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How to change Icons/Shortcuts for XP, Vista, and Windows 7

1. The first thing you are going to need to do is download the zip file containing the new Yazak icons. They should already be in a folder. Put this folder in My Documents or somewhere on your hard drive that you can find again since you are going to have to Browse to it during the steps below.

2. In this case we are going to change the Yazak icon so right click the Yazak shortcut on your desktop and select Properties.

3. At the top you will see 3 tabs. Choose the Shortcut tab.

4. On the Shortcut tab click the button in the middle "Change Icon."

5. At the top of that window click the Browse button and browse to the folder where you have the new Yazak icons.

6. Double left click on the icon you have choosen to use or you can just select it and then click the open button. Now the icon will show in a little window click OK.

7. You are now back at the main Properties window. Click Apply and OK.

8. The Yazak shortcut icon on your desktop should now be changed to the new one.

9. Please note some of the icons may not show up as well depending upon the desktop wallpaper you are using so keep trying them until you find one that really stands out for you. These icons are large enough in resolution that in Vista or Windows 7, if you like large icons on your desktop they will look very nice. Also, if you use a dock such as ObjectDock or RocketDock these icons will look nice when zoomed.

10. Do not be concerned about the black or white background that you may see around the icons on thumbnail view. They are not really present and will not show. Also do not be concerned about the size of the icons for XP. They will show normal shortcut size just like your other shortcuts.

11. If you move the folder where you have the icons to somewhere else on your hard drive, you will had to redo that icon and browse to the new location.

icons created by christi_d0ve