( and YCHT Protocol)

19 April 2006
What Yahoo! say on there Website

"To make chatting a better experience, Yahoo! Chat no longer supports Java-based chat software"

Sad day for Yahoo! users this, And know one seems to really care,
Just can only hope this is not the start of more run down of chat services yet to come.
There servers have been missing post very badly in the last month or so,
Sometimes in chat you are very lucky for some to see what you have post its hit and miss, make it very hard to chat to people

Yahoo! seem to have moved chat to the bottom of the priorities
OH well maybe the accounts have taken over Yahoo!
Money is much more Important the Human Communications after all.

We can only hope Yahoo! after closing Java ( Java uses YCHT Protocol) they will move there resources to Chat2 And YMSG Protocols (used by Web Based Chat & Messenger)





For some time now Yahoo! has been thinking of Closing Java Chat and today 17 April 2006
they final are closing it within the next few days. See the follow message shown there web site.



This is what Java Chat Use to look Like