Voice Fix for Yahoo Messenger

This fix works for Windows 7
or Windows Vista
users that can't start voice on Yahoo! Messenger
or 3rd party chat client such as Yazak

TSP Codec
Voice fix
download and Install

tsp codec install.exe

Click Run
Then Run again.
Then Next ...

And your ready to Go
Voice should now work on Yahoo!

Make sure you
Yahoo Messenger
before Installing

(or any other client that works on Yahoo such as Yazak, Yah Eliite)

If your still getting problems you may need to reinstall messenger again
if voice still doesn't work the 1st time and reboot your computer.

Please also note if you have just got a new computer
you will need a mic plugged in for voice to work on yahoo!
as new computer recognizes you don't have a mic plugged in
and will say Yacs no input

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Yahoo Messenger V11.5

V 18.5MB out May 30th 2012 words_silver_new.gif