Filters what users posts in chat room

Filters are used to Ignore users or ignore users posts when they post cirtain text in the room.
You can easily get to Filters by Left clicking on the Filter button to edit them.

If you enter in the filter "my sexy page" any user that has these word in a message they type in the room will be filtered, Their are 3 types of Filtering Temporally Ignore ,Permanent Ignore or Post Ignored.

Temporally Ignore
You just use the text only
Permanent Ignore
You start the text with $$
Post Only Ignore
You start the text with **

Type of Ignore's What you need to
start text with
Temporally Ignore
my sexy page
Permanent Ignore
$$my sexy page
Post Only Ignored
**my sexy page

How to use Wildcards in a post Filter
To use wildcards in filters just start with "&"

When useing Filter wildcards you can use the following 3 characters
Any single character.
Zero or more characters
Any single or multi digit (0-9)

A good use for this type of Filter is to filter the bots that use hidden white letters ...
By use ? where these are appear.

How message will look something like this when copied to filter...sendmmeaaemessage
you will notice these have big spaces between words have hidden letters that change at random

Ok find the words and place "?" where the random letters are in-between each word and dont forget to start it with a & to look like this &send?me?a?message

Some Porn bots Examples ....All put on Permanent Ignore ...(start with $$ then the &)


Filter to Use
How it will look if
Copy to Filter used

How it will look
in a Chat Room

send  me  a  message
looking  for  a  guy
watch  me  on  webcam
be  on  my  webcam



How to use Raw Filters in a Filter
To use Raw filters just start with "@"

This type of filter filters the complete posts including tags like font tag and color tags,
Normally tags are removed 1st before Filters are checked

@<font size="1">«esc»[#ffffffm
above can be used to iggy the porn bots you get in room...will put on temp ignore

$$@<font size="1">«esc»[#ffffffm
or above to put on Perm. Ignore...The porn bots

Note... The «esc» is converted to the Escape character...
Escape Sequences ...these start with Escape Character and end with "m"

The above uses set the Font size =1 and uses what is called a escape squence
to set the color to white....ffffff... RGB hex value, This way they have hidden characters.

Using Debug you can copy and paste parts to make you own filters


To goto Wildcard Name Ignores Click Here

If you would like some
Ready made Filters and Wildcards
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