RAM Memory Testing

Memory testing your computer is very important if you want a reliable running computer

I recently upgrade my memory on my faster computer and started to notice problems
with programs crashing from time to time,
This had not been happening before I upgraded
the memory, So I thought I do a memory test.

I used this program from here

Memtest86 - A Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic

www.memtest86.com/memtest86-4.0a.iso.zip --- I Burnt a Image to a CD from this ISO Image from above site


After tested my new 512MB DDR RAM I Found it had a fault on it, I have since returned it for replacement !

The results from Memory Test

TST Pass Failing Address Good Bad Err Bits Count Chan
7 0 0001DAE1F20 - 474.0MB 04E7C78B 04E7D78B 000010 7 1


I also tested Another ram stick I had in there A PC2700 256MB, and this was found to have problems running on my AMD 2000+,
So I thought I would test it on my slower AMD 1400, it worked fine on that, the 2x256MB sticks PC2100 were found to work fine in the AMD 2000+
so for now I leave them in the faster computer, It now seems to be running perfect, No more errors on Internet Explorer



feb 2010

last changed September 23, 2011