Here is list of these old version links ...that have now been removed of Yahoo website.


Version10.0 FULL

V 16.5MB out May 6th 2010

V 16.5MB out Mar 28th 2010

V 16.2MB out Nov 15th 2009


Version 10.0 Beta

V 16MB out Sep 28th 2009

V 15.8MB out Aug 24th 2009


Version 9.0 FULL

V 14.1MB out may 15th 2009

V 14.1MB out mar 25th 2009

V 14.1MB out feb 24th 2009

14.1MB out feb 6th 2009

14.1MB out jan 30th 2009

V 14.1MB out jan 28th 2009

V 14.1MB out jan 11th 2009

V out nov10th 2008 14.1MB

V out oct 21th 2008 14.1MB

V out Sept 25th 2008 14.1MB


Version 8.0 FULL




Version 7.5 FULL



Version 7.0 FULL

V7.0.0.437 Out about 22th August 2005

V7.0.0.426 Out about 9th August 2005


Version 7.0 Beta

Beta V7.0.0.247 Out 25th May 2005

Beta V7.0.0.242 Out about 19th May 2005


Version 6.0 Out 1st March 2005 Out about 20th Febuary 2005 Out 9th August 2004 Out 5th August 2004 Out 18th June 2004 1st Full Version Out 23rd May 2004 BETA V6 Out 2nd May 2004

Version 5.6 Full Versions Out 6th January 2004 out about 20th December out about 4th December out about 24th November out about 21st October
out about 17th September out about 26th July out about 7th July out around 27th June 2003 1st Full Version out 18th June 2003

Version 5.5 Full Versions out 14th April 2003 out 5th January 2003 out around 22 November 2002 out 30th October out 28th October out 25th October out 11th October  Seems ok, Better boot protection  Voice works and seems much more stable  Voice Now fixed Yahoo server problem  1st Full Version  (Yahoo removed it)

Version 5.0 Full Versions   Last V5.0 version