Shock Chat Rooms have got really really worse
This must not be possible you say
august 30, 2009

Well it is, Now the keep chat room secure captcha is now gone to a cruel
and is working so slow its very hard to get into chat rooms.

Good news captcha is working alot better today still not perfect but much better September 2, 2009
Captcha seems to be back to normal September 12, 2009

Look this is what happends.

Even 5 mins later captcha with god in name cant get in.


Rooms are still full of bots even with this captcha system


If you have not at least tried to contact Yahoo Inc about it once then it's not helping to be quiet about it.
Raise a stink!!!!!!

The Yahoo Help Line number is 1-866-562-7219 or 1-866-562-7228.

They have several numbers and if you have problems with these in the future you may always dial 411 for Sunnyvale, California and ask for Yahoo.