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Yahoo Chat rooms were not working September 30th 2010 from about 7pm GMT till 4am GMT
Users could'nt get into rooms for more than 9 hours


YAHOO! Captcha problems read more august 30, 2009
Good news captcha is working alot better september 2, 2009

New Year YAHOO! Flooder buffer overflow Exploit Jan 8th 2009 read more update march 2009

Shock Users DeactivatingYAHOO! accounts
Starting to get big new problem
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March 2009




AVG and other Virus Scanners start yet another false positive Scare
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GOOD NEWS AVG Updated there Database and Auth.DLL is not detected as a false Trojan Now Oct 2nd 2008

Chat Room Exploit Hitting all rooms
August 5th 2008
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Fixed Now August 8th 2008

Yahoo! Chat Servers Changed June 5th, 2008 Click Here to read

YAHOO kicks off re-wiring project
Article Source: BBC News Click Here to read
April 2008

Yahoo users will soon have one place where they can manage all the services they use on the popular website. The company has begun a mammoth re-engineering project that will unify the disparate services Yahoo runs.

It hopes the project will transform the site into a vast social network where Yahoo users can quickly find and communicate with each other.
The project should also aims to make it easier for web developers to use Yahoo data and services for their own ends.



YAHOO! Chat Room Added CAPTCHA Verification to Stop Bots August 28th 2007

Check out these hard or
Impossible to Read Yahoo! Captcha Codes Click here to see more



YAHOO! KILLED OFF CHAT2 R.I.P CHAT2 Read This 1st November 2006

YAHOO! is going to Kill off CHAT2 Read This 11 Oct 2006

YAHOO! Limits Chat Room Posts to 300 Characters Aug 26th 2006 (about) Read More

YAHOO! Chat /Goto Username and /Follow Username
no longer works
Aug 21nd 2006
(about) Read More

YAHOO! And MSN to join IM communities --- July 12th 2006 Read More

YAHOO! NEW Chat Rooms May 29th 2006 Read More

YAHOO! KILLS OFF JAVA CHAT Read This 19 April 2006



Notification: Your IP address is currently being recorded.. Why are you seeing this message READ THIS Oct 2005