this Copy URL


Paste in Mumble URL where the X X X is



To look some like this







Test1 Failed !!!! Can't be reached from world connection
Test2 Failed - Timed Out

To go to Yazserv problem page Click Here


More Yazserv help here on Carols web site.


Some more technical links

How To Port Forward on Your Router www.howtogeek.com

List of Port forward's on your make of Router http://portforward.com

Find details about your Router www.routeripaddress.com

Yazserv terms of use