Flooder buffer overflow Exploit Jan 8th 2009

2009 has started with Yahoo! allowing a new found flooding exploit to continue now for about a week.

The exploit is just a simple Conference Add/Invite packet $1C, what sends max payload to the user
(and now there is another
$1B Conference user leaves doing simlar)
this causes the buffer to overflow on yahoo chat servers and then disconnect you.

If you have not at least tried to contact Yahoo Inc about it once then it's not helping to be quiet about it. Raise a stink.
Get people moving. The Yahoo Help Line number is 1-866-562-7219 or 1-866-562-7228.
They have several numbers and if you have problems with these in the future you may always dial 411 for Sunnyvale, California and ask for Yahoo.



Yahoo! seem to have fixed the Flooder exploits March 12th 2009

Just hope they fixed the new Room Post Exploit that floods also by putting 1000's of spaces after the room name