AVG and other Virus Scanners
Start yet another false positive Scare

Yet again AVG flag any Auth.DLL's that log's into yahoo mud servers as a Trojan horse constructor.

This Auth.DLL has been around for years well over four years in fact
and AVG has been told many times this is false positive.

But every so often if reappears back on there virus database normally around 8 months.

This is of course totally false positive but lots innocent users trust AVG
thinking they checking there sources properly what they clearly don't.


I Have been using AVG for years always recommended it
I be using something else from now on as AVG seems to be getting worse.


GOOD NEWS AVG Updated there Database
and Auth.DLL is not detected as a false Trojan Now



UPdate AVG V8 Database Definitions

And No Trojan anymore
Virus DB 270.7.5/1703


How it was showing Trojan before update
Scan with AVG

And with False Postive Trojan
Virus DB 270.7.5/1696