How To Use SSH Keys for use with PuTTY and WinSCP


  1. Log in to your destination server

  2. If your SSH folder does not yet exist, create it manually:

    mkdir ~/.ssh
    chmod 0700 ~/.ssh
    touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    chmod 0644 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

  3. Paste the SSH public key into your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file

Paste Public key from Putty Key Generator

Save private key using button on PuTTY key Generator, This is then loaded in on PuTTY and WinScp

Download Putty Key generator here


PuTTY Configuration ... Loading in your Saved Private key

Here how to use Putty click here

Download Putty here


WinScp Advanced Site Settings ... loading in your Saved Private key

Download WinSCP 5.5.6 here



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