How to setup and use ssh authorization key - with LXA control panel
It is recommended that you completely disable password based access to your server, and instead use the ssh authorization key, here is how i did it.

I used PuTTY Key Generator to make the key get here And used WinSCP get here

Open PuTTY Key Generator

Enter a key passphrase: (and same into Confirm passphrase:) ...
( This is a password what will be asked for when you login. each time with Winscp)

And set these Parameters down the bottom
Type of key to generate: SSH-2 RSA
Number of bits in a generated key:

Under Actions Click on Generate
When Done
Click on Save the public key and Save private key to save both Public & Private key files

Next Open your LXA admin account web page ... and Select Server...then under on SSH Authorized Keys
On there select Add Authorized Key

Now on PuTTY Key Generator and at the top
Key Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file:
copy all in there and paste into Full Key window ... on the Add Authorized Key web page.

Next Open Winscp

Edit or make a New Login

Under Private key file: click on file selector button and find the saved Private key file ... ie private key file saved above

Enter all the other details...Passwood will not be needed now

Then click Save ... Login ... you will be asked the key passphrase... as entered above

You can now login WinSCP using the SSH key....all Done!


To disable password based access to your server

You can then Select Server...then under on SSH Config

Check Do Not Allow Password Based Access To Root