Making your own buttons sets


Each Button set has a text called fileformat.txt and this sets how the buttons look.

Each line of the text file specifiys each button in following format:

Button, Text placement ,Top spacing, Button Spacing , Font size ,Font Bold

0=Change Room 1=find 2=buddies 3=gossip 4=Ignore 5=filter 6=Symbols 7=buttons 8=profile 9=pm 12=Font
13= bold 14=Italic 15=Underline

These buttons dont have text
16=Username 17 Palete 18=Fade 19=Faces 20 Voice 22=! Emote 23=Zoom- 24=Zoom+
cfc=Font Size Combo

Text placement
none, over, top, left

Top Spacing
space from top

Button Spacing
How much space next button away from last button

Font size
7 or higher

Font Bold
1=bold 0= no bold

Example format.txt file