How to Setup SFTP on Kloxo

  1. Open Kloxo cpanel up and log in as admin then under Administration select Clients and then select a client you wish to change
    Now find Resources select Shell Access

  2. Set Shell to /bin/bash
    Then click on Update
    Now click on Home (

  3. Now select SSH Authorized Keys

  4. Select Add Authorized Key

  5. Paste the Public key

  6. Use Putty Key Generator get it here
    Click Generate (neeed to move mouse about to get random key)
    Now enter Key comment something like "mysshkey"
    and then Copy and Paste the Public key into Kloxo in full key and select Add

    Now enter a Key Passphoase and same in Confirm passphase
    And then Save private key in safe place somewhere on computer
    and dont forget the Key Passphase this will be used to load back Private key file and Public key

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