Shock Users Deactivating accounts
Starting to get big new problem
March 2009


Over the last few week lots of users have noticed there usernames will not log in any more
at least four long time regulars have had ther names deactivated, Some of these users have been on yahoo for more than 8 years.

And many other users from many rooms have been telling me same is happening in there room.

After calling yahoo! about one of my accounts they was not much help and asked if had been doing anything wrong and said all i can do is
goto, i have been on chat for years helping 1000's of users. and done nothing wrong.

Why are yahoo allowing kiddies to run amock and let them now do there lastest annoyance after having
had to put up with booting for last 2 months and your username keep getting chat bans, now Yahoo seem to be letting them ban users accounts.

OK if Yahoo dont seem to want to help
Please tell us about what room its happening to you if it is and how many in there its happened too.

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You can also try your luck at geting you account back by contacting yahoo.

If you have not at least tried to contact Yahoo Inc about it once then it's not helping to be quiet about it.
Raise a stink report your name being deactivated.

The Yahoo Help Line number is 1-866-562-7219 or 1-866-562-7228.

Try this link

They have several numbers and if you have problems with these in the future you may always dial 411 for Sunnyvale, California and ask for Yahoo.