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Yahoo Messenger Downloads
Old Version

Version 11 Full

V 18.5MB out May 30th 2012 words_silver_new.gif

V 18.5MB out Feb 25th 2012

V 18.3MB out Jan 11th 2012

V 18.3MB out Nov 29th 2011

V 18.1MB out Sept 14th 2011

V 18MB out June 29th 2011

Version11.0 BETA

V 16.7MB out November 16th 2010 with facebook
and 22 new Faces

Version10.0 FULL

V 16.5MB out Jun 5th 2010


Version 9.0 FULL

V 14.1MB out may 27th 2009


Version 8.0 FULL

V out Sept 5th 2007 9.94 MB

V 8.1.0249 March 2007

V8.0.0.506 Jun 2006



Other Older version links

We are sorry to say
Yahoo! have removed many the older version links
Downloads off there site



Try these site



www.oldversion.com V6.0.0.1922 and others



www.freecreed.com/ymsgr-archive.html lots of versions here (slow download)

For reference here is link to all removed old version links (scrapped content)

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Has Chat Rooms running 2006, with Yahoo Buddies & Pm's

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