Why are you seeing this message when you join a chat room

"(Notification: Your IP address is currently being recorded)"

New Message appeared 19 October 2005

"[Notification: We are currently recording IP addresses of all Yahoo! Chat users.]"

See Yahoo! toned down the message, they are not just Recording YOUR IP
but all users now...bet they had lots of complaints

link to yahoo about IP storage

Theory 1

It means that it is now possible for Yahoo! to disclose IP addresses to law enforcement without then enforcement
agencies having to produce a search warrants - its a 'good will gesture

If so is this a good thing.

I guess it could be used in a good way to catch real nasty people on the yahoo!

but also in the wrong hands it could used mistakenly on innocent users.

Theory 2

Doing it to protect there self's legally by telling people they recording there ip's.

This to me sounds like a real possibility.

This is what Yahoo! say

Why is Yahoo! recording my IP address when I use Yahoo! Chat?

"We are improving the user experience and compliance with our Terms of Service.
Users should never assume that they are anonymous and cannot be identified."